Universal Developing Battlestar Galactica Movie

Alright I know what you’re thinking… the final episodes of Battlestar Galactica are about to air on the Sci Fi Channel, and they’re already preparing to spin it off into a feature film franchise. Well, although there is another direct-to-DVD movie planned for sometime after the series finale, they’re not about to bring the re-imagined version to the big screen. What is apparently coming to the big screen, however, is a Battlestar Galactica movie based on the original 1978 series instead!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal Pictures are in talks with Glen A. Larson, creator of the original Battlestar, to write and produce a new movie based on his original concept. It will not be connected in any way to the Sci Fi Channel series, although characters like Adama, Starbuck, and Baltar will remain (Starbuck likely being a man again this time). Larson is the same man responsible for such classic shows as Magnum P.I., The Fall Guy and Knight Rider, but his own recent attempts to bring Knight Rider to the big screen have been stymied by the new NBC remake.

So why bring out a BSG movie based on the original series now? Wasn’t the whole point of the new series that they re-invented it for today’s audience? I think the only way I’d be interested is if they kept it campy and played on old school nostalgia, similar to what they were talking about doing for the Buck Rogers movie. Do you think this idea has potential? Does anyone actually want to see a new old Battlestar Galactica movie?

  • Mr. Einarsson

    I think that making a BSG movie based on the classic series would be a mistake.

    Big mistake.

    I just finished to watch serie 4 and the final episode was amizing … i would like to see a movie that happens.. maby in between serie 1 and 2 or whatever.

    I want more BSG … MORE PLEASE!!!

  • Dynolord

    Only thing i can say is that the new BSG is not a Sci-fi show. It is in reality a night time soap. This is not a show for sci-fi buffs. I think the concept wasn’t bad and was a decent one in the beginning. I stopped watching it in the second season towards the beginning because it reminded me of the same things you find in soaps on TV. If would of kept up with original concept rather than turning it into a sob story i think that it would of gone a lot longer.

    I loved the original series. I believe that the new movies should be like the original and just update the special effects and i think that it will do very well.

  • Byll

    As someone who appreciates both shows (1 show when I was a kid & the other as an adult) I do believe it would not be a good idea to make a movie off of the original series.

    I loved the original, and I really loved the newer, darker series.

    However, I do believe that making a new movie that would be based on the 1978 series would do nothing but bring confusion to so many who do not even know about the original.

    Personally I’d love to see a movie like this, but there are so few of us who do even know about the original in comparison to the scores of people who are familiar with the reimagined series.

    This is different from Star Trek, as the newer series involved different characters, ships, etc.

    The original Battlestar, while a great series in its own right, just simply does not have the following that the newer Battlestar has. The characters are all reimagined, and I just believe it would do nothing but bring unnecessary confusion to the brand.

    Besides movies are all about the dollars generated by butts in the seat. I don’t believe the original would bring in as many butts as the new.

    Again, I’m not slamming either. I love them both, and I know that this is a rarity.

  • Salvatore Parrino

    The 1978 version had a corny ending…when they found Earth.

    Otherwise these are two very different shows and can not be compared. When I watched the new BSG I watched it as if it was a new show and had no connection to the original.

    I enjoyed both versions. Each version offered good times.

  • Chad

    I don’t have cable and so just finished the new BSG through renting, Amazon and Hulu. I realize this post is rather after the fact in more than one way, but as such maybe it will be the final word on this chain. As I’ve read through the posts by those with nothing but bile and venom to say about the new series and nothing but nostalgic, romanticized treacle about the old one, I’m impressed with what seems to be a truth universal across music, movies/television, writing, performance and visual art. This truth is that the moment something is re-interpreted after it’s source material’s heyday, an immediate knee-jerk reaction happens amongst the “old-schoolers” who identify with the original. I suppose this is natural, since every generation thinks their childhood or coming of age was somehow more real and magical and resplendently golden than anyone else’s could be, but it begs a question. As far as any part of the creative arts go, is it EVER good and healthy to be backwards-gazing, traditional revivalists? I think not. The producers of the new BSG were, I believe, genuinely inspired by and respectful to the original series. They just didn’t want to re-hash what had already been done. This is what all good art is – aware of what came before it but interested in what it could be right now. To those above who call themselves the “true fans” because they don’t want the memory of their original BSG besmirched, I will say that at one time that series was the new and groundbreaking thing. It was made by people with a vision and passion for expanding what their art form could be right now. Don’t get all hot and bothered just because someone else is doing it a generation later.

