Film Junk Podcast Episode #205: Taken

0:00 – Intro
1:05 – Greg’s Epic Weekend
20:08 – Vote for Us on Podcast Alley!
22:00 – Headlines: Christian Bale Meltdown, Ghost Rider 2, Predator Reboot
38:30 – What We Watched: Project Greenlight: Season 2, My Bloody Valentine, REC, Mission: Impossible Pilot, The Class
58:05 – Review: Taken
1:13:15 – Trailer Trash: G.I. Joe, Transformers 2, Year One, Land of the Lost
1:24:44 – Junk Mail: Downloading Movies, Che
1:53:28 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:55:45 – Outro

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  • Great show!

    How I envy Greg’s weekend, it shounds awesome, free food!

  • swarez

    Bale was accused for attacking his mother and sister not for hitting his wife. The “attack” was him yelling at his drunk ass mother who has been mooching off him since he was a kid.

  • Goon

    dvd releases: I’m thinking I may pick up Zack and Miri, I don’t know. I just might. I mean, I was with the majority of people who were disappointed with it, even though I liked it overall and didn’t expect much. And even though there’s no commentary (I barely listen to them anymore anyways) theres an 80 minute making of doc on it, and the making-of-docs on any Kevin Smith are always awesome. The Ones on the Clerks I and II sets are some of the best making of docs I’ve ever seen.

    (Protip: Fave making of doc I’ve ever seen is “The Year of the Rat” on the Willard DVD)

  • Zak and Miri is 26.99 at Best Buy…ON STANDARD DVD. Seriously, how ridiculous is that? Just another example to stick up my sleeve in future “BLU RAY COSTS TOO MUCH” debates.

  • I wasn’t that impressed by the first Ghost Rider movie, but I saw enough to like that I can see the second one being an improvement. I think the two main problems were the lack of decent villains and limited mobility of Ghost Rider himself, the one affecting the other. Flaming skull fx are tough on the budget.

    They should go full out bikesploitation for the next one.

  • I can’t believe I’m hung up on this Bale thing; but your guys’ statement that “it happens all the time… in TV, films, sports… everywhere…”

    No it doesn’t. I work hard too (obviously) and sometimes people make mistakes and make my life more difficult. I don’t go into a rage and start screaming and calling them outside for a fist fight. The excuse that “other actors do it so it’s okay” is not valid.

  • Hey Sean, I have that EXACT same Metropolis poster hanging in my room. I had it mounted and framed and I love it.


  • Jay, the video yoou were talking about is actually called GlassAss, not 1 guy 1 jar, just telling you incase you couldn’t find it. :)

  • The scene in Taken with the pipe and the handcuffs was where the movie sort of lost me too.

  • I’ve stayed at that DAYS INN (Rue Guy) in Montreal, the Hotel across the road from it, which I can’t recall, but has a weird flying-saucer gazebo-thingy on it, is actually a nicer place at the same rate. And right behind that Days Inn, there is a small Hostel that is less than $25 a night and is pretty good. The Fantasia film festival is about a 5 minute walk from these places, as is the Hockey Arena and the club district.

  • I saw Che in Minneapolis a few weeks ago. The roadshow edition (i.e. the complete four hour package – not split up like Kill Bill). Though when it comes out more widespread, it will be split into two films. At least that is my understanding.

  • Bas

    Jay: the place in Amsterdam is called ‘The Banana Bar’. There were talks of closing it down because of criminal stuff taking place there (mainly drug deals), but I’m not sure if that has happened yet.

    Oh yeah, I liked how you reminded Greg that the women in the strip-joint are doing the the same degrading stuff as this one guy was having to do. They just flipped the script on Greg and the other perverts! :)

  • rus in chicago

    Thanks for taking my question about downloads. I think we are all beating around the bush with the big deal. Jay hit upon it; people will download illegally even if they have the money. All of my friends (mostly younger) have pat excuses how they deserve to get it for free. If you press them on the issue that they are actually hurting the artists they love they don’t want to talk about it, or, use the standard “the big corporations charge to much anyway!”

