Top 10 Chick Flicks That Men Secretly Love

Those of us endowed with penises and oriented somewhere in the heterosexual spectrum are a proud and noble lot. We’re also surprisingly easy to please. Just give us a six pack, a Victoria Secret catalogue and reruns of The Dukes of Hazard and we’re as happy as pigs in shit (which incidentally, is what most straight men resemble without contact with the fairer sex). And while we men may bemoan the day when we’re forced to take our significant others to see horrible “chick flicks” such as the recently released He’s Just Not That Into You, the truth is we might actually be lying. Because here’s our darkest secret, ladies: deep down inside each and everyone us is a frightened little boy just waiting to break loose and blubber like an overly hormonal school girl. What I’m about to tell you could get me kicked out of manhood and forced to turn over my badge and testicles, but here are just a few movies that we men pretend to hate but secretly love with every fibre of our manly testosterone-driven beings…


10. Titanic (1997)

Sure, most guys will tell you that the only people who enjoy Titanic are menopausal house wives, Celine Dion fans and the mentally ill. The truth however, is that even the most red-blooded NASCAR-loving beer-guzzling alpha male secretly loves this movie. On the surface, we might claim it’s because the movie is directed by action-guru James Cameron, has a giant friggin’ boat being ripped in half AND features Kate Winslet’s face-melting rack (and mind you, this was before KW became contractually obligated to show her tits in every movie she appears in). The fact of the matter however, is that we REALLY love Titanic because it just happens to have one of the greatest onscreen romances of all time. Yes ladies, there are only two sure fire ways to make a man weep: kick him in the junk or make him watch the last ten minutes of Titanic.

9. Ghost (1990)

Before Demi Moore started dating that ass clown Ashton Kutcher, she cemented her place as a Hollywood hottie by starring in Ghost; a film which incidentally also appeals to 99% of the Earth’s male population. Of course, we men will claim we’ve watched it twenty-seven times because of the awesome supernatural elements (including crazy black demon things that steal people’s souls!) and the chance to watch a young Demi Moore in ass-hugging 80s tights. The truth however, is that we really love this movie because it’s just so goddamn romantic. It also explains why far too many of us become seriously aroused whenever someone mentions pottery wheels and “Unchained Melody” in the same sentence.

8. Mean Girls (2004)

On the surface Mean Girls looks like a double-threat to most self-respecting men. Not only is it a chick flick, but it’s a chick flick created for the teeny bopper set and featuring Hollywood train wreck, Lindsay Lohan! Yet, scratch below the surface and you find a film that is so well-written, charming and endlessly funny it could make even UFC champion Chuck Liddell suddenly interested in high school gossip, cheerleading and avocado facial scrubs (which is pretty damn Fetch when you think about it). The film also happens to have been written by none other than film geek poster girl Tina Fey, arguably the hottest she-nerd of all time, and remains a classic chick flick that likely appeals to those of us of both the Venusian and Martian persuasions. Best of all, in addition to being a smart, funny and realistic look at the lives of high school teens, the film features a cast of hot and occasionally scantily clad young teenaged girls. Go Fire Crotch go!

7. While You Were Sleeping (1995)

Like watching episodes of the “Golden Girls” and secretly knowing the lyrics to every Spice Girls song ever recorded, While You Were Sleeping is a guilty pleasure for a lot of men. It’s one of those movies that seems almost preternaturally stupid, yet if you were to take a poll, dollars to donuts at least half the male population of North America has seen this movie at some point – and enjoyed it. The truth of the matter is men secretly love this movie because it’s funny, smart and actually surprisingly well-written. It’s also enjoyable because it features the prototypical, handsome and successful douchebag getting run over by a train and tossed into a coma so his older (and far more relatable) brother can mack the shit out of his girl. After all who doesn’t want to watch Bill Pullman one-up that giant eyebrowed freak Peter Gallagher and nail a still smoking hot post-Speed Sandra Bullock?

6. When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Sure, most men will rank watching a Meg Ryan movie somewhere between getting their head lodged up an elephant’s ass and watching surgical room footage from Dick Cheney’s last colonoscopy. Yet When Harry Met Sally is undoubtedly one of the most engaging and entertaining chick flicks out there, even if — like Ryan herself — it is starting to show its age. Men however, secretly love the flick for the simple reason that it features a bullshit-free discussion of sex, love and relationships from both sides of the great genitalia divide. It also asks the question many of us have had at one time or another: can two people get their fuck on and still be friends? Directed by legendary meathead Rob Reiner, with a screenplay from chickliterati Nora Ephron, When Harry Met Sally is one of those rare chick flicks that some men might even publically admit to enjoying. But more importantly, it introduced men everywhere to spotting the now all too familiar signs of women faking the Big O.

