WB Plans Tomb Raider Reboot Without Angelina Jolie

Reboot continues to be the new buzz word in Hollywood, as Warner Brothers and producer Dan Lin (yes, the guy behind the recently announced Tom and Jerry movie) are planning to bring back Lara Croft: Tomb Raider for a new series of films that will essentially start over again from scratch. Paramount was the studio responsible for the first two films, but the rights have since reverted back to game developer Eidos (who are now owned by Time-Warner).

The new franchise will not involve Angelina Jolie, who is at this point probably way too expensive (and probably not interested, either). The first two Tomb Raider movies did, however, play a large part in making Jolie the star she is today. The question is, were the previous movies successful because of Jolie or because of the video games on which they were based? I’m guessing the former. With the resurrection of the Indiana Jones franchise, it may seem like a good time to develop another treasure-hunting action/adventure movie, but it’s going to be tough to find the right actress to carry that lead role. (Rumours about Megan Fox taking over the franchise have proven to be false.) I find it odd also that this announcement comes on the heels of reported trouble for the video game franchise, which may resort to a new Mature-rated title in order to regain fan interest. Would you pay to see another Lara Croft adventure on the big screen?

  • Didn’t like the first movie and hated the second. Horrid performances by Jolie. But the movies did make a lot of money so it’s only natural that they’d want to make more of them. However I’m not sure that any further “Tomb Raider”-films would be as succesfull as the game-franchise is not even half as popular as it used to be.

  • Ian

    I think the success can be related to the old Ford automobiles. You see there was a Model-T; which everybody knows about but there was also the Model-A.

  • joe

    As long as they replace her with another hot chick, I’ll see (rent) it. But Jolie = Lara Croft is a pretty good hook to the gaming audience, including me.

  • “As long as they replace her with another hot chick”

    I never understand this reasoning: if all you want from movies is a hot chick then why not just watch porn? If there was a promise of famous tits I’d understand but otherwise forget it.

  • bigfoot170

    I want Angelina!! I loved the first two movies – just got the movie poster for my media room – Please try to keep Angelina!

  • justfunnin1024

    I only watched to see angelina in leather….would not watch without her