Severed Ways: The Norse Discovery of America Trailer

If you’re a fan of Vikings, I think we’ve found your new favourite movie. Tony Stone’s Severed Ways: The Norse Discovery of America is a historical adventure movie that takes place in 1007 AD, focusing on two Norsemen who are stranded upon arriving in the New World. After their expedition is attacked, they are left for dead, and must struggle to survive against unfamiliar terrain and hostile groups of Indians and Irish Monks.

This teaser trailer doesn’t really get across what the movie is about, but it could be one of the most epic and artistic trailers I’ve ever seen. Amazing. Seriously, just watch this and you will be mesmerized. Apparently the soundtrack also features plenty of black metal bands. I’m guessing that Marcus Nispel’s Pathfinder pales in comparison. Severed Ways has been making the festival rounds, and will be brought to select theatres by Magnet Releasing on March 20th. For more info visit the film’s official website.

  • Worst trailer ever.

  • You mean… best trailer ever, right?

  • Henrik definitely hates freedom. This trailer was boss.

  • I don’t think it was the worst trailer ever but I didn’t find anything epic about it, it was just some guy hitting a tree with an axe. Yeah, It had some beautiful shots, but whatever.

  • Bob The Slob

    yeah man that shit sucked…no CGI, no name actors, some gay music that wasn’t Justin Timberlake….totally fricking boring.

    Now…the trailer for Fired Up! or Madea goes to Jail…those were UBER epic.

  • Sean, you were joking in your post right?

    I would not see this, but I did see Outlander, and all the vikings in that movie were fucking awesome. I highly recommend that movie, even though the last 30 minutes are really really bad.

  • I wasn’t joking, I think this trailer is great.

    Coincidentally, we should be reviewing Outlander for the podcast this week.

  • It looks like it was shot in somebodys back yard!

    I am excited to hear your thoughts on Outlander.

  • I’m sorry Sean, but Henriks right about that. This literally looks like it was shot in the woods behind my house where me and my friends make youtube videos.

  • Bob The Slob

    I really want to see Outlander.

  • Since when did looking like it was shot in someone’s back yard automatically mean that it’s not any good?

  • I just didn’t find it epic, artistic, amazing or mesmerizing Steven. I think Sean oversold this one, to the point where I thought he was joking!

  • I can’t say I really have a dog in this fight, other than thinking that shooting a vérité-style North American Viking movie in a similar environment to the actual events, as opposed to a sound stage or green screen or wherever you kids prefer your movies to be set, seems like a wise choice.

    I dig where you’re coming from in seeing Sean as overselling it, but taking it even further in the opposite direction and claiming that this is the worst trailer ever is just silly.

    What you don’t seem to get is that to a certain type of person even watching someone chop wood taps into their baser, primal instincts. I’ll admit to being such a person myself, but the untamed portion of my heart is minuscule in comparison to Sean’s. Anyone who has met him in real life would know that residing in Sean’s soul is a starving wolf, straining madly at these weak chains we call ‘civilization’. I’ve seen blood and gore caked on his arms up to his shoulders. The podcasts reveal nothing of his murderous intent. This is the type of monster a wood chopping trailer was created for.

  • Steven knows where I’m coming from. I long to chop wood until the end of my days.

  • Wintle, your description of souls is unparrallelled.

    I thought I was going along with Seans jokingly expressed opinion in my first comment. It all in good fun, although I am genuinely surprised that this trailer gets positive feedback!

  • rus in chicago

    I agree it is a good trailer; because it makes you want to see more and masks the fact the film is most likely very low budget. The trailer could be the best part of the project.

    This is not a negative comment as I work in independent film and you need to do whatever you can to make a small pile of coins look like a fortune. The filmmakers chose a cool concept in the chopping wood to stage the trailer but they are holding their cards close to their vest. We never see or hear actors deliver lines and the shots are very quick to mask scope, costume, make-up etc. I think the hair completely covering the woodsman face is cool at first, but hurts the trailer toward the end.

    I could see this as being the perfect indy film formula Рcheap locations (state park) limited cast (two left behind) and a story that supports Cin̩ma v̩rit̩. My worry is any independent, one location, character based drama only goes as far as the script and the filmmakers chose not to show any dialogue. Not a good sign.