  • poltergeist

    Wow, I can’t believe people are actually badmouthing the new BSG. It’s clearly one of the best, if not THE best television series ever made.

    As one earlier poster put it, “the quality of the show is self-evident”. Every scene, every line, every story arc is just immaculate.

    Boggles my mind that anyone who claim to have actually watched the show could actually dislike it. The only logical conclusion is that some people simply have no taste.

  • 21stC

    To all commenters posting massive diatribes about the greatness of BSG 1978:
    Get over your nostalgia now! Please!
    I watched the original show on Hulu, and (admittedly from a 21st century perspective) found it to be poorly acted, poorly made, campy crap. It may have been excellent entertainment for juveniles in its day, but now it serves as another example of why the vast majority of the US population would rather forget 80’s pop culture. I have never seen a show so horrendously dated. The special effects (one of the few redeeming qualities of the original) were understandable, but the costumes appeared to be from a budget 80’s halloween party. The dialogue was as stiff and forced as the movements of the semi-animatronic we-were-too-cheap-to-hire-an-actual-dog thing.
    As to Galactica 1980, to say that it was among the worst pieces of scifi ever made would be very, very, kind.
    If Larson and Universal Studios wish to remake the original, they should first take a long introspective to grasp every possible meaning of the phrase “Tanked completely on opening night.”

  • cowal25

    new bsg is weak….i don’t have a problem with the characters and original changes but the plot started out interesting and grew into a wreck. i found myself watching episodes and waiting to be wowed and the show really never delivered. all of the episodes only delivered one moment where I was wowed… i believe everyone should be able to guess… all of about 10 seconds…

    hollywood will get the final say on which version is better. $$$ dictate this coin toss. Myself….I take the original anyday of the week.

  • reality

    “of why the vast majority of the US population would rather forget 80’s pop culture.”

    You’re completely delusional.

  • Chris

    I loved the original. After rewatching the original in reruns on the space channel you realize it took a pretty dark theme (the end of humanity) and watered it down enough for us 8 year olds not to be scared @#*%-less. I even had a cylon mask (that broke before halloween and I had to get a Darth Vader) My point being that the show was made for kids. Every one at the time considered it a rip off of Star Wars but in reality it was playing hommage to the 1930’s sci fi serials Campy fun for the kids with just enough adult drama to keep mom and dad from nodding off.

    Now I would not watch it if it were released today cus I AM PUSHING 40. I want an adult sci fi show now… I want a show that wins a Peabody and gets emmy nods for its acting… not one that inspires a line of action figures and lunch boxes. I want to watch a show that challenges me to think about how I feel about abortion, human trafficing, what role religion should play in our lives, etc….

    For my little neices and nephews I will gladly play the original. I will relive my childhood with them.
    The original has a place in my heart… but BSG2003 has a place in my mind.

    ps for those of you who called it a soap opera I ask when was the last time DAYS OF OUR LIVES got invited to the UN to talk about the realistic depiction of the realities of war??? BSG was a DRAMA not a soap.

  • Jeremy Frakenstein

    A movie on the “old” BSG?? Frak That! Here’s an idea, I know that the plan for the Caprica series starts off 58 years prior to the destruction of Caprica itself. Hmmm…why not take that series as far as you can, do a rough outline of where you want to end it, and do a movie on the 1st Cylon war? You’ll get everyone who is a “new” BSG fan to go see it and you’ll draw on people who haven’t seen it, they’ll end up watching the Caprica series as well as going out and buying the “new” BSG DVDs. Get SciFi, now SyFy, in on the deal to put up a large portion of the $$. Revenues will be MUCH higher this way due to the 1. cult following of the new BSG-hell, most of us guys have gotten our girlfriends/wives into the show, and 2. People who aren’t fans of the show will still go see it-it is a win-win scenerio. Do a movie on the “old” BSG, and it will be a FLOP. BSG “new” was a huge success. Remember when they remade movies that were already remakes?? The Punisher, The Hulk, well, they didn’t do all that well. In fact, most people, myself included, would say that the Punisher made the second time was much much better than the final movie made, which tried to play on comic book campiness, but failed and just looked silly. Stop remaking stuff for frak’s sake!!! Doing a different time line is one thing, but remaking an already remade idea, well, it is making redundancy redundant.

