Steve Oedekerk to Write Stretch Armstrong Superhero Comedy

Apparently it’s not just board games that Hasbro wants to turn into movies… now they’re looking at their old toy properties and trying to find something that might stick. This week it was announced that they’re developing a movie based on the popular toy Stretch Armstrong (the flexible, gel-filled action figure that could be pulled to nearly four feet). Of course, when I say “popular”, I mean popular back in the ’70s — do kids nowadays actually know what this is? Apparently the toy was re-issued back in the 1990 along with a dog sidekick named Fetch Armstrong and an evil brother named Evil X-ray Wretch Armstrong.

Clearly the movie is being tackled as a comedy, but the bad news is that the man they’ve hired to write the script is Steve Oedekerk. Not to be confused with Bob Odenkirk of Mr. Show fame, Oedekerk is the guy behind such questionable flicks as Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, Barnyard, and the Thumb Wars series of shorts. He also did Bruce Almighty, which I know some people liked. What are the odds this will be a starring vehicle for Jim Carrey? Considering his rubbery face, it might make sense. Either way, this seems like a strange flick that will likely be dismissed as an attempt to merely relaunch the toy line again. But could it be Universal’s response to the reported Wachowski Brothers Plastic Man movie?

  • Racicot

    Bad news?


    Steve Oedekerk means Jim Carrey – they’re best buds.

  • So nothing in the works for a second Kung Pow!?

  • Sean

    Actually I think the article said he was working on Kung Pow 2 but put it on hold for this.

  • Ya, because there was a rumour it was happening….I don’t know why he’s been putting it off for this long.

  • He also wrote and starred in the movie High Strung, which was very good. This is a silly idea, and so he could do it as well as anyone else.