Todd Phillips’ The Hangover Trailer Starring Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis

Director Todd Phillips is the current undisputed king of frat comedies, even though the only movie he has directed that truly falls into that category is Old School (but do you really need any others?). I have to admit, I didn’t end up seeing his last movie School for Scoundrels, but I’m always psyched to see his name attached to a something new. With The Hangover, it looks like he has taken the frat comedy to its next logical step: a guy who is about to get married falling back into a mess of drunken antics with his buddies the night before.

The movie stars Ed Helms (The Office), Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper (Wedding Crashers, The Midnight Meat Train) in the lead roles, which means Phillips is working with some new faces. I’m looking forward to seeing how well these guys gel, but if the trailer is any indication, I think the results are going to be hilarious. I probably only need seven words to get you excited about this: Mike Tyson air drummming to Phil Collins. The Hangover hits theatres on June 5th; watch the trailer below.

  • I’m in for anything with Zach Galifianakis in it, that guy is hilarious and needs as much exposure as he can possibly get. “I buried a whore.” “HOW DARE YOU, SHE WAS A NICE LADY.” awesome.

  • swarez

    OK that Tyson bit was fucking funny.

  • Mitch

    Ehh…kinda lame to me.

  • The cast is enough for me. Must see.

  • Mason

    It’s like “Very Bad Things” meets “Dude Where’s My Car”.

  • Goon

    Good to see Zach in a movie. As for Cooper, even though I recognize him from Wedding Crashers and Wet Hot American Summer, I didnt realize who he was until recently and start knowing him by name.

    He hosted SNL recently and he was actually very very good as a host, he really seemed to be enjoying himself, and unlike some other recent hosts (Like James Franco, who didnt do so good) he never had to rely on any cue cards or anything, did a good job.