Weird Web Wednesdays: Spock’s Taint

Every now and then you come across something on the internet that changes your perspective on things. Getting up close and personal with a Vulcan is one example, but if for some reason that doesn’t help you live long and prosper, we’ve got plenty of other videos to expand your consciousness. From the new N-word substitute that is sweeping the nation to a sneak peek at Mel Gibson’s latest historical epic, Weird Web Wednesdays is out on the streets, digging up dirt. Of course, if you just want to see people hurt themselves, we’ve got that too.

Spock’s Taint
Back to the Future Alternate Ending
Mel Gibson is The Colonel
President is the New N-Word
Kicked in the Face
Amazing Nicolas Cage Japanese Commercial
How to Nab a Husband
Smoking Three Year Old
Obama’s Elf
Kid Singing What Hurts The Most
Watchmen 1980s MTV Parody
Mexican Titanic
Weekender Parody Commercial Starring Paul Rudd
Been Had Movies
Seniors Safe Sex Video
High Pitched Voice Guy
Roof Jump Trampoline Fail
Stephen King Killed John Lennon
Patton Oswalt, Poet Laureate
Gandalf Crossing Guard

  • I’m kind of worried about those Mexicans inside the barge. One of my worst fears is to be trapped in a vehicle or boat while it’s sinking. Bleghgehshfffpt.

  • I demand the “Spocks Taint” video be removed. :)

  • What was the point of the Been Had Movies video?

  • swarez

    I think it was a parody of another video, some gangsta showing his money or something.