Film Junk Podcast Episode #209: Outlander

0:00 – Intro
1:05 – Doug’s L.A. Experiences
6:05 – Greg’s Birthday
9:45 – Oscar Thoughts
17:30 – Headlines: B Team, Michel Gondry Directing The Green Hornet, Richard Pryor Biopic, Terminator Salvation Could Be PG-13?
43:35 – What We Watched: Dollhouse, The League of Gentlemen, The Foot Fist Way, The F Word, Dear Zachary, Apocalypto
1:27:45 – Review: Outlander
1:36:40 – Junk Mail: Favourite Endings, Ron Howard, Dear Zachary, David Lynch
1:52:34 – Slumdog Millionaire Backlash
2:04:02 – Trailer Trash: Severed Ways
2:08:20 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:09:50 – Outro

Note: The latter portion of the video version does not line up with the above times due to editing.

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  • Chris

    After listening to Jay’s Slumdog rant, which I am in complete agreement with, I was immediately reminded of Dennis Hopper’s The Last Movie. You guys should check it out.

  • Bob The Slob

    HOW did you guys see outlander? and how can we see it asap?

  • This is probably the best episode of the year so far just because of the presence of Nagy.

  • Goon

    holy fuck its Doug

    looking forward to the Slumdog rant. I had some issues with Slumdog even though I liked it overall, but yeah, I’m seeing the backlash get more and more out of control, its becoming an internet thing to turn on it.

  • Goon

    Stratovarius intro – sweet. I got tickets for them this past weekend :P

  • Jurra

    More Doug to the people! Best show ever!

  • Mason

    I thought everyone knew that LA had a subway. Remember “Speed”? And it’s been in more than one episode of 24.

  • swarez

    Great show. Doug was a great addition and it would be great if he could do more some time in the future, preferably one with Reed as well.

    It’s hilarious that Greg watched the wrong movie.

  • Obviously they saw Outlander by downloading it, which I think they mention like 4 or 5 times due to Greg downloading the wrong movie.

    Great podcast, Doug was really funny once he saw his chance to make filthy jokes and references.

  • dirtypop

    I don’t mind that you guys torrent movies that are still in theaters to review them (I do it myself). But don’t you think you should be a little more discreet?

  • Clockwork Orange had a good crowd. You did a stellar job introducing the film, Greg. I voted for Blue Velvet, so I was a bit disappointed that The Shining was chosen. Too much Kubrick! And I echo Nagy’s request for Road Warrior. Also, and I have no idea how this would go over, but Enter The Dragon or another straight-up kung-fu flick would be welcome.

  • dirtypop: I’d love to get into more press screenings or get sent DVD screeners, but in this case I think we’re just saving the studios money. Either way it’s free promotion for them. But yes I prefer not to run around telling everyone in the world that the movie is out there online and where to find it. That would just be wrong. ;)

  • dirtypop

    I’m just saying I don’t want you guys to get in trouble! I’m [ahem] acquiring Outlander, btw. I don’t know how that one slipped under my radar. Vikings rule. I can’t wait for Severed Ways.

  • Primal

    Awesome show. The amount of tangents you guys went on were hilarious. Seeing Doug mix it up with you guys was awesome too. Prepare for another 2-hour epic show everyone.

  • I fucken loved this motherfucken show yo.

    Greg and Doug together was insanely hilarious. You don’t watch porno for real? Gold.

  • by the way jay your hair looked ridiculous this week. looks like the hair you get for lego-men!

  • rus in chicago

    Jay needs to watch Eastbound and Down to see that Danny McBride might be a one trick pony. Way to much loud, macho and drugie in this, Pineapple Exp, and Tropic Tunder. Hell, he doesn’t even change his hair.

    I also disagree with the Clooney comment. Yes, he was bad at first, but it seems ever since Russell Crowe took him to task he has grown. Just look at O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Intolerable Cruelty, Michael Clayton.

  • Crowe took Clooney to task?!?

  • Rick

    Great episode. I’d love it if Doug became a regular, he fits the show perfectly. Like vegemite & cheese!

    And Greg, Alyson Hannigan is NOT hot.

  • Glendon

    Wow. Fantastic Episode.

  • rus in chicago

    Clooney vs. Crowe from a couple years back:

  • Russell Crowe > George Clooney. A better actor, and – it seems – a better person as well. I fucking hate the George Clooney Martini ads.

  • What is this rimming contest? Roll the rim or whatever. Remember there are people that listen to this show outside of St Catherine’s. So you get money for rimming sandwiches. Nice.

  • IchigoNL

    Great show guys! Doug should be on more often :D And Greg watching the wrong movie was classic :P.

  • Greg

    Andrew: Roll Up The Rim is a contest at that runs twice a year at Tim Hortons. TH is a vast Canadian empire that has a franchise on every second corner in Canada. It specializes in coffee, donuts and comfort food like soup, chili and fresh sandwiches.

    When you roll up the rim of the coffee cup there are prizes to be won. Cash, cars, LCD TV’s, and of course their products.

    If you were just being a smartass doucherag then you can ignore this whole thing.

  • Paul Andrews

    Great show as always. Saw Outlander and really enjoyed it. Good old-fashioned action movie – I’d recommend it to anyone. Watchmen is out today in the UK; can’t wait to hear what FJ thinks about it.

  • Boys – fab show. As with everyone else, I concur that the addition of Doug was genius, especially considering the film you reviewed. More Doug is *always* a good thing.

    And it was interesting to hear you guys, particularly Greg’s “insider” talk on Twilight.

  • I watched Outlander recently, and I loved it. I agree with Paul Andrews in that it’s a “good old-fashioned action movie.” I liked the Star Trek outlook with respect to the revelation concerning the villains. I’m surprised how low the IMDb rating (6.4/10) and Rotten Tomatoes rating (39%) are. I guess I’ll have to listen to this podcast to hear what the guys thought about the film.

  • Henrik

    Outlander was awesome untill the last 30 minutes which took a real nosedive.