Mad Max Gets Animated

Of all the phenomenally stupid ideas I’ve stumbled across since joining Film Junk, director George Miller making the next installment of the Mad Max franchise in 3-D animation has got to be the worst. I understand the reasoning to a degree. After all, it’s probably easier to find a voice actor to sub for a reluctant Mel Gibson than replace him altogether. But of all the things to convert to a relatively soulless medium like CGI, why choose something that depends so completely on the tactile to make it work?

I don’t believe a 3-D Mad Max will ruin the franchise or destroy my childhood. The original films will always be there, and nothing can tarnish that. I’m just disappointed. We’re living in troubled times, a great darkness has fallen, and our only hope for salvation lies with real men and women with no sense of self-preservation attempting ridiculous car crashes for our amusement. This is an opportunity for Australia to turn it around and, as Quentin Tarantino once put it, “shoot cars with this fetishistic lens that just makes you want to jerk off!”.

  • swarez

    Animated Mad Max? Ugh. The first thing that comes to my mind is “No thanks” but if they keep it as raw and violent as the films then it might be interesting at least. But then adult animation has never really been good box office material and with the recent successes of the older generation of actors reprising their iconic roles I don’t see why they don’t try that. Less risky I would think.

  • Apparently Mel Gibson was interested, but didn’t like the script. Provided they didn’t lose touch with the core of Mad Max completely, I say tinker with the script until Gibson is happy. Especially if he wears a magnificent beard for the role.