The Taking of Pelham 123 Remake Trailer Starring Denzel Washington

Alright, here we go… the trailer for Tony Scott’s remake of The Taking of Pelham 123 has just hit the web, and hey guess what… it looks like a Tony Scott film! Although the trailer does seem overly flashy at first, it eventually settles into what looks to be a taut and exciting remake of a classic crime thriller. Basically it’s Denzel and Travolta going head to head over a walkie-talkie. That may not as good a rivalry as, say Denzel vs Russell Crowe, Clive Owen or Gene Hackman, but still, this is the kind of role he always has a lot of fun with. I couldn’t help but laugh at the line where Denzel’s wife asks him to pick up milk on the way home… classic! Check out the trailer below or watch it in HD over at Yahoo!. What do you think, will it give the original a run for its money? The Taking of Pelham 123 opens on June 12th.

  • Ian

    Really? Oh and Tony Scott too no kiddin’? It just looks like a bad action movie. The original was better. I don’t have a problem with it just kind of sad that everything that’s being remade has to go so over the top and all but maybe that’s just Tony Scott.