5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

Yes, the title alone sounds like the bastard love child of Father of the Bride and Mamma Mia!, yet despite its blatant chick flick overtones, My Big Fat Greek Wedding is just funny, smart and quirky enough to be secretly entertaining to a lot of men. Sure, there’s the occasional bout of sappy dialogue and Nia Vardalos is the kind of actress who only appears sexy after you’ve had three of four shots of ouzo, but the film is entertaining none the less. In fact, My Big Fat Greek Wedding should really be required viewing for any man who has ever had to deal with psychotic in-laws or had a sudden craving for chicken souvlaki. Opa!

4. Moulin Rouge! (2001)

For a lot of men, musicals are the entertainment equivalent of giving your brain a barium enema. The dancing, the singing, the sheer pageantry of it all; before seeing a musical you might as well check your balls in along with your coat. Yet every so often there comes a musical that is not only tolerable to men, but even entertaining. Enter Moulin Rouge!, Baz Luhrmann’s hyper-stylized musical film that blends elaborate sets, a killer soundtrack and even a charming (if not somewhat formulaic) love story. Sure Nicole Kidman spends most of the film looking like a cross between an anaemic vampire and one of those Japanese sex dolls, but you can’t deny there’s a palpable chemistry between her and a young Obi-Wan Kenobi. In fact, the film is essentially The Pussy Cat Dolls on acid, maintaining the same level of fishnet stocking sluttiness without the shitty music.

3. Pretty Woman (1990)

When it comes to chick flicks, Julia Roberts is practically the living embodiment of terrible estrogen-filled rom-coms. From Steel Magnolias and Nottinghill to Runaway Bride, her body of work is enjoyed almost exclusively by either women or frustrated chronic masturbators. Yet there is one film in the pantheon of Roberts’ mediocre repertoire which all men secretly love: Pretty Woman. The film remains surprisingly interesting to men due simply to its unique subject matter and despite its overused chick flick tropes. Watching Pretty Woman is also essentially an exercise in denial for both sexes: women are willing to look passed the fact that Richard Gere is really a perv trolling for cheap ‘tang, while men secretly deny loving the movie because it taps into our Grand Theft Auto-style fantasies about banging hookers guilt-free. One interesting side note is that Pretty Woman was originally written by J.F. Lawton as a dark drama about prostitution on the streets of Los Angeles, but once Disney snagged the rights, Roberts and Gere were cast and it mutated into a lovable romantic comedy. Further proof that the only thing that sucks dick more than an L.A. hooker is Hollywood itself.

2. Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

Starring the perpetually squinty-eyed Renée Zellweger as a lovable British frump (who is almost sexy despite herself), Bridget Jones’s Diary is one of those films that seems as though it would have every red-blooded heterosexual man running for the hills. Yet once again, it’s one of those rare chick flicks that men secretly love, probably because it features a woman who seems almost attainable and is cursed with the same healthy neurosis and realistic body image of your average woman (rather than the bulimically attractive Hollywood starlets found in most chick flicks). In this sense the movie makes men feel slightly better about the fact that we aren’t all out there fucking Scarlett Johansson and for that matter are probably lucky to be fucking anyone! It also helps that the film has some sharp dialogue, fine performances and is genuinely funny. Beyond all that though, Bridget Jones’s Diary is also an interesting exercise in how men and woman perceive the female form: women feel vindicated seeing a somewhat realistic heroine on screen, while most men will concede that in fact, Renée Zellweger is far more ass-tappable during her slightly “chunkier” Bridget Jones phase.

1. Love Actually (2003)

Okay, so the title alone probably makes most men afraid they’ll walk away from the film with hot flashes and a subscription to “O Magazine”, yet Love Actually is actually a smart, funny and insightful movie. Men secretly love this movie because its multiple stories have elements that almost every one of us can relate to (whether it’s being cheated on, falling for an unobtainable hottie or simply trying to get laid). The movie is also brilliantly written, hilarious and has some great performances, all of which makes it one of the most enjoyable chick flicks men will ever be subjected to. Sure, Love Actually also gives women a completely unrealistic notion of love which no man can ever hope to achieve, but fuck a duck if isn’t the kind of romantic bullshit that even we men can appreciate.

