Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Super Bowl Trailer

Surprise, surprise… another highly anticipated Super Bowl teaser trailer has leaked online early. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is the follow-up to Michael Bay’s 2007 blockbuster, and it looks like more of the same, just with slightly bigger robots. Yawn. I can honestly say I’m more interested in Terminator Salvation or the G.I. Joe movie for that matter. Apparently the clip features Devastator (ie. the Constructicons combined form), but once again you’d never know because it’s just a mess of random scrap metal. Does anyone else get the impression that Michael Bay is overcompensating for something?

  • RJ

    So far the TV spot for Year One has impressed me the most. Land of the Lost looks pretty decent too.

  • AdamH

    Yaaawwwwnnnn! You guys should be rebels and NOT review this movie this year! Instead review the ’86 Transformers movie!

  • will reed post the star trek spot?

    jim kirk.

  • Goon

    I want to go back in time and tell myself theres a Transformers live action movie coming out, and I don’t care. Thanks Michael Bay.

  • Jon

    It baffles me that anyone is remotely excited for this.

  • swarez

    Giant robots blowing shit up? What’s not to get excited about?

  • anthony

    You guys need to calm down, this movie is going to be amazing just like the first one, and i was a big transformers fan when i was a kid, so i can say micheal bay is doing it justice and more. Stop hating just cause your a loser and someone else is making things happen for themselves and everyone else that cant wait for this movie to come out…..june 26 cant get here fast enough

  • Laserbeard

    Yeah! You tell em anthony! You tell em what a loser he is for not waiting impatiently for a movie thats going to seriously suck. And when you’re leaving that theater on June 26th, you can thank yourself for having low standards and no imagination.
    You can tell I’m REALLY jealous of you.

    You’re a little old to be calling out Transformers fans, aren’t you?

    Me too. (crying with head between knees)

    Screw you Mikey Bay. You’ve turned us Generation Ones against each other.

    Peace anthony.

  • jay

    for the love of god whats up with you dickhead’s that think his done a bad job if the robot’s looked like they did in the cartoon then MR BAY would have done a bad job yeah im a G1 fan but come on you guys if they had looked like that in a real life film you would be calling for his head like you is now the.

    the 1st one the story was good for someone who has not seen the G1 season’s or any of the rest only thing i was mad about is there was not alot of MR MEGA but hay the story fit round that so hay…

    this one yeah there has been better teaser’s for movies than this but hay you dont need to see every thing the sub name of the film say’s it all now dont it so anyway give the man a break the only people who i pissed at what his done is dickhead nerdy fanboy type people who fell to see his made it enjoyable for people who may not have watch the cartoon’s..

  • I dont know, i don’t want to sound like a rabid fanboy, but it was pretty cool when optimus prime jumped in front of the giant transformer.