  • Jeremy Frakenstein

    To append my above post, I grew up with the “old” BSG in syndication with my dad…I liked it for what it was at the time. I couldn’t watch it today. I even tried on Hulu, but I couldn’t get through the first few episodes. I think that everyone here has to look at the nostalgia factor here, because though I liked the original when I was a 9 year old, I really couldn’t watch it today. It wasn’t crap, but it wasn’t good either. Plots were underdeveloped, everyone won at the end of the day, special effects were cutting edge for the time, but that is all it had. Take the new BSG, which is unpredictable with who lives and dies, plot twists, character development and so on, and you have a Hollywood $$ maker.

  • Aleksander Gullanger

    Wow. This really involved into a flame fest. I’ve never seen old series, but without it there would never be the new one. Even if the new series borrows from the old one they look like two completely different series. So stop bitching about what is the better one when it’s just a matter of preference. Be happy that there is a movie based on the old series coming out. No movie is waste of time as long as its properly made.

    I love the new series, but I can agree with the people say that the drama goes a little overboard sometimes. Hey maybe its supposed to come of as realistic showing peoples despair when at the bringe extinction. But come on there is more crying in this than a spanish soap opera. It really makes it quite heavy to watch. Something thats okay for a movie, but for a 4 season series…

  • Necron2.0

    The “new” BSG (a.k.a. GINO) was a disaster. Despite all the hoopla, despite all the marketing, despite all the attempts at a viral media campaign, in the end the show could not garner enough viewers to even beat out an animated sponge in the ratings. Those who still claim that it was “the best show ever” are guilty of drinking the Kool-Aid. The one and only reason why SciFi is going forward with “Caprica” is because they have nothing else. Ron Moore has failed at everything he’s done on his own. “Good vs. Evil” failed, “Roswell” failed, “Carnivale” failed, and his version of “Battlestar Galactica” completely failed. The only reason it lasted as long as it did is due to its association with a network known for its failures.

  • Necron2.0

    I should add, for its day, Larson’s “Battlestar Galactica” was a rating phenomenon. It quite literally changed the face of television. When it aired on ABC, it blew everything on the other networks away. They were left scrambling to find anything they could throw up against it, and failed. In the end, Galactica was cancelled not because of its ratings, not because of its production costs and not because the actors were difficult to work with. It was cancelled simply because the top executives at ABC were biased against Science Fiction and did not want to be known as the network for geeks. This is documented fact:


  • Rusty James

    Necron in your rousing attack on new school BSG, are you don’t once reference the actual quality. You just say it had bad ratings. Do you find that at all odd?
    Do you really think that everything popular is good?

  • Rusty James

    Necron in your rousing attack on new school BSG, are you [aware that you] don’t once reference the actual quality of the show? You just say it had bad ratings. Do you find that at all odd?
    Do you really think that everything popular is good?

  • Necron2.0

    Ah yes. The whine of the elitist. “The ‘little people’ just don’t get it.” If it truly was the “greatest show on television,” people would have been watching it. They weren’t, therefore it wasn’t – simple equation. In fact, it tanked even worse when they tried broadcasting it on NBC. It’s called “show business” folks. If you put on a show and nobody watches it, nine times out of ten it’s because it sucked.

  • Rusty James

    ^^^^ha ha. what the fuck?!

    Do you or do you not think all popular things are good? It’s not an insult it’s a question.

  • Evillusion

    are you frakkin’ kidding me?

    Too soon for ANOTHER reboot, especially since the recent series was frakkin’ awesome!

    Sounds like a money grab trying to cash in on the BSG name that Ron Moore helped re-establish.

    Oh and for the record, BSG TOS was a POS. Star Trek TOS has greater replay value and took greater risks than BSG TOS, and is 10+ years older!

  • C.T. Betts

    I remember when the new series came out and all the blow out that came from that. I can’t believe that the tables have turned and now the oringal BG is being trashed rather than the new. Look the original was fun and great for it’s time, and it is certainly not forgotten. I think an update of the orginal can be as good as the new Star Trek movie. I am a fan of the orginal and I really think the original concept will have a much broader audience. I am not going to put dow the new version of BG, but I don’t get it nor do Ienjoy it and it is a popular among a certain audience. But like I said the original BG concept will be more appealing to a larger spectrum of people. I look forward to it

  • Darthhess

    Personally the original series was a total rip of Star Wars. By the way does anyone remember the follow up to the original series bsg 1981? Talk about cheese, I tried watching it and couldn’t decide if it was supposed to be bsg or chips. The flying motor cycles and stock footage were too much for me. So cry and mope over the new series which is done and over with, I loved it! My wife and I had something to be excited about every week and frak has become a household word for us. I’ll go watch the movie, but will be skeptical of it just like I was with Transformers and GI Joe. Both of those came out when I was a kid and the “re-imagined” movies weren’t too bad. I do feel though that it is a little too early to make this film. Maybe 10 years from now, but most of the audience for the original will be dead or in nursing homes. Take that haters!