Adam Volk is a freelance journalist, film geek and wannabe screenwriter who actually likes watching the occasional chick flick. He can be reached at:

  • ASD

    Oh cmon…you don’t really believe that chick flick only means love stories do you? Chick flick. what Chicks love to watch. It’s pretty logical.

  • Laura

    The greatest chick flick of all time is Carrie. There’s also enough gore and mayhem so that most men will enjoy it too.

  • Jesse

    I saw half of Moulin Rouge while drunk out of my mind and I still thought it was tacky and beneath me. That’s right a guy who at that moment couldn’t walk, was vomiting in a garden bed 15 minutes earlier felt intellectually insulted by Moulin Rouge. If I were sober I probably would have killed myself.

  • Out of the ten movies, I can say that I only like the first two. Ugh.. Mean Girls, it is a really mean movie and I kind of hate it. Add in Lindsay Lohan, it doesn’t help at all.

  • Puella63

    *Clueless* is a modern adaptation of a classic Jane Austen novel. As a JA fan myself, I love that movie.

    From the list above, I don’t like:
    *My Big Fat Greek Wedding* (I hated this one)

    I like a lot:
    *When Harry Met Sally*
    *Bridget Jones Diary*

  • Why did you put Love Actually in there? The movie SUX!

  • I have to agree with a lot of the other posters here and wonder about the reasoning behind Love Actually. It was a horrid movie, absolutely horrid.

    I did a list like this myself if you are interested in comparing. I found it nice to see you put some more of the heartfelt movies into your list. Mine really lacked some of those.

  • rod

    sorry – missed the mark. don’t like any of them.
    And Love Actually (i agree with some other people here) is excrutiatingly one of the worst and one of my most hated movies ever.
    I’m just not in to male action stuff either but come on.

  • StreetIcon

    clueless should have been number 1.. and the recent release of The Ugly Truth will be in this category soon.. that movie was pretty good

  • Ben

    Wow… what a fruit basket. Only 2 on here that I enjoy(no secrecy involved) are Ghost and When Harry Met Sally. Even Titanic is crap and that’s coming from a huge Cameron fan. I’ve watched 2 segments, the ship sinking and the, as mentioned, tits.

    Princess Bride has been mentioned, the only problem with that choice is that I don’t think most guys feel any need to keep their enjoyment of it secret.

  • how the fuck is what women want not on here? I would definitely say thats a chick flick, and what guy doesnt want to hear every womens thoughts so we can manipulate them into loving us haha. Just my 2 cents

  • loveUKtelly YOUTUBE.

    Love the no1 movieee!!

    i didnt even know I was a chick flick kinda girl, till the fact when I looked at ALL the greatest chick flicks & found out I love each & everyone of them!!!

  • Rosemary

    Yeah Im a chick, but I actually dislike most “chick flicks”. I’m more a thriller and horror movie fanatic (and Tarantino.. lots and lots of Tarantino). Not surprisingly, I did not enjoy Titanic.. aside from the cool “action” sequences of the ship breaking apart and the people falling off and hitting the engines.. I did appreciate the special effects of that movie.

    But I whole-heartedly agree that men do enjoy “Love Actually”.. from my own personal experience of going to see that movie with 4 STRAIGHT guys. I think they were personally invested in the storyline involving the young boy who was running after his “first love” in the airport. In fact, the guys were literally cheering him on, yelling out (yes, IN the theater), “Go Little Guy! Run!!!” I think I even may have seen tears.. sigh.

  • terry shannon

    I AM DEEPLY ASHAMED by how much I enjoyed Love Actually.

  • 020301090807

    WOW. Can anyone say HATERS!!!! I realize not everyone had something terrible to say. But dont look up read about chick flicks if you happen to not like chick flicks. Common sense I would say!!!!
    As far as the movies go I love almost all the movies on this list but I cant say that I have ever seen “love actually”. Titanic was one of my fav movies growing up. And it never made me a “dimwit” to be able to watch the movie over and over again. And pretty woman is timeless I dont think I could ever get bored of that movie!
    I would just like to say that nearly everyone that had something to “say” should give their heads a shake, you sound like mindless teenagers with nothing better to do then rag on someone elses thoughts. Get real people!!!

