Heath Ledger Fans Want The Joker Retired from Film… FOREVER

Oh those crazy Dark Knight fans… they’re always up to something. If they’re not busy petitioning for Oscar nominations, they’re trying to get Heath Ledger immortalized as the final version of The Joker ever to grace the screen. Seriously. A group of hardcore Ledger supporters have formed a website called The Ultimate Joker, which is trying to gather signatures to convince Warner Brothers to withdraw The Joker character from any and all future productions. They think no one will ever surpass his performance, and consequently, no one should even try.

“We are Batman fans from the comics and from the movies. After we saw The Dark Knight, we thought this Joker was really the best. It deserves to be withdrawn from any Batman sequels… When Michael Jordan retired, they withdrew the number 23 jersey as an honor. It’s the same thing with Heath.”

I really doubt anyone would even want to step into Ledger’s shoes in the immediate future, but there have been rumours that The Joker might crop up in a sequel to The Dark Knight, or also in David Goyer’s Super Max, a movie about a prison break from a facility that holds DC’s most famous supervillains. Either way, I don’t see this as a good enough reason to permanently retire The Joker. How would someone else playing the character take away from Ledger’s performance? It wouldn’t. And why close to the door to the possibility, no matter how remote, that someone could actually do a better job? Movies aren’t like sports. Ultimately there are no finite winners and losers, just a lot of people’s opinions on them.

  • Liz

    I don’t think the issue is that someone could do a better job so much as the idea that no one possibly could so what’s the point in trying? I can’t imagine anyone else would want to play the Joker after that either, but then again weren’t people saying the same thing when they first announced the Joker as the villain for TDK and people thought no one could top Jack Nicholson?

  • Bob The Slob

    Seriously? Ok…I think The Dark Knight DVD should have come with a BATtery-powered-vagina, so all the fanboys could pound and jackhammer their love and energy directly into the film instead of releasing it into the public with stupid campaigns like this…

    If this kind of shit actually worked…we all of us who care about keeping the integrity of past films not have stopped almost every shitty remake by now?

  • Matt

    These people are scary. Weirdly enough they remind me of the Sons of Batman from The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel by Frank Miller. I get it. These people are fans of Batmen, but there is no reason to get fanatical here. Just enjoy the movie and STFU. It’s not like after Michael Jordan stopped playing people stopped playing basketball. No people kept playing and trying to get even better. What’s so wrong about that? And guess what? There’s this guy there in Cleveland who also wears 23. Maybe you’ve heard about him. LeBron James. He may not be as great as Jordan (yet) but he’s getting there.
    Damn it, these stupid nerds got me talking about Basketball.
    Yes, Ledger did a fantastic job. The point is that it would nonetheless be interesting to se other actors portray the joker. What about Daniel Day Lewis, or Johnny Depp? Or another director’s interpretation of the Joker? As long as it’s not Joel Schumacher or Micheal Bay, I’m all for it. Maybe not now, but down the line.
    Although David Goyer’s Super Max certainly sounds like a cash-in sort of deal.

  • TheAllKnowingGod

    Most of these Ledger fans were not fans before he died.

  • Bob The Slob

    once again…3 words…BATtery-powered-vagina

  • Captain N

    I’ll play the Joker in Batman 3. I need the work. I’ll work for cheap even.

  • Bosha1992

    Seriously these people are crazy!
    I have been a Heath Ledger fan since his appearance in a Knight’s Tale. Heath did an Oscar worthy job on his role as the Joker but it doesn’t mean nobody else can play the Joker. I for one reccomend Daniel Day-Lewis for The Dark Knight Sequel (hopefully named The Dark Knight Returns). He for one is an excellent actor and would carry a performance like that of Heath Ledger (who I am sure would like Daniel to play the Joker)

  • This is so ghey. Heath Ledger was good and all, but it was just one role, in one movie. I would not mind seeing someone else play joker in the future one little bit.

  • jay

    like Jon Rocks just said,,,,,, come on man this is so dumb the joker was around befor Heath played him so why in the fuck should he be the last yes he did a good job but i look at the BATMAN last night and sorry i still think Jack nicholson take on him was better.

    yeah thats right i said it ,,, yes HEATH take on him is cool if you wanted a real kind of take on the joker..