  • Darthhess

    Remake Airwolf, The Fall Guy, Magnum PI and dare I say Riptide. See how many people will bitch about those as well. V is the next series for the haters to knock, we’ll see how it goes.

  • Miro

    never seen original BSG but i think for me is better Moore version because i think that old series was just about fight between humans and cylons.nothing more.If this movie will be fighting between good and evil than it will be popular as XMen or Spiderman,Transformens..blah blah.good watching but pretty shit beside BSG.i dont want to take end of BSG..yes there can be more remake but cant they wait some time?for example when Caprica ends?

  • Starfuck

    for the people bashing the new BSG. how many episodes did one actually watch?

  • floyd

    The original BSG, although with some campy episodes, was better science-fiction that the new series (although the first two seasons before it became “As The Battlestar Turns” were good). Especially episodes like Take the Celestra, Gun On Ice Planet Zero, and the Pegasus mini-arc. The potential for non-cheese episodes were there (the bounty hunter aliens and the original cylons were awesome), but thanks to executive meddling (i’m 99% sure that was the cause), we got a lot of cheese. If the movie is a serious take on the original movie, it will be great!


    2004 BSG 30 years newer > 1978 BSG

    Agree with you there

    Opening score
    1978 BSG 2004 BSG “????” Villain

    Patrick McNee Count Iblis < 2004 BSG Baltar

    Again, Iblis is a cliche character, the evil overlord-turned good guy-escapes to return to bad guy.

    Admiral Adama
    Lorne Greene “Charisma” < Edward James Olmos

    I did not care for Lorne Greene, he never intrigued me as an actor, and I think Eddie was just awesome, Adama in the new BSG is a whole new animal.

    Best BSG Babe
    1978 Jane Seymour < 2004 Tricia Helfer
    1978 Maren Jensen ???? (This is not a win because you cant even put a name in the ????)

    Are you NUTS!? Do you know what Tricia Helfer does in her spare time? I can tell you its not acting in Sci-fi shows. Its posing for nude shoots. You are absolutely nuts there.

    Katie Sackhoff is a breath of fresh air. All the females from the old BSG seemed to be a little too….female. Katie brings a more tom-boy attitude to the show.

    Best Music Score
    1978 BSG fanfare < 2004 BSG with Drums

    Disagree for the same reason as above.

    Opening Dialog
    1978 dialog with Patrick Macnee “There are those who believe that life here began out there,….” 2004 Battlestar Displays

    Pushing Technology
    1978 Battlestar Galactica = 2004 BSG

    Um…I guess Battlestars that are six times the size of a nimitz class carrier are not pushing the technology, no, of course not, you’re right. We have a few of those in earth’s orbit now.

    1978 “Technology” is useless. A talking computer in a viper? Why would you need that? And the “scanner” is dated DATED technology, DRADIS looks much better in the new BSG. And now the new BSG actually includes PHYSICS, something Starwars, Star Trek AND the old BSG seemed to forget. The fighters in the new BSG look like they are flying in space, not in an atmosphere like the three mentioned shows above.

    Best BSG Cylon Robots
    1978 Cylons Centurion = 2004 BSG Cylons
    Hey the 1978 Cylons had lasers and would dust the new ones.

    The old cylons are so slow that the new cylons would probably be able to dodge them, and destroy them just as quick. But it would probably be an even battle because the lasers would be quite damaging.

    Best BSG Cylon Basestar
    1978 Basestar < 2004 boomerang basestar

    The new Basestar is one of my favorite things of the new series, I love the sounds of the missiles leaving their tubes.

    Best Saul Tigh
    1978 Terry Carter (Tigh) = 2004 Tigh

    I liked both actors, so this is equal.

    Best Commander Cain
    1978 Admiral “Charm” Legend Cain < 2004 “B****” Admiral Cain

    Admiral *coughs* “Charm” Legend Cain is a loose ripoff of the cliche, ego-centric US WWII General/Admiral such as Patton or Bradley, they are headstrong and always know the plan, nice, but VERY cliche.

