Fantastic Four Getting The Boot… Reboot, That Is

On the topic of the worst comic book movies, by now you’ve probably heard the chatter around the web about a possible Fantastic Four reboot. While at this point it’s still far from confirmed… is anyone really surprised? As soon as Chris Evans came out and said that a third Fantastic Four movie was not going to happen, this was the only logical conclusion. Marvel and Warner Brothers seem to be eager to restart just about every single one of their franchises that didn’t work. But when the first two movies in a series generated almost $300 million worldwide each, is that really a franchise that didn’t work?

Here’s the thing: I actually liked the Fantastic Four movies for what they were. A bit campy and silly, decent special effects, and just generally fun for the whole family. Are there really hardcore Fantastic Four fans out there who didn’t feel that the movies were true to the comic? If anything they should have been more campy! Personally I don’t see why this series needs a reboot. According to IESB, Marvel would like to follow a similar vibe to Iron Man, which didn’t take itself too seriously, but also earned the respect of critics and fans alike. So what is it that made Iron Man work, while the Fantastic Four movies supposedly didn’t? I guess perhaps a stronger story and slightly better cast. What do you think, do the Fantastic Four deserve another shot on the big screen?

  • Sly

    I truly like the first 2 F4 movies – they are great fun. No rebooting needed. And people need to be reminded there are many universes in the Marvel universe (as there are in DC). So even different series of the same characters could work. (classic, ultimate, etc…)

  • Not to be negative, but I’d rather out thumbtacks in my eyeballs, then hit them with a hammer… the claw side.

  • I think they can just drop FF off. We don’t need the Fantastic Four to set up the Avengers (if that is still their ridiculous plan).

  • Matt

    Nice camel-toe, miss Alba.
    Never saw either FF movie, because it seemed as if they primarily made the movies for kids. If the next incarnation is more adult oriented, I’ll be more likely to check it out.

  • Fox is doing all that they can do to try and cash in on the “more adult oriented” comic book movie that’s sweeping the nation.

    I am not interested, and besides, aren’t reboots/remakes/retools supposed to be of movies that have been out a long time? Give us some time to forget that they were even made for goodness sake!

  • Well, I wouldn’t have minded a bit more comic accuracy when it came to Dr. Doom and Galactus (not saying we really needed a guy that looked silly, but more than a cloud), but I kind of liked the movies for what they were as well. Oh yeah, 2 could have used a little less cringe inducing dance scene.

  • I haven’t seen either of them, though my brother was an overexcited extra in the first one. I had tons more interest when Peyton Reed was being considered as the director. I’d be all over a reboot if they brought him on board. It’s too bad, because the Lee/Kirby Fantastic Four is my favourite superhero run of all time.

  • HoopersX

    Not sure if I read your post right but it sounds like you are suggesting Warner Brothers were the studio that did FF. In fact it was Fox and as much as you might have liked the movies for what they were, they were still shit. I don’t need a dark comic book thriller for every comic book movie I see but the 2 FF movies were just garbage. I say reboot away as long as they decide to make it for a broader audience and not just 10 to 16 year old males. I think it has potential, assuming that Fox finds the right director, not Tim Story, and let’s that person make a movie with an interesting narrative.

    While I certainly doubt that Fox will hand the reins over to someone with a vision, stranger things have happened. Look at the first two X-Men movies with Bryan Singer. It could happen.


  • When I said “Marvel and Warner Brothers” I just meant it as a general statement about both Marvel and DC properties since WB owns DC, but you do bring up an interesting point about Fox being involved in the first two F4 films. Maybe Marvel wants to start the series over again on their own, without Fox? Would the reboot allow them to get out of that partnership somehow? I wonder…

  • swarez

    The problem with the FF is that the characters lack the cool factor that Iron Man and Batman have. I don’t think it’s easy to make a darker film about characters with such silly powers, although Human Torch and The Thing are cool and have potential they are more side characters and the focus is usually on ‘ol Stretch and Invisible Girl.

  • Until the movie was released, I don’t think very many people would have considered Iron Man ‘cool’ at all, let alone more than the Fantastic Four. Execution is everything.

  • TheAllKnowingGod

    Hopefully they will cast Reed and Sue properly this time and not cast people who look like they’ve just left high school.

  • swarez

    I don’t mean “cool” in the way people think of a character but rather the way they look and how they can be portrayed on screen . Iron Man has this bad ass armor which is very easy to make look cool on film, the FF have stretch pants.

  • Mookman

    While The Fantastic Four never had the popularity of Spiderman or The Hulk, they do not suck. It is Tim Story who sucks. The Silver Surfer/Galactus story is one the most popular ones in the Marvel Universe, and he completely blew it. That story can be told in epic fashion but instead we were treated to Mr. Fantastic’s drunk dancing and not even getting to see Galactus! And as much as I love Alba, she was horribly mis-cast. Trying to pass off a dark latino in white makeup, blue contacts, and a $7.00 wig from Party City just doesn’t work. The Thing’s makeup was more believable. As a fan of the FF, I would love to see somebody do this right. ‘Nuff said!