Amber Heard to Star in John Carpenter’s The Ward

It’s been 8 long years since horror icon John Carpenter has directed a feature-length film, and although we continue to hear about him being attached to upcoming projects, as it stands right now, he still hasn’t started production on anything new. The prison movie Riot starring Nicolas Cage was expected to be his next film, but now it looks like something else may come even before that.

Shock Till You Drop reports that Carpenter will be directing a movie called The Ward that starts shooting in May. The movie, written by Michael and Shawn Rasmussen (Long Distance), is about a young woman who finds herself “trapped in a mental institution with a malevolent ghost”. That young woman will be played by Amber Heard (Pineapple Express, Never Back Down, All The Boys Love Mandy Lane). Carpenter offers the following generic comments:

“The Ward is the kind of script that I’ve been looking for: a complex, visceral story, full of suspense and scares. I am especially pleased to be working with Amber because I know she will create a powerful central performance.”

So what does this mean for John Carpenter’s Riot, L.A. Gothic, The Prince, Escape from Earth, or Untitled Steve Niles Project? Who cares… JC’s back in the game baby!

  • I am so tired of hearing about new John Carpenter projects. I was excited about the first anounncement, and I was excited when I actually thought Riot was going to happen, but this is getting ridiculous. I’ll belive it when I see the trailer.

  • tay tay

    i know for a fact that they have started casting….

  • Peggy

    I know for a fact this movie is being filmed as we speak because they are filming where I work.

  • jon

    They are filming in our small town. I talked to a couple of the crewmembers. They are just beginning to shoot as of 4 august.

  • Ash

    They will be filming a couple miles from my house at a state hospital in just a few weeks. My mom may be playing a tiny role. I’m looking forward to seeing this one!

  • Sheryl

    They have been filming near my home,they blew up an old farm house last week.It looks pretty cool!

  • Dick

    They have been filming a great old building in Des Moines,WA the last couple of days. The building will be the hospital. It will be called North Bend Psychiatric Hospital

  • Nicole

    Dude, this movie i hope will be legit! It’s being filmed in my home town! :D and our town is not big, and no one knows about it! so i’m kind of really stoked for this movie to come out!!

  • im so excited to see this movie! it was actually filmed in my home town. because i actually went there and saw and the place is 10min from my house!