Universal Developing Battlestar Galactica Movie

Alright I know what you’re thinking… the final episodes of Battlestar Galactica are about to air on the Sci Fi Channel, and they’re already preparing to spin it off into a feature film franchise. Well, although there is another direct-to-DVD movie planned for sometime after the series finale, they’re not about to bring the re-imagined version to the big screen. What is apparently coming to the big screen, however, is a Battlestar Galactica movie based on the original 1978 series instead!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal Pictures are in talks with Glen A. Larson, creator of the original Battlestar, to write and produce a new movie based on his original concept. It will not be connected in any way to the Sci Fi Channel series, although characters like Adama, Starbuck, and Baltar will remain (Starbuck likely being a man again this time). Larson is the same man responsible for such classic shows as Magnum P.I., The Fall Guy and Knight Rider, but his own recent attempts to bring Knight Rider to the big screen have been stymied by the new NBC remake.

So why bring out a BSG movie based on the original series now? Wasn’t the whole point of the new series that they re-invented it for today’s audience? I think the only way I’d be interested is if they kept it campy and played on old school nostalgia, similar to what they were talking about doing for the Buck Rogers movie. Do you think this idea has potential? Does anyone actually want to see a new old Battlestar Galactica movie?

  • Tom Bryant

    And besides, this isn’t THAT important an argument if you think about it… Its not like its “Joel or Mike” or something!

  • Sword1

    Both the old & the new series were equally silly in their own inimitable ways. The original series was 70’s TV junk; the new series was 00’s TV junk.

    The old series had an annoying cutesy kid and his annoying cutesy robotic dog. And as we all know: every real-world military unit that’s about to embark upon an extremely dangerous, vitally-important mission always drags a hapless 7-year-old along with them.

    To spice things up, the new series gave us the gift of “Centerfold Cylons.” Along with a female Starbuck (Stardoe?) and a female Boomer (Boomette?). And, of course — the new series was completely filled to overflowing with that absolute necessity for ALL ‘modern’ SciFi (SyFy?) television shows that expect to be taken seriously by a self-spproving Modern Audience: Deeper Meaning For Us All. “Deeper Meaning” which is to Real Life what Star Trek technobabble is to Real Science (only worse)……Deeper Prattle recited in whispering tones, with down-turned eyes, before the unblinking eye of the digital camera. As everyone knows: words which are spoken in Whispering Tones are always based upon *Depths of Understanding* and *Inner Truths* that mere mortals can never possibly aspire to grasp, other than perhaps as a fleeting glimmer — but we are supposed to nod our heads sagely at the running font of Politically Correct SyFy wisdom on display before our collective(ist) awe-struck HDTV vision……

    The original BSG series at least had the advantage of being Original Junk. And the original series wasn’t so painfully self-consciously aware of its own built-in PC-ism. Those little — but critcal — differences are STRONG points in favor of the 1978 version of the show…..*STRONG* points. The first BSG had real potential, story-wise — sadly. Too bad that they added the Kid & His Dog to the plot line, and thereby brought utter ruin to the story by turning the series into a live-action Saturday morning cartoon, not very unlike in saccharin quality from the recent spate of “Star Wars” movies. “The Kid & His Dog” being a general, catch-all phrase that means more than just…..a kid & his dog. It’s emblematic of the entire approach that the writers of the original BSG took to the series. Much like Wesley was also emblematic of the writer’s entire approach to Star Trek TNG.

    The new version of BSG wasn’t even Original Junk, concept-wise. But sure: if you are politically liberal, and if you were raised on a steady diet of Political Correctness along with your mother’s milk — then you’ll probably like the new BSG series. It’s sufficiently feminized to please a group of freshman students at Berkley. And it’s filled with self-doubt, too. Which gives cause for ‘self-reflection’. Which — in turn — is an excuse for self-preoccupation. *shrug* But, yeah: the new BSG is a show designed for a Modern Audience. And a Modern Audience likes nothing better than to have its own biases confirmed for itself in imaginative movie fictional form —– which, of course, is precisely what a Modern Audience accuses older movies / TV shows of doing. Only its an old message that they no longer wish to hear: having moved on into far more serious (….*snort*…..) forms of self-indulgent SciFi (SyFy). Where “character development” is much better characterized as “bad/boring soap opera”.

