Cantankerous Episode #5: Living Below the Poverty Line

There’s not much to say to introduce this latest episode of Cantankerous except that Reed Farrington insisted we record it, even though we had absolutely no topics planned. It kind of ended up being about Reed’s current hermit-like existence and his claim that he is “living below the poverty line”… or something like that. Anyway, the good news is that we captured it all on video as well. I also finally set up a page for the Cantankerous podcast where you can view all the past episodes in one place. Take note: if you want Jay and Reed to record more episodes, all you have to do is e-mail Reed and say something nice. Enjoy!

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  • AdamH

    Great another cantankerous ep! I just re-listened to all the earlier episodes and loved the episode with Tom!

  • swarez

    Bah! Too short.

  • I agree, too short, but still a fun listen. Thanks Kasper for getting on Reed’s case! I found this episode to be a dark, disturbing look into life below the poverty line. I think i’m going to make a documentary about Mr. Gerry Eng, AKA Reed Farrington one day(yes Reed, I discovered your last name through countless hours of reading government files). The documentary would finally unravel the mystery behind the dark complex man we call “Reed Farrington”. It would be called “Like a 10 year old; The Reed Farrington Story”.

  • rus in chicago

    Here’s the deal, Reed wears a forehead cam for 1 month and Sean/Jay edit the best parts in to cantankerous episodes, Reed gets to appeal any super bad moments (i.e., masturbation). I pay $10 bucks to Reed. Should be no protest since that put him in beans for a whole year.

  • A better title actually would be “Makin Bacon: The Reed Farrington Story”.

  • Ha ha. I love reading your comments, guys. Man, don’t I have any female fans out there?

    Drew, thx a lot for revealing my secret identity! Now the witness relocation program will have to find me a new identity. :-) At least maybe I can stop wearing this ugly Chinese guy mask…

    As for your comment, swarez, that’s what she said. (Oh, is that not funny anymore?)

  • Mason

    I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, but what I heard was pure gold once again. I wouldn’t mind if Cantankerous was always shorter, as log as it was more frequent. The video wouldn’t play all the way through for me. It kept cutting out around the 12 minute mark. Why is the video version so much longer than the podcast version?

  • The video version is longer because Jay, Sean and I did some pantomime that Sean didn’t think would translate to audio. Or maybe Sean slowed down the video so that viewers wouldn’t be overwhelmed by my gesticulation. Seriously, I don’t know why, Mason. Sean will probably answer you.

    I’m afraid that too much of Cantankerous will ruin a good thing, not that I think Cantankerous is a good thing. I still think the people who praise Cantankerous are yanking my chain.

    If there’s anyone out there who thinks Cantankerous sucks, please let me know. I guess it’s unusual for someone to invite harsh criticism, but I think I need to be insulted in order to prove the naysayers wrong by recording more episodes of Cantankerous.

  • Mason

    I just listened to the rest of it. My new most anticipated film for 2009 is “Special Cantankerous Video Podcast: Casing the Joint”. Reed, it is nice that you are not full of yourself, but you may just be getting too self-deprecating for your own good. I think rather than start a blog, you could write a book. A good title might be “Cantankerous: How to Live Like a 10-Year-Old”. It would have a forward and/or sidebars by Jay and Sean.

  • Goon

    was a specific part cut out – where does the edited part (or parts) start/end?

    I want to see a tour of Reed’s house.

  • There was no editing actually, except to add music at the beginning and end in the MP3. I’m not sure why the video appears longer or cuts out… could have just been internet problems during the recording.

  • Goon

    so i dont get how the mp3 is 23 minutes but the video is over 40 minutes…

  • Goon

    It seems the video is the one with the problems.

  • Mason

    What were the songs used as intro/outro?

  • Perhaps “Makin’ bacon” is a euphemism for blarting?

  • Franco Micalizzi – The Puzzle
    Georges Rodi – Electronic Sounds
    Plone – Can’t Think

  • Goon

    For the record, I’ve heard of ‘makin bacon’ as a sexual euphanism before, mainly because someone used it on the Simpsons saying they were ‘makin bacon on the beach’, then Homer did an “oh yeah” like he understood, but in his head obviously he took it literally.

  • Thx for backing me up, Goon. We need to teach the sexually inexperienced hosts of Film Junk a thing or two.

    BTW, “pigs in a blanket” are wieners in a bun… no wait, that’s a hot dog. I’m still confused and too lazy to look it up on the Internet. I’ll probably end up on Jeopardy and under the food category, the $1000 answer will be “Pigs in a blanket.”