    Best Episode
    1978 BSG “War Of The Gods” with count Iblis 2004 BSG (1 win)

    Thats not the score I get, I am counting 11 wins for the new BSG, and alot of equals to the old series.

    Seeing as you are unable to even find an episode/character to fill your “????” I seem to think you dont know what you are talking about.

    I like BOTH series, and I hate this stupid fan-base for seeing who is better. I have just shown you that its easy to turn the tables on your “scorecard”.

    Again, Iam a fan of both, but you need to tone yourself down, BSG is, well, BSG. Get over it, and grow up.

  • Moore’s re-imagined version of Battlestar Galactica had some Fantastic moments!!! The best episodes were those that revolved around the Pegasus. The reason for this is because Moore was following Glen Larson’s original concept. The other episodes were fluff because Moore never had a clear direction. This was painfully obvious in the final epsiode. So many questions were left unanswered and even Starbuck simply diappeared. Furthermore,the cylons plan was never clearly defined.
    Moore improved BSG by eliminating the campy feeling of the first series. Additionally, he added modern CGI and better drama. For that he should be praised. His biggest downfall was that the cylons no longer felt like a cold metallic enemy. The re-imagined version could have been far better if the Moore had made the Cylons more like Terminators as in new Terminator Film “Salvation” which is fantastic! A new movie based off the original series would be WILD!!! The tip they can take from Moore is good drama, but the focus has to be clear and the plot to be remembered is that it is Science Fiction film about an enemy of technology who hates all humans.

  • sarah

    ohhhh no…. I can’t believe they are WASTING money basing this on the old version. The old version is soooo pants when comapred with the new Battlestar Gallactica!!!! Is there a petition we can sign to try and persuade them to base it on the brilliant new series????

  • Dr. Z

    Go Larson! After Ron’s abomination it’s payback time!

    Hey, I did enjoy some parts of the re-imagined version. But overall it was a tiring space soap drama with annoying characters (sans Baltar) while being more fantasy then science fiction. Which explains why woman like it ;)

  • me3

    Give the haters of the new series a break. They are all going through mid-life crises right about now, and having a hard time dealing with chamges in music, tv, and movies. They look back fondly at what was new for them when they were kids or teens, and spew bile and hatred at any attempt to remake an old show (that died decades ago) to attract new viewers to the franchise. Most people’s tastes change when they grow up, but some people are just stuck in the past. I was like 5 years old when the original series was on. It was a fun show for that age group, but I prefer now to watch a show with a little more realism.
    I felt similarly about the new transformers movie. It showed some teenage girl’s ass more than the actual robots. The rest was special effects- no real plot. It didn’t meet my expectations, yet I don’t feel the need to write pages of fan-boy text bashing something because it doesn’t feel the same watching it as it did when I was a kid.
    Making a movie now, based on TOS, is a bad idea. There isn’t a big enough following of hard-core old schoolers left to warrant it (who will whine about anything new or different from the original), and it will fail to attract any new fans. The same thing happened with Robotech:The Shadow Chronicles(old fans hated it and nobody else was interested in it). It will also only serve to confuse fans of the new series, having nothing at all to do with it.

  • Thomas Harper

    If they do make a remake of the original BG it will make a shit load of money. All you fat ass. self hand job geeks will just have to accept your ripped off reimaged crap will soon be forgotten.

  • me3

    People like this Thomas Harper are either trolls or he is describing himself. Sad, really…

  • Phyz Geek

    BSG ’78 was my fav TV series when I was a kid. BSG ’04 is my fav TV series now. Besides having characters of the same names, they tell very different stories that appeal to different generations.

    Though the effects were terrible for BSG ’78, they had to stick to it because it was the “fashion”. Personally, I liked the fact that the new series considered that shuttles in space do not need large propulsion to move fast and battles in space should be noiseless and almost flameless because of the vacuum.

    As for the music, I must say that though the drums are catchy, I love the old theme song, and I tot it was very neat that it was softly played in the background towards the end of season 4.5 when Adama made his final pass of galactica. It kinda brought a nice closure to both series.

    As for the plot, while both series had very different focus, they were equally dry. I was hoping BSG 04 would have less focus on politics (Roslin, Tom Zarek, etc.) and develop more on human relations and camaraderie amongst the travellers (both on the human and cylon side). But I suppose all these have come to past… unless galactica didn’t actually fly into the sun and the cylon colony wasn’t fully destroyed =)

  • Smoothy

    I thought the remake sucked. The more I watched, the more I hated it. I loved the original as a kid and still go back and watch it now and then.

