Michel Gondry to Direct The Green Hornet?

Wow. Seth Rogen’s Green Hornet movie just went from being down in the dumps to being on top of the world, as far as I’m concerned. After Stephen Chow dropped out as the director a few months back, it was rumoured that the project was in serious trouble over at Sony, and that it might even end up getting shelved. However, there’s been a pretty major turnaround this week, because they’re on the verge of signing director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Be Kind Rewind) to take over the project!

Now apparently Gondry was close to directing The Green Hornet back in the ’90s, with Robocop writer Edward Neumeier penning the script, if you can believe it. Initially it seemed like the rumours of Gondry’s involvement in this new version might have just been based on that old story, but now both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter have confirmed that he is indeed close to signing on the dotted line. While some might lament the fact that Gondry is truly stepping out of the art house and into the mainstream here, I simply can’t wait to see what he will bring to this project. We’ve known all along that this wasn’t going to be a typical superhero flick, but hopefully this is yet another indication that they intend to push it far beyond the norm. What do you think of Michel Gondry directing The Green Hornet?

  • cronenfly

    So Gondry would be directing, while rogen and chow will be starring? I think it could be great.

  • mike


  • rus in chicago

    I’m all for something different in the super hero arena…sometimes it works (Dark Knight) sometime it doesn’t (original Hulk)

  • Mane

    This is great news. People who “lament the fact that Gondry is truly stepping out of the art house and into the mainstream” need to get over themselves. If the mainstream had better directors who actually had some passion for their work, the film industry wouldn’t be in such a bad place. If you’re going to spend money on remakes/reimaginings/do-overs, you might as well get the best people for the job. Plus Gondry deserves more commercial recognition.

  • Ian

    Oh man this should be fantastical!

  • Scott Kearney

    Any Green Hornet film written by Seth Rogen / starring Seth Rogen is going to suck!

    The Green Hornet has always been one of my favorites.
    It’s really too bad this [Seth Rogen] had to happen.

  • F. Booth

    I love Gondry. His part of Tokyo! is surreal, but humane(and funny as hell). Its like Kafka on film(but, again, funnier).

    The Tokyo! DVD drops June 30th (i think). You can pre-order and catch the trailer on the website http://tokyothemovie.com/