Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Trailer

Well, here it is, the new Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen trailer that was attached to Friday the 13th over the weekend. I have to admit, I like this better than the Super Bowl spot (maybe because it’s a little easier to process what’s going on), and it certainly plays well on the big screen. At least 75% of what makes it cool is the sound design though.

I’m doing my best to keep an open mind about this movie. I think the actual battle scenes were the worst part of the first one, and it appears that they may be trying to make them a little less chaotic this time. Either way, 90 minutes of giant robots destroying bridges and buildings isn’t enough for me… I need something in between the destruction, and we still don’t know what that’s going to be. What do you think, does this trailer have everything you were hoping for? Transformers 2 hits theatres on June 24th and I’m pretty sure it’s going to make A LOT of money.

  • hooray. pearl harbor with robots.

  • Goon

    if the reviews pan out around the same as the first I will not see this movie. The reviews would have to considerably better, much much better, to trick me into giving it a chance. The first one is so bad that its just a non-starter, they have too much to make up for and too many people kissed the first movies ass for them to have learned from its zillion mistakes. I have no faith in it.

    I wouldnt even rush to catch it on DVD, even if to just be a prick and say “i told you so”

  • Captain N

    Im just not going to see it. Im not going to watch trailers on it. Im not going to watch TV spots on it. Im just going to not have anything to do with this movie.

  • Fuck it, bring it on!! You guys just go on watching your
    highbrow arthouse bore-fest movies, I have no problems with this thing at all, looks like good clean fun!!

  • Emperor Fabulous

    As a total G1 fanatic, and child of that golden era of cartoon magic, I cannot wait. Bert does have a point, but so does Sean. If they *have* managed to incorporate a decent plot supported by a solid script and some good, worthwhile human scenes in-between the Autbot v Deception madness, then good for them. If not, then it’ll just be a couple of hours of mindless CGI fanwankery. Anyone going to see this film when it is released knows exactly what they are paying for, and shouldn’t bitch off when they realise it is not a highbrow masterpiece.

  • Looks like a remake.

  • Bob The Slob

    honestly, I will pay to see it due to the shock of Bay getting permission to film on the pyramids…you know those things are going to get blown to shit in the reality of the movie…and I really hated the first one.

  • Hannes

    I’ve never seen so many explosions in one trailer

  • Mason

    Yeaaaaaah…I’m gonna need some plot. Not worth my time or money. Looks like a great video game though.

  • twililghtfox

    coming to a theater near you this summer: MICHAEL BAY ‘SPLOSION!

  • Nuno

    Why the hell is John Turturro returning for this one? Poor, poor bastard.

  • Honestly… I’m going just to see buildings in Philadelphia ‘splode (hopefully!). They shot right around the corner from us this summer. I didn’t have time to work on it though. :(

  • in defense of us transformers haters, i don’t think the complaint is that the movie wasn’t “highbrow” enough for us “arthouse” freaks (which clearly sean, greg and jay are–big time). it’s simply that the movie was utterly joyless, senseless and visually sloppy. and boring. and i couldn’t tell you what had just happened after i had watched it.

    i love a good mainstream action flick. i watch more of them than i do arthouse flicks. believe me or no. but i expect the producers of a mainstream flick to spend as much time working on a gripping plot and thoughtful visuals as they do making sure the sweet new chevy sports cars get enough screen time and all the veins and ridges and sweat beads and blinks are thrown into the CGI robots or spidermen or hobbits or shreks or whatever the fuck it is.

  • Hmmm…Looks alright I guess. But the shot where the Beef is pinned on the ground is taken right out of the first one, looks like it could even be a clip from the original.

  • I honestly cannot figure out how the hell anyone in their right mind could have possibly enjoyed the first Transformers movie. I mean, I love explosions and Megan Fox’s ass as much as the next guy, but I’m with Sean: some actual plot would be nice in between giant robots beating the shit out of each other for 20 minutes. The strangest thing is that the fan frenzy for this film is absolutely nuts. Am I the only nerd who loathed Transformers? To quote the great Mugatu: “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!”

  • Mike

    If you take the spiked dildos out of your asses you just might understand that why people enjoy this movie is because its a light-hearted, emotion-stirring, entertaining movie. While many of you would certainly disagree, the numbers speak the truth. Looking outside the rigid box in which you haters dwell, our current global context doesn’t make the average person want to sing “I Feel Pretty,” off of “West Side Story.” This movie (and many others like it) provides an escape, and makes people feel good. Good for them. Theres no need to irrationally (though you try to frame it is rational) slander this movie. It’s a good movie. Not an oscar winner (though it did win for best graphics), but a good movie.

  • chris

    I agree with mike.this is meant to be a movie that makes you say “wow”,”i never thought i would see the day”.I was and still am a big transformers fan and could’nt believe my eyes when i seen this shit brought to life….it’s not all about a story and blah, blah,blah,…its about sitting back and enjoying your favorite characters come to life and the action that comes with it…..i think there was plenty story in the first one to kick things off.