    I just thought the Sci-Fi version got ridiculous.

    I’m a cylon, he’s a cylon, she’s a cylon, we are cylons, wouldn’t you like to be a cylon too, be a cylon, drink Dr. Cylon.

  • why do we need to go back to 1978?

  • M. Moroi

    Joke. If anything they should base it on the first Cylon war, but in the Redux universe.

  • Ian Pond

    This is a terrible idea. A terrible F—ing idea. If we’re going to try to revive the old Battlestar because of its camp/nostalgia value I’d like to remind people of the Batman and Robin attempt to revive the camp nostalgia value of the 1960s Batman series. It almost killed Batman series from that point on. It took years for DC based movies to recover even partially, it nearly killed the comic book movie genre in general. It wasn’t until people needed to be reminded that these stories aren’t supposed to be jokes that the genre started to return to its feet.

    In short: Making a Battlestar Galactica movie right now using only is value as a joke is a TERRIBLE PLAN. And really kind of insulting to the people who worked the last five or six years to give Battlestar back some popularity and new found appreciation.

  • ThanosPrime

    OK lets be honest, yes, I loved to watch BSG on my dad’s Zenith back in the 70’s, then again I also liked cartoons, comic books, Pez, and didnt like girls very much (wait a sec… I still like all those things and even girls now!! :) ). I bought the box set of the original but even my plasma tv and sound system couldnt recapture the feelings I got when I was 8. The R/BSG though was AWSOME! Dirty, gritty, very adult. I was a skeptic at first, then I couldnt wait till the next episode. My wife even got into it. I was sooo disappointed when it ended, at least it got an ending unlike the original. And to all the haters, do you remember BSG 1980??? Most people into BSG wont even admit that little turd ever happened. But this new movie by Universal and Larson, its a poor attempt to jump on the bandwagon, and yes if its the same old campy, feel good, bad guys loose, Larson formula, it will kill the franchise. And to see another stinker BSG attempt, check out the Richard Hatch teaser on youtube

  • the new series was better but i preferred lorne green as adama and the original plot of just metal machines but the reimagination was good but needed more the original needed alot more i think they should have dropped the life here began out there plot it kills the ability to keep the genre going for a possiable comback of the colonial empire and revenge on the cylons. maybe a possiable colonial side plot could be 100 years befor the cylons were created that the colonial s launch giant sleeper ships and battlestars to colonize a distant planet the thirteenth colony ? and it was all kept super secret the cylons didnt even know ?who ever went was considered dead in some giant accident what do u think ?

  • DDB

    Why is everybody being an extremist??
    I think most REAL FANS out there will agree that the original BSG of the ’70 was the best of the best, but lets face it, now it is an old school show that doesn’t meet the current “requirements” for a real good Sci-Fi Movie and/or series.

    On the other hand, the BSG Re-imaged combined new faces with good special effects that look very realistic. The plot just went very off from the original which to my opinion was better. Also, like some people has said, even when the special effects were very good, the props used for regular “human interaction” are very cheap and look like a low budget series.

    But there should be hope. We should learn from mistakes, and take the very best of each world and combine it to make a good movie that have a good chance to be the first of at least a trilogy. There are some good ideas out there including the famous “Second Coming” that many wished would be a real continuation of the original series.

    I think it would be better to re-image the Galactica universe on a way that keeps most if not all audiences happy. But to do so, it would require to combine multiple ideas and try to make the best of it. I personally think the original series has a better plot, just make it more current to our times. The new series has superb special effects and should be obviously the same or better for the new movie.

    But the idea of Cylons being made originally by humans is a little bit “retarded” and also old school too cause I think there are enough movies and series about our own machines turning against us. Instead, Cylons should be real Aliens that we humans must defeat in order to survive. It is more logical and is the way of nature: the stronger survives over the weak. So let humans show we are the stronger race.

    Obviously, do not put fire arms instead of laser weapons. Humans have advanced technology, so bullets are old school. And please don’t make Galactica an old ship. It is kinda degrading. Let it be a current war ship. If Cylons can hack their system, then call McAfee or Norton to install antiviruses… obviously going to old ships just cause there are hackers out there is a stupid idea.