  • Paul Andrews

    “Pigs in a blanket” is where you wrap sausages with bacon and roast them; here in the UK at least.
    Thanks for the episode – always a pleasure to listen to a new Cantenkerous.

  • Mason

    Thanks Sean, I have made some iTunes purchases based on your intro/outro song selections. I’m putting the Plone song on my list.

  • Aww, Reed. I’m a female fan!

    Keep making episodes so that some day I can pen the biopic: “REED”.

    Just think how epic that would be…

  • BTW: Best Valentine’s present ever. Having a shitty turn of events this weekend, so this will definitely help things a smidge…

  • Sausage wrapped with bacon. Right. That makes sense. So I was making cows in a blanket. Wait. I was using chicken wieners. So that would be chickens in a blanket. Glad you cleared that up, Paul.

    Alright, I have one self-proclaimed female fan.

    Falsk, I don’t think my biopic would be epic. All you would need is one actor and one location. I wonder who in Hollywood could pull off Reed Farrington. I think they’d have to do a casting call in China for an unknown.

    Crap, we missed an opportunity to have a Cantankerous episode to discuss the meaning of love, or how to make love to a woman.

  • No you didn’t, the show is still running.

    Sausages are made from pigs by the way.

  • AdamH

    “Crap, we missed an opportunity to have a Cantankerous episode to discuss the meaning of love, or how to make love to a woman.”
    Excellent idea! Next time Greg goes to Montreal he can take you to the strip joint! Enjoy the Poontine Reed :)

  • Matt

    Reed should be played by Jackie Chan.

  • I come home from vacation and there’s a new Cantankerous, a dedicated one at that!

    Short, but great. You guys crack me up, keep up the excellent work, I am already looking forward to the next one :)

    It would be interesting to have an episode where instead of Sean guest-starring, it would be Greg. An episode where you and your arch nemesis have a chat about why Greg dislikes you so much? Could proove interesting, unless the feud is just a hoax to make the regular Podcast more humoerous (humourous?).

  • Oh, forgot to add this. Would absolutely love to see a tour of Reeds house! It sounds like quite the unusual place.

  • Episode 5 doesn’t seem to show up in the feed.

  • After thinking it over, my comedy hero, Rob Schneider should portray me with his offensive stereotypical Chinese accent. Maybe Adam Sandler could produce. He needs a comedy hit right about now. Mike Myers could probably imitate my mannerisms and speech pattern accurately, so he would be a good choice as well. In any case, Jay should audition for the part as well.

    Adam H, I use to go to strip clubs with friends and at bachelor parties. I always felt uncomfortable. Imagine Spock at a strip club. I’ve never had a lap dance. I think I creep out the strippers.

    Kasper, the animosity between Greg and myself does not really exist. I don’t know Greg all that well. We’ve never hung out by ourselves. Though I get the feeling that if Greg and I ever got to know each other, then we really would hate each other.

    Tip Tap Tip, I hope Sean fixes the feed. I have a need to be heard. Thx for reporting the problem.

  • Actually Episode 5 is there, but it’s listed out of order because I had the wrong date on the episode. Should be fixed shortly.

  • OK, just listened to this episode. Cantakerous is one of the funniest podcasts out there, period. It’s insane.

  • chris, thx for the endorsement. Don’t know what other podcasts you consider funny, but I’ll take your word for it.

    I’m wondering if we should have Mr. Doug Nagy on Cantankerous since he was such a big hit on the last Film Junk podcast. Maybe his profanity could add some street cred to Cantankerous. One of my many shortcomings is having an inability to curse. It would seem necessary to have swearing on a podcast called Cantankerous.

  • Mike

    Hey there,

    when will the new episode hit the web? Can’t wait anymore.

    Thanks & Greetings from Germany


  • John Locke

    Doug Nagy + Reed Farrington in one show = All kinds of awesome!

  • Hey Mike, I’m currently editing the new episode. Hope to have it up tomorrow.

  • Mike, glad to hear from someone in Germany! For some reason, Star Trek, David Hasselhoff, and Cantankerous are popular in Germany. Perfect timing for your e-mail, Mike, because we recorded a Cantankerous two weeks ago and it’s been sitting in the can (not using “can” as an euphemism for the toilet here, rather for film cannister in film speak) since then.

    John Locke, for a person who drops the f-bomb every fifth word he utters, Doug seems like a nice guy. Since I don’t swear at all, Doug and I might cancel each other out.