  • anonymous guy

    Others we like:

    The American President
    Notting Hill
    The Princess Bride
    The Notebook
    Four Weddings And A Funeral
    Mrs. Brown
    Shakespeare In Love
    Miss Congeniality

  • 5.9ZJ

    What!? Where in the hell was this poll conducted? If it even was a poll. I’ve only seen 4 out of the movies listed and only liked 3. The Notebook, The Princess Bride, and A Walk To Remember should’ve been in there somewhere! Who the hell did this poll?
    Guess I should just be thankful that dumb movie w/ Cher wasn’t listed lol. Somethin’ about the moon I think…or a moon was on the cover, either way it wasn’t even important enough for me to remember the title lol.

  • Ken B.

    Are you KIDDING ME!?
    Seriously, i google this BS because i’m trying to find a chick flick i can watch with my lady and not puke all over the place. I thought a MAN wrote this. The first thing i see is TITANIC!?
    I’ll let you know about the kinda “guy” who secretly loves “Bridget Jones Diary”. He also secretly loves “balls in his mouth”.
    No Princess Bride?
    Father of the bride? Roxanne?
    Even “Fever Pitch” would have been better.
    The “man” who wrote this list is obviously a salad eating homosexual. And thats fine. But don’t pretend to write an article about what “Men” love if your only interest in them is giving them a nice pillow to chew on.

  • My husband seems to like “House Bunny” as much as I do. I find it cute and funny, but if you’ve ever seen it there would be no doubts as to why any heterosexual man would find it enoyable.

  • This list is laughable. I try to be open-minded when it comes to movies. That said, there are few quality “chick flicks”. I’d rather be strung up than watch Titanic. Bridge Jones escaped me. Is a woman really supposed to gain power by showing some skin?

    The notable exception is “Love, Actually”. I absolutely love that movie.

    My own list:

  • suzanne williamson

    i must say congrats on the list but i must say im surprised ‘the girl next door’ didnt qualify.
    good call on while you were sleepin but what about the’lake house’??? great movie

    the notebook
    a walk to remember
    shakespear in love
    breakfast at tiffinys
    and crazy/beautiful

    all my favourites – cheak them out if you havent already seen them x x x x

  • suzanne williamson

    omg cant believe i forgot – what about ‘ps i love’ or ‘an officer and a gentleman’

    great romantic movies, not sure how the guys would feel like???


  • elle

    Helooooo what about the Wedding Singer?

  • ThaCrip

    almost all of the ones they mentioned i have not seen.

    and the ones i might have seen (maybe 3-ish of em tops) i don’t remember to much about.

    so i can fairly confidently say that i don’t ‘secretly love’ any of those although i am fairly sure i would ‘like’ some of them.

  • Erin

    Here’s one that hasn’t been mentioned- Stardust. Guys really seem to like that movie. It’s the only chickflick besides Moulin Rouge my husband has ever allowed himself to watch.

    I could see Mean Girls, Moulin Rouge, and Ghost (only because of Swayze). The rest, no. Especially Titanic. I have never met a guy that will admit to liking it. Were they forced to watch it? Yes. Did they like it? No.

  • Vanessa

    Tuck everlasting

    Slepless in seatle

    Under the Tuscan Sun

    You’ve Got Mail

    dirty Dancing

    City of Angels

    Ever After

    P.S. I Love You

    Sex and the City

    The Notebook

    How to Loose a guy in 10 days

  • Adam C. Sieracki

    ‘Pretty Woman’–ICK. I have not met a single guy who thinks that this was a ‘good’ film, in any sense. Not only does it take a sympathetic view of Johns & hos, it’s entirely unrealistic. Hookers tend to be clap-ridden, un-made up, generally homely…and, sometimes, junk-packin’. Johns, by and large, ARE creeps. The funy thing is that women from every walk of life love this film: philo-chauvinist clubbing chix and feminist ‘womyn’ tend to love this POSh movie equally.

    ‘Titanic’ is a good, broad-audience film. Little buys will like the people drowning, stuff breaking, submersible robots and stuff. Teen boys and men will like Winslett in the buff. Women and little girls like the decor and costumes, plus the romance angle. The prose (“a woman’s heart is an ocean of secrets”) is right out of Harlequin and lots of snot and tears are shed by female viewers. Cameron also had the sense to cast a somewhat zoftig chick in the lead, to appeal to the ‘average’ angle.

