Terminator Salvation Trailer #2

The impending summer showdown between Michael Bay and McG just got a lot more interesting with this second theatrical trailer for Terminator Salvation. I’ll admit that I was a little hard on the first trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but now, after seeing this I think I was totally justified. Not only does Terminator Salvation have giant robots, explosions and impressive special effects, but it also has acting talent, an interesting story, and a sense of style. My only real complaint about this new trailer is that it feels a bit too derivative of Zack Snyder’s Watchmen trailer in setting it to a Nine Inch Nails song. Still, if you have to choose one trailer to work from as a template, that’s a pretty solid one to go with. What did you think of this new trailer? And which giant f’n robots are you more excited about, Terminators or Transformers?

  • mike

    holy shit

  • “Forget the Past”

    Yes, that’s probably for the best, because when you start to think about what’s happened in this series nothing makes sense. But I’m more excited about these robots smashing each other than the Transformers robots smashing each other.

  • Something thats never been clarified in the entire Terminator series: WHY does Skynet want to destroy humanity? As a big Terminator fan I’m really hoping there’s some sort of new and relevant twist on the franchise with Sam Worthington’s character thinking he is human.

  • Looks absolutely stunning!

    Hope McG can pull this off.
    (The Phantom Menace looked stunning aswell back in the day)

  • wow, this looks awesome, its so weird to think McG is directing.

  • mrbenning

    Wow. I’m finally getting pumped for this…

  • This movie is going to rock. Hands down, no comparison, this will be the better movie. Just look at how bad the first Transformers was, it’s not like the second one is going to turn out to be any better, probably only worse.

  • Ruurd

    Terminator > Transformers

  • I’d say I’m much more excited for Terminator than Transformers. First off, Transformers looks exactly like the first one. I bet you could splice together scenes from both Transformers trailers and not know which is which (I’m sure someone on YouTube has done this by now). And yes, this just looks like good acting all-around and just might give us something we haven’t seen before, at least in a Terminator movie. And hell, it’s Christian Bale in a Terminator movie destroying robots!!! It’s been over a year since the news broke that he was starring in this and I still can’t wrap my head around that! DUH DUH DUH DUH DUHDUH!!!! DUH DUH DUH DUH DUHDUH!!!! (Terminator Music)

  • Bas

    Hypothetically, a good Transformers-movie could kick a bad Terminator-movie’s ass. That said, I think it’s much easier to do a Terminator-movie right than it is to do a TF-movie right. And this new one looks very, very good. Much better than T3, which was content to mimic T2 as much as it possibly could. The end was good though.

  • Laserbeard

    So, we can finally erase the clone wars which were T2 and T3? FINALLY.

    I can’t wait for 4. It’s going to be good.
    Anyone wanna bet they’ll remake THE TERMINATOR again?

  • cronenfly

    well i am still not sold. Just something about it makes me want to puke, however i will still give it a chance. I really hope it proves me wrong…

  • Wasn’t the Watchmen trailer set to a Smashing Pumpkins song?

  • Yeah it was, but I thought this song sounded very similar.

  • Well, Zack Snyders 300 trailer was to a NIN song, so it’s easy to get all bungled together.

  • RichPea

    Puke becuz you don’t know why? Sounds like a personal prob…

    And how the hell can people compare this movie to a Transformer movie? Just becuz robots are involved? wow… no imagination then?

    Transformers is Transformers…. Terminator is Terminator. BIG difference. And hell no Arnold isn’t making an appearance in a movie that takes place 10 years before the Arnold model was created by Skynet.

    From the looks of this new trailer, I am completely devoted to this new franchise. I don’t give a crap what spoiler junk people are posting or what ending they think might happen. This movie is finishing what James Cameron started: the War against the Machines.

    No ther Terminator movie wanted to tackle this huge battle between humans and machines, and McG (Joseph McGinty Nichol) has stepped up to fullfil his promise of bringing to us Terminator fans what we’ve been craving since 1984… the future holocaust.

    Past movies aside, McG is looking like he has created a masterpiece of Terminator lore. Hopefully a trilogy that will bring renewed interest in a franchise hammered to pieces by the previous ‘piece of crap’ movie, T3.

    I will be there when its released… as will all of my friends also dieing to see what this movie has in store. I LOVE all of the new robots… I LOVE the look of the movie… I LOVE the fact that there are actually some good-ass actors in it!

    FINALLY…Hope is here for those fans waiting over 20 years for the battle of mankind. Will Linda Hamilton make a cameo with her voice over the com-radio??? That would only add to my deliriousness………

    James Cameron, grab the popcorn and sit back… its showtime.

  • RichPea

    “You think you’re human…?”

    Connors face comes inches from the hanging prisoner’s weary eyes, bloodshot from the throes of human imprisonment not that long ago. The battle could still be heard waging outside amongst the fallen spires of metal building scraps and desolated forest life surrounding the human encampment.

    “I am human…”

    A gargled voice was made out, almost pleading to the captors, begging to be heard. Human eyes look to eachother, shocked at what they were hearing…

    ‘Why don’t they believe me..?’

    The bloodied arms of the prisoner pull against the chains keeping him upright, his head being forced to remain staring upwards to the ones questioning him.

    After a few quick glances back and forth, the chains holding the scarred half-human’s head up is released, and the bloodied face falls forward and sees what the others had seen already… a torn and bloodied torso, metal pipe-working and a skeletal chasis covered in torn human flesh that no longer resembled the flesh of anything living.

    “Noooooo!” Marcus Wright screamed as the horror of what he knew as truth was crushed beneath the weight of the lies of his non-human life.

    priceless scene… can’t wait!!!!

  • melanie

    I am going to Salvation not transformers 2 I THINK TRANSFORMERS SUCKS ASS