Tropic Thunder Writer Takes on Candy Land: The Movie

After the puzzling announcement of a Monopoly live action movie a few months back, it was also being reported that Hasbro hoped to develop movies based on a number of other board games as well. Well, this week it appears that they have followed through on that promise, as they will be teaming up with Universal to bring a Candy Land movie to fruition as well. Gum Drop Mountain here we come!

The interesting thing is that they’ve managed to attach a few names to the project that could possibly produce something worthwhile from this bizarre concept. Enchanted helmer Kevin Lima to will be directing the flick, from a script written by Etan Cohen (Tropic Thunder, Idiocracy). Crazy as it might sound, this could end up being the next Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A few months ago, Film Junk readers also happened to vote Candy Land as the board game they’d most like to see turned into a movie. Coincidence? Probably.