    Some suggestions of mine:

    *’Sleepless in Seattle’ and ‘Splash’ are two Tom Hanks films that are romantic, without being sloppy. ‘SIS’ even explains the ‘chick-flick’ genre.

    *’Great Expectations’ (Alfonso Cuaron) is a guy movie, really. Great for seeing a nude Gwyneth Paltrow, painted to the tune of Pulp. Robert de Niro acts the part of ‘Lustig’ (‘Magwitch’, in the novel).

    *’Phantom of the Opera’ contains shots of legs and decolettage of a barely-legal Emmy Rossum. Swordfight and destruction scenes, too.

    *’Princess Bride’ is probably the inspiration for ‘Team America’s’ ‘Lisa’ character…and the reason they had Sean Penn gobbled up by a ‘panther’. Robyn Wright-[*BARF*Penn] is utterly gorgeous. A GREAT swordfight scene.

    *’Notting Hill’–the line “you daft prick!” is priceless. This film is a really pleasant surprise.

    *’Romeo + Juliette’ (diCaprio and Danes) is decent.

    *’Brokedown Palace’ is a girlfriends-on-a-trip story that’s pretty good. Mostly, I’LL watch ANYTHING with Kate Beckinsale in it.

    *’Pearl Harbor’ is another, sadly bashed, Kate Beckinsale film that’s pretty good. Baldwin is SPOT-ON AMAZING as Doolittle.

    *’Good Luck Chuck’ isn’t as bad as its reputation…and Jessica Alba does a panty scene.


  • Charlotte

    All I can say is there was a full week back in high school when my best friend and I simply could not get ahold of our boyfriends. We saw them in class and then suddenly they vanished, citing mounds of homework or having to do something for their mother or something equally respectable that we couldn’t refuse. We were starting to fear the worst… were they cheating on us? How could they be busy EVERY day after school? It was most worrisome.
    I’ll never forget when my best friend called me after a full week of rejection and somehow managed to blurt “THE NOTEBOOK” amidst her hysterical laughter. Turns out they had been going home each afternoon to watch Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling’s infamous kiss in the rain. By the time we found out they’d seen the movie seven straight times. They were humiliated that their secret was out but we thought it was amazingly funny, and charming too. Of course, as soon as we said we wanted to watch it with them they were way too cool and insisted on Batman Begins instead, but we knew the truth…

  • Melissa

    I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments!! You are one hilarious dude. Okay, time to google “adam volk”.
    peace out

    P.S I’m so happy you put Moulin Rouge on your list… and every other movie mentioned my fiancee actually enjoyed watching so you def know your stuff..

  • Candace Prosser

    French Kiss- period. My husband abhors pretty woman.

  • N Taylor

    That Men Secretly Love? Gimme a break. That list sucks.

    Only one such film came out this year : Away We Go. Someone else suggested the mighty The Princess Bride, but that’s not a chick flick though.

    Most men would need a lobotomy to sit through Love Actually (and all its Credit Debt inducing aspirations), Moulin Rouge is offensive if you’d looked at any art history at all (it’s like the film makers we’re high on cocaine or something). Kurt Cobain alone should rise from the dead and sue…

    Ghost was radically improved when I originally saw it in 1990, when Patrick materialises in stars for one last goodbye (oh get going already man!) and Demi’s crying for the, like, the 20th time (good grief), a rather manly and brave soul shouted whiningly from the front of the cinema (loudly) “OH BOO HOO HOO! WAAAH!” – half the audience laughed out loud and it wasnt the ladies. Allot of first dates went horribly wrong that night! Ghost? Or as a male friend put it : “We’ve all lost someone, or will, get over it.” – he’s a hilarious doctor.

    And what kind of decent man can watch Pretty Woman and not comprehend the horrible undertones? (‘dress like a hooker and catch your Prince on your first trick’ – what the effing eff?) – Knights of the Round table or Robin Hood it isn’t. Biblically offensive it is.

    10 Chick Flicks Metrosexuals Pretend Not To Love Lest They Exit The Closet Accidentally more like it.

  • Ben M

    How about stopping wasting our time with this article and instead attempt to explain why it is that women seem to like such crappy movies?

  • dolores

    So yea some of those movies on the list I wouldn’t consider a chick flick,or at least one of the best top 10s. I’m more for “A walk to remember” and “The Notebook”I would have thought these to be at the top.But whatever its not my list.

