Jack Black and Anne Hathaway to Star in Stephen Chow’s Next Film?

Ever since Stephen Chow dropped out as the director on The Green Hornet, a lot of people have been wondering what his reason for leaving was. Although he cited “creative differences”, there have been rumblings about the entire production being in trouble. Whether or not those rumours are true remains to be seen, but this week we have learned about another Hollywood project that Chow is involved in that could likely have been a motivating factor in his departure.

According to China.org.cn, Chow is currently writing the screenplay for an untitled superhero comedy of his own that will star himself, Jack Black, and possibly Anne Hathaway! Chow’s spokesperson Wei Dasen had this to say: “It will be about a superhero, action-packed, special effects-rich, and of course funny.” There is speculation that the film will be similar in style to Kung Fu Hustle, which may limit its U.S. appeal, but will no doubt please many of Chow’s hardcore fans. Either way I am looking forward to seeing how Chow’s first major Hollywood flick is received. It’s about time he was given an opportunity to showcase his own unique brand of humour in multiplexes across North America. What do you think, can Stephen Chow breakthrough into the mainstream, and is Jack Black the man to help him do it? Was it wise for him to turn down The Green Hornet in order to do his own thing?

  • i for one always go to china.org.cn for my movie updates, so i trust that this story is accurate.