Film Junk Podcast Episode #210: Watchmen and Pontypool

0:00 – Intro
1:25 – Greg Loves Pyro
5:35 – Jay’s TV
11:45 – Headlines: Kevin Smith to Direct A Couple of Dicks, Mad Max 4 in CG, Monsters Inc. 2
28:15 – What We Watched: Wonder Woman, In The Year of the Pig, Operation Crossbow
35:00 – Review: Watchmen
1:06:00 – Review: Pontypool
1:12:35 – Trailer Trash: Public Enemies, The Hangover, The Limits of Control, Terminator Salvation
1:28:00 – Junk Mail: Unbreakable and The Wire, Joe Pesci, Getting Paid, Broken Downloads, Pusher Trilogy, Ratatouille, Anime and Asian Movies
1:43:44 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:45:00 – Outro

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  • Bas

    Great episode, but I got a little spastic when Greg went into spoiler-territory with the Watchmen review so I probably skipped too much. A well, I’ll re-listen when I’ve watched the Watchmen. Bring on the blue dong!

  • swarez

    Greg likes Nickleback? Fuck off.
    Those are some of the most nauseating taint lickers around.

  • Greg

    Swarez: It was free. I’ll see any live music for free. Who cares whether it’s shit…I just love live music.

  • Neil M

    What happened to the review about the guy watches the museum at night?

  • swarez

    I’ve seen them live too Greg, for free as well, but they still sucked ass and I didn’t go because of them but because of Cypress Hill playing afterward. They ruled.

  • Greg

    That sounds like a strange billing.

  • swarez

    Indeed. It was a radio thing if I remember correctly.

  • I agree with Jay–the most ridiculous slow-mo in the film was The Comedian jumping down from the Owl Ship. I also agree about the false endings–some people in my viewing walked out after the second false ending.

    I also wish alot of the slow-mo was omitted but I enjoyed some of the “ninja” elements. I think it would have been unbelievable if they weren’t incredibly trained and practically superhuman crimefighters. We have to believe these people have spent years avoiding death by a hail of gunfire so I’m on board with Sean’s statement in that regard.

  • Sean, I don’t think you are “consistently inconsistent” but I do think you’re consistently moderate.
    That’s a good thing though because we need a intermediate between Jay and Greg.

  • It’s funny that Jay mentioned the false endings, because there all right out of the book, and I remember when I read it thinking it could of ended on any of those scenes too.

  • Reg. Dicks

    I think cops are called dicks. In Se7en the guy says “SWAT goes before dicks”.

  • I believe ‘dicks’ is in reference to detectives. They were detectives in Se7en.

  • Oh alright. What is the difference?

  • Cops have mustaches and carry billy clubs. Detectives smoke cigars, wear trench coats and usually have one glass eye.

  • nice!

  • rus in chicago

    I don’t know why I’ve developed such a distaste for Zack Synder…better put that on my list of things to discuss with therapist…

    anyway, link to story about reports of lots of people walking out of Watchmen opening weekend, bad sign, thoughts, reports?

  • ProjectGenesis

    Love the idea for Dam Xam and how the problem is there is too much gas!

  • Richard


    That moment when Rorschach is killed stood out to me so much. I hated that ridiculous Hayden-Christensen-As-Vader scream. I don’t think I hated it for what it was so much as I hated it for what it replaced. I don’t think they’re having sex in the novel, I think they’re just sleeping naked(?). But I don’t really remember.

    either way, that part where Dr. manhattan walks over to them and is standing over them with a satisfied, content smile was one of those perfect moments that capture what he is all about. He’s not capable of jealousy or selfishness. That moment being excluded from the movie was a huge “bullshit” moment to me. The squid thing, I understand (too much more exposition would have to have gone in to that), but not shit like leaving out that moment, or having Dreiberg go see Veidt instead of Rorschach. I don’t get why that was…

    Anyway, I still enjoy the movie for the moments that were awesome.

  • Richard

    Sorry to post again…

    Dr. Manhattan causing a huge bomb isn’t the logical conclusion. That’s not an external influence posing a threat to all the world equally. That’s a being that was created in the US, and that had been fostered by the US, going off in the US. It’s reasonable that Russia (and everywhere else) would sympathize in this chain of events, but it would in no way cause the whole world to band together.

    On the other hand, this squid? Most of the things I’ve heard about it is that it seems random and doesn’t really have a place in the comics. Yeah, I just described what would be described as alien. That would be the more logical device to bring together all these different nations. Something that holds, and never has held, any ties to any country. An external influence.

  • rus in chicago

    I owe the Film Junk community an apology. I finally saw Watchmen last night and really enjoyed it! If you read the book and were entertained you need to see this in the theatre. I have a new respect for Synder as he worked his ass off on this thing – you really feel like you’re in the world of the Watchmen.

    This film is a study in textures, the way they created Rorshach’s mask, the large amount of money they spent on rain, the detailed costumes, the hot grease on the Rorshach’s attacker, way Synder filmed characters thru windows and doorways, the wide shots on Mars, all are amazing. He really worked overtime and pushed all departments to get the feel of the graphic novel right.

    I agree with Kevin Smith on the Slash Filmcast (yes, I cheat on filmjunk) that Warner Bros. needs all of our respect for green lighting this version of Wartchmen and what they did on Dark Knight. Like Kevin said, they are the place to be for kickass movies these days.

    I like a lot of the changes/omissions Synder choose; removing the floating segways, the hot coffee rescue, Black Freighter, etc. I can see how everyone can be down on the changed ended, but I loved so much of the origin stories I didn’t care at that point. What Synder should have done is make Dr. Manhattan more of an aloof “free agent”, than he is, that way the ended would have been stronger (more plausible). As it stands now, the Russians would think the U.S. and Dr. Manhattan are pulling a fast one on them and not be so quick to agree to a truce.