  • xego

    Well I am just commenting on the list as it was given not so much as what was not or should not be on it –although saying that I was surprised that The Notebook, which is the chick movie of chick movies wasn’t on here, or Notting Hill, which I actually liked–I have seen 7 of the 10 which pretty much makes me a puts me on the Vagina donors list…On second thought fuck it I am going to watch Apocalypse Now and The Road Warrior instead ,,,Two great films that have not gotten their due respect from the Junkateers

  • Tommy

    Yes, I should add Notting Hill as well. Imagine, some celebrity crush actually walking into your store and actually taking a liking to you? That would be surreal.

  • shut up

    the sweetest thing ,
    no joke .

  • Erin

    First off. Great list. Second off. Typical response to a woman’s smaller stature. I’m just as tired of hearing smaller girls referred to as bulimic, or anorexic (when its just metabolism) as larger girls are tired of being called fat cows. Everyone needs to stop labeling everyone else and we will be just fine.

  • zippy68

    the truth about cats and dogs was a guy friendly movie.its a guy /girl thing as well :)

  • Ben

    I think Legends of the Fall is probably the #1. While Love, Actually is a solid film and it works. Legends just is badass with its romanticism, I mean it ends with a man fighting a bear to his death with a hackknife. Definitely, quality film and Brad Pitt making the transition from teen heartthrob to quality actor thus beginning his non-doucheness.

  • Jazefilms

    Booo! Who told you guys like these? This is probably the worst list I’ve ever seen. Only 2 or 3 even deserve mention. These aren’t mainstream but I recommend:
    “Love Jones”- (Laurenz Tate, Nia Long, Isaiah Washington) A hip, intelligent, majority black cast, but very watchable romantic comedy.

    “About last Night”- (Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, Jim Belushi)Funny, sexy, 80’s, Chicago…can’t go wrong.

    “One Night Stand”- (Wesley Snipes, Nastassja Kinski, Robert Downey Jr.) Visit gay friend, have an one night stand and fall in love, miserably pretend it never happened, bump into her again with your wife in tow…”uh-oh”.

  • Jazefilms

    Thank God for comments. People have given several better options. “Princess Bride” is great, though not really a chick flick. “Sleepless” ok, “Romeo and Juliet” is good. “Truth about Cats”, “Notebook”, and “Say Anything” are great choices. Some more sleepers: “Sliding Doors”, and even though I hate Adam Sandler and i can’t remember when Drew Barrymore made a really good movie I liked “50 First Dates”. Oh and “The Break-up” is tearfully funny.

  • jamie

    Sorry but all of you people are wierdo’s!! I have yet to meet anyone that liked mean-girls and to say that love actually tops the list is more ridiculous the martine mcutheons performance. Best chick flicks are say anything/ can’t buy me love (classic)/ clueless/ when harry met sally/ breakfast at tiffs/ kinda agree with sliding doors & the notebook/ HIGH FIDELITY / the wedding singer/ music and lyrics (just for the songs)/ somethings gotta give (its got jack nicholson/ as good as it gets (its got jack nicholson)/ before sunset/ pride and pred (2005 version really impressed, and i despise knightley). Thats a bit better.

  • jamie

    N Taylor – Your message is joke. It’s true, sooo true. Has anyone noticed that in every romantic comedy movie ever made, either they’re rich/ well off/ or have great jobs. If not then they get rich by the end, and if none of the above = than it’s a crock of shit that is as fake as sandra bullocks new face!!!

  • John

    i have to agree with love actually and while you were sleeping. but i am not ashamed to admit i am a fan of 27 dresses. don’t know why but everytime it comes on tv i get sucked into it.

  • carolyn

    My husband refuses to watch ANY chick flicks with me. Right now we are in an awful fight and not speaking because I wanted him to see one with me. He never will. I’m so sad.
    All we see is what he wants to see all the time which is horror, action, or sports. I’m so sick of it. I can’t even have a different type of movie on when he is in the room with me.

  • Laura

    What about Shrek?

  • Michelle

    what about ever after? sweet home alabama?

  • Jolie

    I’m a girl and whilst I enjoy a good teen/girly drama, I really dislike all of the movies above.

  • Tony Davis

    I would rather chop off my own penis than sit through Love Actually again. Awful, awful film.

  • wagnum357

    Are you friggin kidding me? Who came up with this list? With the exception of Mean Girls, its all crap. There are some good chick flicks out there, and none of em made the list.