    Nope — no pure-entertainment flashy explosions or ray-guns here. Just sappy episodes of Oprah In Space: mistaken for Deep Thinking. But what to do when reality catches up — and the facade starts to come off of the fantasy? As is currently starting to happen with the real, live Oprah…….?

    A new BSG movie? Well……if you feel that you absolutely MUST do it for some strange reason: then definitely go with the slightly better 1978 model, please.

    The newer BSG model is a good metaphor for its times: with the understanding that is NOT a compliment.

    And in spite of the current era’s exalted opinion of itself (better & more enlightened than ALL that ever went before it!): we are living in some of the most uncertain, violent, and potentially violent times that history has ever known. A little clarity of purpose & moral-foundation certitude might be just the ticket for obtaining some balance in our — *cough* *cough* “serious” Fantasy/SciFi. If pop culture movie art is supposed to be taken as an antidote to real-world cultural/social poisons, that is…….

    No: Starbuck is *not* a woman.

    @Tom Bryant: Without doubt, Joel vs. Mike is one of the Great Issues Of Our Time. But nowadays, if there’s ever to be an attempt at a remake of MST3K — although they’ll probably ‘improve’ the show by calling it “MST4K”: it’ll have to be either Joelina or Michelle in the top role. It’s a requirement of the Modern Audience.

    And it’s also why no one will watch it.

  • mattyro

    I just saw an episode of BSG TOS where some human/cylon lands on earth and has a centurion with him. they both hitch a ride and we have to believe that an alien superrobot is pasing himself off as a halloween costume. WHAT A HORRIBLE SHOW!!1 NOT TO MENTION THAT LITTLE KID WITH THE PET ANIMAL(was it a dog?) i dont know how many ways a show can suck, but the original BSG cornered the market on sucking. BTW , I love the new series.

  • Alex Andersson

    What is so unusual about this news? This movie was supposed to have been produced and released in 2002, but production was halted due to the September 11 attacks in New York City. Brian Singer and Tom DeSanto had advanced production to building entire sets, full-scale Colonial Vipers, costumes, pre-production special effects, casting (many of the original actors) and it was to be a full-scale continuation of the original television series, though set 20 years forward in time.

    As far as I can tell… I would say that Brian Singer is going to have both DeSanto and Larson on board for this project and all indications are showing a return to the original cast and a possible progression to a new television series.

    Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, Jane Seymour, Herb Jefferson and a handful of others are keen on being involved.

  • Alex Andersson

    I would also LOVE to see a fully remastered re-release of the original series with redone special effects, updated shots, backgrounds and lasers, etc. I am sure it could be done on a reasonable budget and in such a way as to seamlessly blend in with the original footage, as well as adding that touch of ‘grittiness’ and realism that you find in more recent productions.

    I hold the same vision as Richard Hatch on this and I think an updated version of the original would lend itself to a continuation in one form or another. With remastered music and titles, new life could be breathed into a series that held so much potential.

    At least it wouldn’t look so ‘dated’ and ‘cheesy’!

  • Steph

    I liked the new BSG until the last 45 minutes of the finale. Then the whole thing took a nose dive finally crashing and burning into a crumbled Deus ex machina mess. lol Oh well…

    I’m really looking forward to a big budget TOS BSG movie coming out. I hope a lot of the original cast is involved somehow. I’ll just have to cross my fingers that there isn’t any flying into the sun or dancing robot montages involved.

  • ssnake

    I liked the original series, and liked the new series. I just like any good sci-fi. A well written and well acted new BSG movie is something that I could enjoy, as long as they get a decent director. I heard the guy who directed Superman Returns might direct, but since I didn’t like Superman Returns (boring, uninteresting, no action), I am concerned.

    We’ll also need some decent action and space battles. It’s my opinion that the original BSG story of where the Cylons came from was better and that they should remain more artificial looking (only not quite as clunky as the originals). But I understand the limits of TV and didn’t fault the new BSG series too much for that.

  • I look forward to seeing this new BSG movie.

