Let the Bale Remixes Begin: The Mae Shi’s ‘R U Professional’

Only a day in and already the remixes of Christian Bale’s much talked about outburst are popping up. The crazy thing about this one; one of my favourite bands of recent years is behind it. The Mae Shi’s ‘ HLLLYH’ made my honourable mentions list of the best albums of 2008. (Not as great as their previous material featuring their original lead singer) It took these guys a day to write and record a new track, ‘R U Professional’, featuring some samples from Bale’s rant. Not one of their better songs, but the fast turnaround is definitely impressive. Basically, this just gives me an excuse to post a few YouTube vids of some of my favourite Mae Shi songs. Check it all out below.

The Mae Shi – R U Professional

The Mae Shi – Remarkably Dirty Animals

The Mae Shi – Run to Your Grave

  • ha ha. the professional song is pretty funny. christian bale is going to hunt these guys down and murder them. with karate.

  • Bob The Slob


  • Raph

    @Stefan that is the best one indeed :D.

  • Neil M

    Haha..that one that Stefan posted is unreal.

  • paulieq

    wow that mcdonalds one brought back some memories of my training days lol I think I sat threw the non remixed version of the video scary.

  • Lorenzo

    hmm i dont really care much for the christian bale song. but run to ur grave is pretty amazing. where’s tha link to ur top albums of 08.

  • This is a link to mine, Greg and Sean’s top ten albums. Mine is in the middle.