Weird Web Wednesdays: Fists of Obama

Barack Obama has only been in office for a week and already he’s got Bill Clinton beat with his rather liberal policies regarding sexual relations. Change indeed. Also this week on Weird Web Wednesday, Jim Carrey parties on stage with 50 Cent at Sundance, Kevin James takes us “behind the scenes” in an exclusive making-of video for Paul Blart: Mall Cop, and the makers of the brilliant Cadbury Gorilla commercial are back with their next viral hit. You’ve gotta appreciate the fact that the internet always tells it like it is. Don’t turn away, people… Weird Web Wednesdays are the truth.

Obama Fisting
MacGyver Takes Down a Racist with Cuba Gooding Jr.
Fat Gangster Kid in Iraq
Jim Carrey Dancing on Stage with 50 Cent
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: The Gangsta Version
Diane Sawyer Drunk
Juicy Mouth Explosion
Cadbury Eyebrows Commercial
Why Mexican Wrestling Rules
Know Your Phone Etiquette
Exercise Ball Jump Fail
The Making of Blart
Clothes to the Future with Paul Scheer
Heavy Metal Grandpa
The Cast of Frasier in Star Trek: Voyager
Chick Fight

  • joe

    lol… that is my local news station. But that lady is not a normal anchor, she must be some “special guest” or “expert”.

  • RJ

    Fat Gangster Kid in Iraq is amazing.