    Nicholson’s take on him may of been more goofy to some but he had his dark side too and that too me is why his still the best one in my eyes ,, the part when his danceing around shotting the man in the chair made me cry lol…

    come to think of it the way joker was killing people in the 80s movie one was more darker than last years was…

  • swarez

    I think they are right. This Joker should be buried as soon as possible so finally be rid of all of these fucking ball bags who think they are cool dressing up as him and quoting his lines like there’s no tomorrow. Shit is getting on my nerves.

  • Aries

    We should’t retire the joker, but we should keep him buried for a few years. I mean i don’t see the harm about having another joker. I mean what if they would have said that about Jack Nicholson’s joker, then we would’t of had Heath. I mean i’ve been a fan of Heath’s since he starred in 10 things i hate about you and yes he deserves an osacar. But the joker was here a long time befor heath, so he shouldn’t be the last one to play the character. If there is an actor who could play the role it should be Daniel Day Lewis. He’s acted with Heath before and i believe he knows how to bring the joker back to life just like Heath and i don’t think heath would mind. So the joker should’t retire, but just take a vactaion for a few years, maybe.

  • that’s funny, because i’d like to have dark knight fans retired from life … FOREVER.

  • what the hell? I love the movie but why do people always have to take stuff too far. I thought Ledger was great but to never have the Joker again would be the dumbest thing ever. If Nolan and company would have given into the original Joker fans we wouldn’t have had Ledger, so to say that the character should never be seen again is stupid…and incredibly short sighted. 99% of the time I hate being a quote and quote “fanboy” because of extreme reactions and stupidity that runs rampant.

  • Andrew

    To say Ledger should have the last stab at playing the Joker is absurd. Yes, he did a phenomenal job… but if someone can commit to the role with a fresh take on the character (like Jack and Heath did), why not give it a try? Keep in mind A LOT of people were VERY skeptical of Ledger until they saw his performance.

    However, that being said, I do NOT think they should bring the Joker back in Nolan’s Batman universe. Someone else would either just get criticized for doing a carbon-copy, or if he parted from Ledger’s take, he would get criticized for not honoring the role. And to be honest, I wouldn’t want to see either one. With a huge rogue’s gallery, if Nolan casted the right people, there would be no need to bring back the Joker. A fresh villain and fresh actor would mean a fresh movie… but if the Joker was brought back, it may be too similar to The Dark Knight, and there would be no “surprise factor,” since we’ve already seen Ledger’s maniacal creation in TDK.

    Also, anyone saying that Jack Nicholson was a better Joker is absurd… he was silly and hardly believable. All I saw was Jack Nicholson in a Joker costume. In TDK, I had to remind myself when the movie ended that the person behind the makeup was the same guy who played Ennis Del Mar! I can literally write a thesis as to why Ledger was better than Nicholson, but I’ll leave that issue alone, because bottom line is that I am a fan of BOTH. Lastly, why the hell is everyone all about Daniel Day Lewis as the Joker? Such a random choice in my opinion…. first, he’s too old to play Nolan’s Joker, and secondly, just because he’s a good character actor, does not automatically mean he’d make a good Joker… I just don’t see it. But I’m no casting director, so what the hell, maybe Day Lewis would be the bomb!

  • Colin L

    They sure did top Jack Nicholson’s joker. Its called, The batman animated series. The designers for the character and Mark Hamill’s voice made the most incredible joker and the coolest. The joker in the comic books like The Killing Joke is soo great looking. I hope they get someone to do another joker in the next batman movie if there is another movie. It surely doesn’t need to be heaths version, i would like to see a cooler and much more stylized version of the joker in a movie. Not that The joker Heath ledger was playing was bad or anything. It was really good.

  • Áurea Gontijo

    Concordo com os fans de Heath Ledger.O Joker deve se aposentar,deve desaparecer da franquia Batman.Ninguém,nenhum outro ator conseguirá superar a performance de Heath.O Joker deve morrer com o Heath.


    Eu sou brasileira.Aqui no Brazil, o Heath possui milhares de fans.

  • michael bliss

    yes i agree with all of you heath ledger is one of my favorite actors and he played the joker so well in his own vision and that was cool but unfortuneatly in batman movies the joker is the biggest role in the series and since tdk after all that he said like we’re destend to do this forever then it wouldnt make since in the next batman film…if the joker isnt recast in the next batman film it would leave a big WTF to some of the fans and to me