    I am sick of Ron Moore and all his whining. Instead of combing his greasy hair all day complaining about Sci Fi. Why doesn’t this fucking jack off make his OWN ORIGINAL series? More Remakes? Please. This guy doesn’t have an original idea to save his pathetic life. No wonder his partner left him last year making him even more bitter to the world.

    A Blob remake? Come on!

    Ron Moore…your a fucking jackoff!

  • People didn’t like Superman Returns as much because they tried to give you a story and not 2hours of action shots.

    People who had problems with it are just morons.
    Much like todays viewing audience.

  • All TV shows look dates. So nagging about how BSG looked cheesy makes you look like a fucking moron.

    Mark and Harrisons hair in Star Wars dates the film.

    Get over youself douchebag!

  • The ONLY reason why MooreRon made Starbuck a woman was to piss off his former b.f who liked the original show after they broke up. When asked at the SanDiego Comic Con back in 2008 he mentions that he was and I quote “Going through a lot of things during that time personally and professionally. I was fired from Star Trek and had burned a few bridges there. As things usually come in threes I had a few personal problems which I believe worked itself out into my writing of BSG”.

  • Stephanie

    I am watching the old original 1978 series here on my laptop, and I’ve never seen it before. I think it’s SPECTACULAR! I also like watching the original Star Trek series. So phoeey on all you people who think old can’t still be good. I never saw the 2004 remake TV series with the women leads, but from all the comments above, I gotta say, that series sounds awful. I love seeing up to date technologies and new sci fi films, but if you don’t have a great story line, you’re wasting your time. From what I’m reading here, teh 2004 series doesn’t seem to have much of a story, but I’ll have to see the reruns somewhere and find out for myself. In the meantime, I am REALLY loving this 1978 series. Nothing wrong with watching some oldies but goodies. And the third episode, with the casino guests wrapped up in the beehive, that always reminds me of the song Hotel California, you can check in but you can never leave! What happened to the original movie that came out, before this 1978 tv series, when was THAT movie, anyone know? If a new movie comes out, I’ll go to see it happily!

  • raygun

    So it looks like there are basically two camps, here. We have the folks who are fans of TOS and folks who are fans of TRS. There’s also a third group that is BITTER and would like nothing less than Ron Moore’s head on a platter.

    Well before you howl for Ron Moore to be drawn and quartered, try to remember that there were a few other people involved here. The biggest culprit would be the folks at Universal, who kept rejecting Richard Hatch, as well as Fox, who pulled the plug on the Singer/ DeSanto project. And let’s not forget that Singer abandoned the 2002 movie to go work on X-Men.

    Should you be upset at Ron Moore? Hey, if you want to waste energy and let the guy rent space in your brain, that’s up to you.

    But, if you bothered to read some of the stuff he wrote relating to this whole thing, he didi say that he himself was a fan andd he understands being dedicated to a fictional world.

    And if Richard Hatch can be big enough to stand up in a room full of people and tell Moore that he admired him for his courage and vision, why can’t you? And the part everyone seems to love to forget is that it was the STUDIO’s decision to re-imagine the series and that was not Ron’s fault. Don’t believe me? Read for yourself:


  • Andrew Roberts

    Yay…about time!!!!
    they say, original is best!
    I agree. Glen A Larson brought TV into the 80s with an absolute wollop!!
    I can’t wait to see the re-make. Bring back the old cylons…not the lifeless pieces of crap in the new series.
    Keep us posted PLEASE!!!

  • Karllen

    As a fan of the original BSG I would love to see a movie that was closer to the original storyline.

    The older Galactica is still a better looking ship in my opinion. The new series had some great ideas, awesome special effects and good acting, however some of the twists in storyline and characters were not for me, mind you niether was the last season of the original.

    Whatever happens I hope the film goes ahead and has both a great script and director that is able to get a balance for both the original and the new fans.


