Film Junk Pre-Oscar Podcast and Live Chat This Sunday @ 6:30 pm EST

Hey everyone, as you may know, the 81st Annual Academy Awards will take place this Sunday, Feb. 22nd at 8 pm EST. Regardless of whether or not you plan on tuning in for the ceremony itself, we’d like to invite you to join us for our special pre-Oscar podcast and live chat beforehand, starting at 6:30 pm EST! We will be going through our usual podcast routine, in addition to discussing our Oscar picks and predictions, and responding to plenty of your Junk Mail and live questions. Once the Oscars start, we’ll leave the chat room open and continue to comment on the proceedings from there.

With any luck we will be joined by Reed Farrington and possibly some other special guests as well. As usual, the show will be broadcast live via Ustream, so make sure you sign up for an account if you want to participate in the chat room. Even if you’re not a big fan of the Oscars, this is a night when movie fans come together to talk about their favourite flicks. Clearly you don’t want to miss out on the party. Hope to see you there!

P.S. Send all your Junk Mail questions to

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  • Awesome. I hope my memory won’t fail. If it doesn’t, then I’ll definetly log on and spread some wisdom.

  • AdamH

    Damn! i believe i will still be in class :(

    And to answer your twitter Sean about Locke being ‘Jedified’ I got that impression too! :)

  • AdamH

    Oh and a forum and/ or a message board would be great!