The Birds Remake To Be Released in 3-D?

Just when you thought that Michael Bay and the folks at Platinum Dunes might have grown a conscience and decided to rethink some of the classic horror remakes that they are developing, they have instead come back with an idea that could actually cheapen them even more. It was reported back in December that their Rosemary’s Baby remake was dead, (because they couldn’t come up with a good enough idea for an update, believe it or not), and the remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds was potentially on thin ice as well. Unfortunately this week we’ve got a report that The Birds remake is once again moving forward. Not only that, but they are hoping to breathe new life into this classic by shooting it in 3-D!

The report comes from B-movie actress Brenna Lee Roth, who told MarketSaw that she met with producers Michael Bay and Brad Fuller about a role in the movie. She also confirmed that, from what she heard, George Clooney and Naomi Watts are indeed attached to star. While I like the idea of Clooney and Watts starring in this movie, the addition of 3-D seems a bit dicey to me. On the other hand, Hitchcock himself experimented with 3-D in Dial M for Murder. As far as we know, Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) is still slated to direct, and producer Andrew Form has been quoted as saying, “It’s a challenge and we’re not going to do it unless it’s great.” What do you think, is 3-D the missing ingredient for a great remake of The Birds? Does this make more or less interested in the project?

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  • The modicum of interest added by the thought of seeing a 3D film is practically irrelevant. If its a film I don’t wanna see in 2D then 3D is not going to sell me on it.

    I just saw Coraline and after having seen Beowulf and Monster House the thrill of CG flying around is almost completely dead. I wear real glasses now so those plastic Real-Ds on top get annoying. Also, and this is a scary thought, my HTS is so flipping fantastic that the actual audio and video quality is better than any theatre (not to mention my heavenly recliner).

    All I want is Avatar (which is a film I’d wanna see even if it were 2D). I’m gonna have a pair of contacts ready!

  • rus in chicago

    man didn’t learn with Psycho (Worldwide: $37,141,130 after $60 mil prod. budget)

    Film Junk and other film sites need to organize a “Classics List” and get the word out on boycotts for the sacred films. Help save our youth – MAKE THEM SEE THE ORIGINAL!!!!

    oh, and say no to drugs too…

  • Kind of hard to believe Clooney would agree to star in a 3-D film. I love The Birds. Have mixed feelings on a remake but could respect it with Clooney as male lead.


  • Mitch

    I think a remake could do well today, but who wants to see this in 3D?

  • swarez

    The same people who wanted to see all the other 3D films.

  • Jack

    This could go either way. The film is timeless, although dated.

    Bay may be in too far over his head. 3D does not mean success.

    Some fresh new ideas are needed for horror.

    But with the correct publicity as ever I’m sure he’ll rake in his millions. THE SWINE!

  • I think the movie will be good as the movie it is, But I am an avid horror/suspense fan and I love the originals no matter how good a “remake ” may be. I think they would be better off taking the horror story ” the Nature of Balance” and making it a 3d film. it is along the lines of the birds, but all of nature turns against man. cant remember the author( I have read too many books to keep track) but it would make an excellent film