    Last, but not least, is the time of the events. On the original series it was in our present. In the new series is 150,000 years ago and we are their direct descendants. Well, my opinion is to go where no one has gone yet: the future. If we are the 13th colony, then we should have some good technology too. In fact, if you look at history, after America was “invaded” by Europeans, it became the most powerful colony in the world (AKA USA… ehem). So why not make it the same? At the end of the last movie, they should find Earth, but to everybody surprise, in a future where we are united and have our onw colonies in space. In fact, let us be their saviors and the ones that destroy the Cylons and welcome them to our planet(s) were they can now be safe.

    Hollywood, if you read this article, and decide to take my view for the end of the movies, please give me some $$$ lol. Just kidding. Just mentioning us (the fans) as part of the brainstorm for the production will be our best reward.

    So stop complaining and start giving good ideas, so they can take them and make the best Sci Fi movie ever.

  • Tauron

    I like both, but have to comment that comparison is not realistic. The inclusion of old centruions etc at stages in new BSG for me brought the old & new together. I can’t readily see how the TOS theme in its pure form (albeit updated) could have been commercially viable as seen in some of the lessr Star Trek movies which simply are childish and plain bad.

    As for 1978, well, the effects and cinematography in Alien is amazing even today, the first episode of star wars pre dated TOS was also far superior. I suggest the fault with cheesy sets etc lies with the artists that made it. (should have made it in the UK, like Lucas and Ridley Scott did, sorry guys, but the truth hurts….)

    Another comparison are the two versions of one story, i.e: Silence of the lambs and Man Hunter. The same films based on Dr Lecter, but the lesser know Man Hunter by Micheal Mann is excellnet, and is proof that the same film can be made twice very well.

    I hope the new film is made and is not by Moore, simply so they have to try really hard to out do the excellent new BSG – go for it! perhpas give it to Ridley Scott?

  • Tauron, your comment about the effects in Alien being amazing today had me thinking about 1979 when I read that for Alien, the Special Effects Supervisors and some of the Visual Effects people had worked on “Space: 1999.” I was amazed that the Alien effects looked so good compared to the work done on “Space: 1999.” I guess with experience, more time, bigger budget and a meticulous director, anyone can surprise you. Ha ha.

  • Jeff Shepard

    I used to play like I was Apollo on the playground when I was in elementary school when the show was new. I still think this show had the potential to be the best sci-fi show ever. If ABC had not been so tied down with episode costs, they could have gone several seasons, but this was in the late 70’s, and there was a huge recession going on. Now, if they can reproduce the feeling of the original show, just making it more modern, without going all dark like the reimagining, it will be great!

  • Mace

    Im not going to even quantify TheDecepticon’s opinion by posting what he has said. I will only say that hey, he has his opinion, I just find it a bad one.

    Im a fan of both TOS and the reimagined series. I even like aspects of the very short lived BSG 1980(which, by the way had a cylon in a 2 part episode that looked human).

    Granted both series follow the original plot of the 12 colonies of man being destroyed by the Cylons. Other then that, I tend to see both as 2 totally different series independant of one another. Not spinoffs or what have you, but just two different shows.

    Granted, if I were to compare namesake characters I, of course have my favorites. I loved Lorne Green as a “fatherly” guide of the fleet and it fit for that show. Edward James Olmos I think played the role of a strong cool headed military leader that unlike “Legends” occasionally showed a very “human” side to himself which I also liked. I loved Richard Hatch as Apollo but I also loved him as Tom Zarek. Dirk Benedict fit the playboy viper jock roll for 1978. Then again I also think Katie Sackoff was incredible playing a Starbuck I considered a new character entirely and I loved her portrayal.

    The list goes on. What it all boils down to is I really love both shows and I’m just thankful for their creation.

  • Raygun

    I disagree with those of you that say that the remake was a sham and was something for us “illiterate” Sci Fi fans. I remember the first one quite well. It was the reason I avoided Ron Moore’s work. I saw a DVD of the miniseries in video store one rainy summer day and thought I’d gamble 4 bucks, since it was such a cheese fest the first time around. 5 days later I was scouring the internet for peaks to season 3.

    The new one was well written, well shot, and well acted. The series won a Peabody, a Hugo, numerous Emmys, as well as some Saturn awards.

    If you are still ticked that the show was successful, it’s because you are stuck on the original and God forbid anyone revisit a good idea and turn it into something that actually made sense.

