Marmaduke Movie in Development

Looks like another beloved comic strip is being prepped for the big screen, and in this case, “big” is certainly the appropriate adjective. Marmaduke the mischievous Great Dane has been around since 1954, if you can believe it, but has never appeared on film (although he did appear in several episodes of the Heathcliff and Garfield and Friends cartoons). The folks at 20th Century Fox are currently looking at the best way to adapt the wacky hijinks of Marmaduke and the Winslow family, although they still haven’t decided whether or not to make Marmaduke real or CG (or a combination of both).

I can understand their dilemma. If Marley & Me hadn’t turned out to be such a big hit, they probably would have stuck to the Garfield/Alvin and the Chipmunks formula, but now the answer is not so clear. Personally I think live action is the only way to go, but I guess my opinion is irrelevant because there is a 0.000001% chance I will end up seeing this. Tom Dey (Shanghai Noon, Failure to Launch) is signed to direct, but seeing as the comic strip was created by a guy named Brad Anderson, I think director Brad Anderson (Transsiberian, The Machinist) should have been given a shot. Maybe he could have turned it into the next Cujo. Now that’s a movie I want to see.

  • I can’t believe you beat me to the Marmaduke story.

  • Doug

    That comic should have been retired after about a month, when they found they’d run out of ideas.

    We get it: The dog is big. Move on.

    I think it’s the only comic with less original content in it than Family Circus.

    — Doug

  • Braniff

    At least Marmaduke can be a troublemaker. The kids in the Family Circus make the ones in the Brady Bunch or Leave It To Beaver TV shows look like the ones from South Park. There have been a few Family Circus TV specials; need we wonder why they are rarely seen on video or DVD these days?

  • Julie

    You are sooooooo…
    A: not a dog person,
    B: have no clue about Great Danes.

  • Ally

    Marmaduke can follow in the wake of great family/kid friendly movies like Beethovan. How many sequals did they make?? My kids can’t wait to see this one. We need good, funny, kid and animal movies the whole family can go see in theatres. Yea 20th century!

  • Jessthemess

    This is amazing! I have an audition signed up for this movie. I’m auditioning for the character Barbie Winslow!!!!!!

  • Ant

    How was the audition?

  • CP

    My daughter auditioned for the role of Barbara and my son auditioned for the role of Brian. So exciting.

  • MM

    Does anyone know who was cast as the parents?

  • LL

    Does anyone know if they’ve had callbacks yet?

  • Melanie

    Hey everyone! so no they havnt had callbacks yet because the deadline to audition is July 1st. so I would hope not because I am sending my video in today/tomorrow(:

  • Barbara

    my audition is tomorrow july 8th so excited i just got the info from my agent!!!

  • auditionmom

    My son had a callback in early June. We were told that it was going to start shooting July 6th. But if they are still auditioning on July 8th, I guess I was misinformed.

  • Karla

    My daughter had an audition on the 7th for Barbara. Has anyone heard about callbacks for Barbara yet?

  • ceilidh

    Have the roles of Brian and Barbara been cast yet? auditionmom said her son had a callback in June, but people were still auditioning early July. It would be great to know when the roles are cast. I have a couple novice auditionees with me who are very anxious and it would relieve anticipation to hear that it has been cast. Thanks so much!

  • rena

    I am just wondering if any on-line submission auditionees get a callback. It will be interesting to see if they consider any of those. :)

  • Erikah

    Hello, has anyone heard of any on-line audition callbacks yet. I am both anxious and curious! Thanks!!!

  • sue

    my mum lives in vancouver and tells me that they have started filming/setting up opposite to where she lives. they have been there about a week now.

  • Karla

    I heard that they have postponed the filming until August/Sept. I have also heard that callbacks have not happended to the the 2 kids roles. No one can seem to verify that???? I too would like to know if anyone has been callbacked at all???

  • Rena

    Thanks to all who seem to know more than us! :) Maybe if there are callbacks, someone will post it. I know if we get one, we will definately post! Thanks again,

  • Me

    I have a friend that auditioned for a role on the movie just last week. She is a teen so I am not sure what that means but I am guessing no one got a callback and they are still looking for the right one!!

  • Me Too

    Hello Me, it’s Me again. Dave Mustaine called and said a teen is a person between the ages of 12 and 20. Hope this helps!

  • natalie

    I heard something about Jodelle Ferland and Quinn Lord being considered. True?

  • Jack

    I was on set yesterday,,the dog handlers had 2 huge identical Great Danes there.Could be there for reference to CGI later or could be the stars of the show.I didn’t ask. (computer generated imagery)

  • seirra

    so no new news on the child cast eh?

  • Kim

    I know that most of you are interested in who the people actors are but the two Great Danes you saw were most likely “George” and “Spirit”. Both will be two years old in the fall and are the grand pup’s of my female Great Dane. It is my understanding that “George” is the main star and his littermate “Spirit” is his back up.

    Another friends 10 week old Dane just went up to VAncouver today to play the role of Marmaduke as a puppy.

  • jes

    Casting is finalised. Finley Jacobsen is Brian and Caroline Sunshine is Barbara.

  • Bc rosscoe

    What a cool show I’m currently working on the show. Good bunch o film folk and animals involved

  • Sunshine fans

    Can’t wait to see the trailer, posters, etc! Appears it will be a great show!

  • Elliott

    They are filming now in Valencia, CA. One block from me….

  • conanthegreatestdane

    hey,if anyone know how 2 get a hold of anyone on casting i have the REAL MARMADUKE,PLEASE CONTACT ME,THANKS

  • Sage

    OMG! I know the girl who’s playing the young daughter of the family! She goes to my school and she’s super nice! i like love her to death were best friends! Her names Caroline! She has biology and drama with me! Anyway i can’t wait to see this movie!!!! haha

  • curious

    hi, anyone know when the movie is supposed to be in theatres…? Spring 2010, Summer 2010? Thank you!

  • this movie is such a great idea.

  • Kyla

    I auditioned for the part of Barbara. It was quick and the script was really stupid. I don’t think they were particularly looking for black people though. LOL! I was like “ya i don’t stand a chance.” I don’t think the movie will be that good. Seems corny.