    The new re-fined version of BSG is just plain BS. I watched it with great promise first time around, I was so board. Cylons use to look human, and some of them are mixed with humans, were have I seen this before, oh yeah, TERMINATOR!. Then its who is sleeping with who and their hard ship of whoas, were Have I seen this? oh yeah…EVERY FRICKEN TV SHOW! The New genaration of TV is just crap, and the new BSg is the same as they all are, crap. Had you ever saw the orignal series? the entire crew wore UNIFORMS giving it a PLAUSABLE military look. And used a emblem that dose not resemble the Rebels emblem in Star Wars. Matter in fact, the ships in the new BSg look like left over reject ships from Star Wars. The cylons look to be a cross of a George Lucas reject version of Genral Greives and the liquid terminator. when the old BSG came out it was a STORY! A real STORY, of man’s survivle aginst the Cylon Empire. Cylons were never human LOOKING. They felt man was a Thret to their race, this was even the reason for the WAR! Every episode there was something always happening. In the new version of BSg, it to has something happening. Never anything to do with the story. But the chicks are hot, but then again, EVERY TV SHOW HAS IT. Who is sleeping with Who, who is togeather and who is not, the make shift sex scean. Yeah this is NeW…NOT!.. I am for the movie as long as it is based on the exciting adventures of the war of man verses the machine of the OLD tv series, the orignal. Were the Cylon’s say “Thease humans are fragile and easily damaged.” and Starbuck says ” at lest we don’t rust!” were they hang on for dear life in the ship to ship fighter conflicts, to when even the Battle Star herself is engadged with a Cylon Battle ship. Anyone who remembers this will agree. There was so much going on. Even the Warrior had real barracks like they should. Even looked like em. had everything in place like you expect to see for a squadern. Uniforms poker playing and falling into ranks. Not privet rooms like found on Star Trek. If this movie is going to be based on the orginal BSG and not the new BSg. I am all for it. I just hope he dosen’t get lost with the 3-d thing. That is another old batch of laundry. Any how the best part is, the old BSG was popular back in the day, and lasted as being popular well out of the 1979 as all the way leading to this new BSg. And I am sure there are many who liked the orginal BSG since back then untill now and did not care for the new BSg at all. cause you can not take a good TV show, make a crap show, stamp and sell it as the same as the old but better.

  • Stardama69

    You dumb asses. Enough with trashing new BSG. It’s the best TV serie ever made, way above TOS in EVERY aspect including characters. WHY is everyone complaining about the lack of lasers, tech, etc… in new BSG ?? it’s called realistic sci-fi dudes and it’s original while you have TONS of sci fi series featuring energy guns AND AND AND aliens !!!! what a refreshing idea to make the Cylons look feel human instead, to make weapons shoot bullets and doors not sliding and the like !! don’t you just understand that ? you seem to want it clichee, moralist, cheesy, funny… Why hating variety ? Last point : Kara Thrace IS Starbuck. She’s awesome, the one from now on linked with the nickname. No comparison with the old macho space hero, there’s a entire galaxy between them.

  • I waited for 2 years to see the original pilot at the Empire cinema in London in 1979 and in ‘sensurround’ too and loved every minute. It was the most exciting film I had ever seen. The theme tune was great, exciting SFX and brilliant spaceship designs(care of John ‘Star Wars’ Dykstra),a great cast, and the scary robot race of the Cylons. These elements in my opinion made for great potential. However, after the pilots were made, the series just looked rushed – hence the stories were unimaginative, and the SFX became repeated and were of poor quality. I imagine that the budget even though it was $1million dollars per episode, was not enough and brought the show down (hence it’s cancellation). Now when the NEW 2004 series aired, I was hoping this new show would be the greatest 1 hour long extravaganza EVER. The music was eerie, the SFX, although superior to the original were like a silent movies. Can’t make up my mind what Galactica design I like the best. The Cylon basestar is better, but hate the Cylon fighters, as they look like a streamlined ferengi ship from ST:TNG. The stories however were better than the originals, BUT and there is a BIG – BUT, I was waiting for something exciting to happen and it rarely ever did. I don’t know why the producers had human cylon’s when the metallic one’s were really scary. The original was a great formula, Ron Moore and his gang had a chance there to really open the doors and produce great sci-fi = humans battling machines. Now if they are making a New film based on the original format, then ‘Good Luck’ to them, we deserve it.