    It portrayed the military realistically and forced us to re-examine “things we used to accept without thinking.”

    So if they make a feature film that is not based on the series, I am pretty sure I won’t be going to see it. But those of you that hated Ron Moore and David Eick can go and enjoy yourselves. Maybe when you get your pound of flesh, you’ll stop whining.

  • Reddragon

    Starbuck in the original was great. It is so sad that ABC canceled this show so they could put a cheap Mork and Mindy on

  • Nkloud

    The new one had its high points as did the old one. The new one I’m sorry, but cgi can never look as real as models because it isn’t real, there’s nothing physical there and anyone with an eye can feel that there’s something missing. Sure, cgi makes things flashier and fast-paced and all that jazz, but if I can’t feel it, it’s just not the same. Granted, the effects in the new one were great but I prefer the old characters, the old Vipers, Raiders, and Battlestars to the new ones. I also liked the hope aspect of the old one whereas the new one mostly revolves around doom and gloom. And what’s the deal with changing the story-line from alien-created machines to, “Hi, we’re remaking BSG and ripping off Terminator, SCORE”? They completely destroyed most of the characters, Adama becomes a war-mongering, blithering idiot as opposed to a steadfast morally-guided leader, Apollo goes from the show hero to a pile of crap that cheats on his wife every chance he gets, Baltar instead of being a maniacal self-centered devious villain becomes a whiney little pencil-pushing weasel that fears everything, Commander Cain…ok seriously, a Pattonesque Lloyd Bridges who cares about his ship and all his men becoming a psychotic killer lesbian that’s sleeping with a cylon and will kill a member of her own crew at the drop of a cubit? And then Starbuck, do I really need to delve into that? I admit, I liked quite a few of the new characters on the new series, Geyta (however it’s spelled), Chief Tyrol, even though I like the old Tigh better I thought they did a good job with the new Tigh, they just bastardized alot of the old characters and stamped “re-imagined” on it. Alot of the new episodes were more in depth that’s true and I liked alot of them as well as the last episode, it was a decent close to the saga, but Universal rushed the original into production and it’s a wonder they were able to make each episode look as good as they did. I’m not going to sit here and call people names or run people down, to each their own opinions are like crapholes, everyone’s got one. The thing is, you people who like the new one, you have your series, 5 seasons and some movies. Shouldn’t we be allowed to have closure or a continuation of ours? I just hope Richard Hatch and Dirk Bennedict…if possible Herbert Jefferson Jr. are going to be in it, without them old Battlestar will not be the same.

  • Rand

    If we do get our movie we’ll probably also get a new cast of actors. THis would be fine as long as they get the genders right this time. Mainly, STARBUCK AND BOOMER ARE MEN. I would also love to see all the surviving original cast members in real supporting roles and not just cameos.

    I also know that the original Galactica model used in the series has been restored to its original splendor and is ready to be used again.

  • Tom Bryant

    Heaven knows I love a good “tempest in a teapot”, folks but this is ridiculous!

    Both the old series and the new have their good and bad points. On the old series there was a mythic quality that the new series missed entirely. So what if some of the dialogue was delivered Cecil B DeMille-style, that sense of myth was a great thing. However, the studio execs who overrode the script decisions of the producers knew nothing about SF, and it showed! Basically they said “Because we’re paying a million dollars an episode WE get to say what scripts are used instead of the people who know SF, so here is an old copy of the Guns of Navarrone – adapt it for the show.”

    The new series, far from being a soap opera, introduced the idea of hyper-realism to SF television. People who underwent a holocaust like the nuclear destruction of a planet aren’t going to be too lighthearted, and they are going to have every human frailty exposed like raw nerves. That was a GREAT improvement over the original. But making the Cylons humanoid was a mistake – one they tried to salvage by making their efforts much like those of a suicide bomber today (thus making it relevant to a modern audience), but ultimately it doesn’t work as effectively as a villian – the menace is mittigated because if they look like us, the thought goes, perhaps they think like us and we can reason with them. What is scary about diplomacy? (except in this current administration – lol! I couldn’t resist!) And the new ship design really sucked.

    A new movie based on the original series could work, as long as they got rid of the worst elements of the old series and kept the best. I fear they will turn it campy because, as a general rule, those producers in Hollywood that adapt old show and update movies, while they may remember their love for the material, tend to become embarrassed among themselves that they liked “this stuff” and camp is their way of saving face with their peers – see Jackson’s remake of King Kong for proof.