Catholic League to Protest Ron Howard’s Angels & Demons

I guess it should come as no surprise, but the ever vigilant Catholic League have announced their intentions to launch a massive P.R. battle against Ron Howard’s upcoming adaptation of the Dan Brown book Angels & Demons. Three years ago they also rallied against the release of The Da Vinci Code, but if anything, their efforts probably only helped to generate more publicity for the flick, which ended up earning $758 million worldwide. Catholic League president Bill Donohue recently released this statement:

“According to the Times, Grazer wants Angels & Demons to be ‘less reverential’ than The Da Vinci Code. Which means he wants it to be liberally anti-Catholic… We will soon publish a booklet I wrote that will give the public all the evidence it needs to learn how demonic Angels & Demons really is. If anyone associated with the movie wants to debate me on anything I’ve said, I would be glad to do so.”

He also added that they had a Vatican spy hanging out with the production crew while they were filming in Rome, where a production official told them that Dan Brown “would do anything to demolish that detestable institution, the Catholic Church” and that Hollywood generally feels that the Church is “humanity’s chief enemy”. Sure, that sounds like enough evidence to go on! You know, I can kind of understand them wanting to speak out against this movie, because even though it is fictional, a lot of people seem to think that Dan Brown’s books are based on 100% fact. But either way, controversy has been proven time and time again to boost ticket sales, so they’re only hurting their own cause. For those who haven’t seen it, I’ve embedded the most recent Angels & Demons trailer below. What are your thoughts on the matter? (I know I might be asking for trouble, but let’s try to keep it civilized.)

  • Nuno

    Strange that anyone would think that Dan Brown’s work is 100% fact when his entire source material (the bible and Christian “history”) is 100% fiction.

  • Bob The Slob

    religion is a disease.

  • well aren’t they special.

  • swarez

    Did Donohue also do the same thing when the novel came out or does he only do it now because it’s a big budget movie?

  • Hey, finally someone’s standing up to this guy! Please stop making movies Ron Howard!

  • What these people don’t understand is that when they protest a movie THERE NOT GOING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Nobody outside of there small circle of people cares about what they have to say or think, these protest NEVER effect the success of a movie, EVER. Tropic Thunder-No Effect, Dogma-No Effect. I hate hearing about this kind of stuff, its ridiculous. People are going to see this movie wether or not some religous fanatics like it or not.

  • Plan 9

    Have to agree with Joel here. Granted, the irony is inescapable when the Catholic League complains about something being ‘made up.’ But I can’t think of a more overrated director than Ron Howard. Ron’s a great, nice, stand-up kind of guy who is incapable of making a film that doesn’t ooze with cheese and doesn’t in some way rely upon deus ex machina. Parenthood being his last great film.

  • How does anybody really know that the Bible is made up?

    I’m sure then ANYTHING in history can be deemed created/exaggerated solely for control of the general populace.

    Faith is a powerful thing…don’t forget that.

  • Goward

    You say that I am a God fanatic, but you are a devil fanatic. The word Fan which we use so much is the same word as fanatic, I would rather be a fan of God, who cared enough for me to first create me, and you, second let us live in a world with music, and everything you have (which he did inspite of the fact that you are unthankful for any of it.), Third he became a man just to take all of the consciquences for our sins. It is Jesus who is the one I am a fan of, and there is a reason I am a fanatic about Jesus he is the only one worthy of such adoration, he is the author of our very essence, our very exsistance.

    The point of protesting the film, by those who are really God’s servents is that God is worthy to be praised not blashemed, and insulted, Just as the world treated God when he was manifest in flesh is how they want to now. Jesus was the light, so the darkness (satan) and those who loved the darkness wanted to shame him. What you don’t understand is that God is sending his vessels, those in the chruch, to stop people from making the biggest mistake in their lives, he doesn’t want them to have to go to Hell, the eternal pit, which many are falling into every second, of every day. People are dying by the second every day.

    On average in this world 1.78 people die every second, 107 every minute, 6390 every hour, 153,000 every day. How many of these people will be spending an eternity in heaven?

    You mock the lord, but these are not your thoughts you are being controlled by demons. You must realize that the spiritual realm is very real, I have seen, and experienced things you could not image, and probably wouldn’t believe, but it happened just the same.

    Just because you are not privy to information, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, also it doesn’t mean that what you don’t know “won’t hurt you as they always say, that is not true at all.

    But you do know,”For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever, believes in Him should not parish, but have everlasting life.