    Don’t get me wrong, the distribution model for music and film needs to go back to baseline and be rebuilt from the ground up. My bigger concern is how illegal downloading smaller films LIKE THE WRESTLER (example) is killing the alternative film market and the artists and companies that take the risk to make them FOR US! IF YOU ILLEGALLY DOWNLOAD A SMALLER BUDGETED FILM WITH A LIMITED AUDIENCE PROJECTION YOU ARE KILLING THAT MEDIUM. Sorry, very passionate about this issue. Big studio releases can take the hit, smaller films cannot.

    To Jay’s point, IFC is pursuing the idea of releasing “on demand” (VOD) a festival darling film the same week it is getting the “pub” at the fest. My friends film ALEXANDER THE LAST is to be the first film to do this at SXSW (nice aside, Soderberg is attached to this film). I like this idea, to many festival award winning films get bought and never make it to the local movie house. It puts the release at the point the film’s publicity is the highest, and it breaths life in to the big festivals. Think about the connection we could have with festivals if we could VOD the hot film they are actually watching at Sundance, Berlin or Toronto. Jay’s idea of using the music biz pay now, get a digital track now and the album later could work for film if they can control illegal distribution of the early released film.

    We shall see…I just dream of the day when independent directors can reach every home and get paid, the price for big studio film is different than a small indy, if the small indy is a hit – it could then jump to the movieplex were we could celebrate it together, the big studio films will be shown in even greater surround sound and picture and the movieplex lobby will be a magical place with a good coffee bar and associated food court with REAL PRICES!! Oh, I need to towel off.

  • Bas

    I think that an iTunes-store-like movie portal with realistic prices could sway a lot of illegal downloaders from the dark side back to the light side of the force. And when I say realistic prices I mean no more than 10 bucks for even the newest films in high-def. Considering the fact that there is no physical product that has to be produced, no transportation-costs and no middle-men (stores) such a price should earn the studios equal to (or even more than) what they are earning on DVD & Blu-Ray sales.

  • I don’t understand, isn’t the ITunes store exactly what you guys are talking about? They release all the new DVD releases. If you all are talking about a hub where BRAND new movies can be released, that’s bullshit. I think as many movies should be released in theatres as possible, in most cases, thats the way there MEANT to be seen. I’ll be honest, I’ve watched movies on my computer, only two though. Zack and Miri make a Porno and Step Brothers, I did this because they were good quality and they werent very “cinematic” so to speak. But I still felt like shit for doing it, because when a filmmaker makes a film, he dosen’t make it in the mind that it’s going to be seen on a computer.

  • Bas

    You can hook up your computer to as big a screen as you want, you don’t have to watch it on your pc-screen. As for watching BRAND NEW stuff at home – that’s already happening illegally. I agree that movies belong in the theater, but the industry should catch up with reality and try to make a buck instead of wishing for the good old days to come back, because they won’t.

  • rus in chicago

    I have done a lot of Comcast On Demand here in Chicago, 24hr viewing for $4.99 to $6.99. I do it after a hard day and there is something I want to see On Demand, nothing in my collection interests me and I don’t feel like anything from my Netflix pile. I must say, even DSL/cable download has a way to go on compression for HD and plasma screen showings. I got Speedracer On Demand after seeing it in the theater (yes, I’m the one responsible for keeping the Wachowskis in leather and nipple clamps) and it was nearly unwatchable on my HD Plasma. All the big CG scenes were pixilated. I’m sure ITunes is as bad. I feel we are a long way from digital downloads giving us the same quality as some form of hard disk. Why watch something from a substandard source after spending top dollar on the display device, i.e., plasma screen. That’s like putting kerosene in a Ferrari. In my world, I see downloading for less CG type films and indys.

  • “Jay, the video yoou were talking about is actually called GlassAss, not 1 guy 1 jar”

    Either one is right…depends what state of the internet you are from…never heard GlassAss until Smodcast. You guys need to post reaction videos to 1 Guy 1 Jar and Mr. Hands. Also, tie Reed down and force him to watch it.

    The fact that people are willing to DL a movie; stomach the terrible compression & bitrate with NO special features, and enjoy that experience makes me ill sometimes…much in the same way that the number one movie in theaters also disgusts me. The only blood farts I want involve glass jars.