Pixar Planning a Monsters Inc. Sequel?

As Jack Black explained this year at the Oscars, Pixar is a studio that you can bet on consistently pretty much every year. At a time when every other studio is only interested in the bottom line and churning out remakes, these guys continue to come up with original concepts and turn them into a critical and commercial success. But could it be that Pixar is finally starting to run out of fresh ideas as well?

According to Blue Sky Disney, Pixar has officially greenlit a sequel to their 2001 film Monsters, Inc., to be directed once again by Pete Docter (who is also the co-director of their upcoming movie Up). Since they already have releases planned for the next four years, it will likely become the studio’s project for 2013.

Now, to be fair, this isn’t the first sequel that Pixar has done… it’s not even their second. But for a studio that was always against sequels, they’re starting to become a lot more welcoming to the idea as of late. Coming up next year will be Toy Story 3, followed by Cars 2 in 2011. Is this a bad sign for Pixar? Monsters, Inc. is up there among my favourite Pixar releases, but I know some people also think it’s one of their worst. What do you have to say about the possibility of a Monsters, Inc. 2?

  • Johnny

    Pixar only does sequels if they have an original idea for the sequel – a story that would be good all by itself. Many people though Toy Story 2 was better than the first. I don’t think they create sequels just to bank on previous success, and I don’t think they’re running out of ideas yet.

    Monsters Inc. is my #2 Pixar movie after Finding Nemo. I would LOVE to see a sequel.

  • Kenneth

    My sister says Monsters, Inc. is her favorite Pixar movie after Toy Story and always wanted to see a sequel. I always thought it was brave of them to end the movie the way they did, with such an open closure at the end. You leave happy, but wondering what Sully and Boo will do now that they have each other again.

    I have 100% confidence in Pixar, no matter what they do. Their worst movie is Cars, and that is still a pretty awesome movie.

  • SAAM97386

    Do you guys Swear on the Same Pixar Gosple According to John Lasseter Bible. GOD!!! i cant believe this!. see I knew this was going to happen an be said by you Pixarites. when Pixar makes Sequels to their Animated Films you give them A pass and Love it. but Disney and Anyone else you dont give them one an hate them for it. AN WHO OUR YOU TO JUDGE PEOPLE in all these Companies besides Pixar.

    saying that anyone save Pixar is only out to make Sequels for Money. did you talk to them. do you know their thoughts and how they feel. I have news for you people, Most that make these Sequels/Pretquels to Cartoons and Animated films Love doing what they do to Love it; an Enjoy it as well,plus it is Aiding an A Healing to them,their Heart and Spirit,Mind ect.

    an it is to them not About the Bottom Line or Money. but if you want to play God then go right ahead. call him an me A Liar an say you know and Attain what the Hearts and Spirits of man and woman think an feel,want,need,act in,move by ect.

    an God will be your Judge. May The Disney/Pixar Deal soon Come to A crashing End. and the slavery of WDAS being held capitive by Unholy Kings Robert Iger,Richard Cook,Roy E. Disney Jr.,stanley Gold,John Lasseter,Edwin Catmull,Steve Jobs; be Otherthrow and Outcasted from the World Quicklly by God an the Angels to avenge and give Justice long over do to
    Father Walt Disney.

    I can already see it has started from what I have been hearing an seeing. on the net an elsewhere. thank God people our finally waking up and looking at whats going on in WDAS and WDC and other places ect.

  • Jeremy

    I will beleive when I see it two years ago while in a movie theater me and my wife seen a preview of coming soon monsters inc. 2my kids loved the first one so much were on are 5th copy of it. I loved to see a sequel but after waiting this long for a coming soon advertisement I don’t think pixar knows what they want

  • Lexie

    I will love to see a sequel of Monsters, Inc… Sully left all of us thinking there was something amazing behind Boo’s door at the end of the movie. Since then, my family and I have been waiting for the return of the big furry Sully and the annoying little green Mike…. I dont know how can anyone consider Monsters, Inc Pixar’s worst film…. To make it clear… I loved it!

  • stefanie morales

    i will love too see monsters inc #2.this film was one of the best one i seen.