Chris Jericho Calls Out Rourke on Larry King Live

This is already starting to get entertaining. I’m very happy they left the character of Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson alone. I don’t want to see character cross-promotion. I think it would cheapen the film. BUT…Rourke in the ring? Based off of this appearance on Larry King Live, I think things could get pretty entertaining. Now we just need to see Rourke in a neck brace being slapped on Letterman.

  • Bob The Slob

    i hope this doesnt ruin his chances for the oscar. Other then that…it could be alot of fun.

  • I bet Jericho would annihilate Rourke in a boxing match. Rocky Balboa oldness cannot win.

  • Greg

    Wrestlemania 25 is going to be very big. Rourke vs. Jericho, Stone Cold Steve Austin being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and AC/DC will be performing.

  • This clip only confirms how big a jerk Chris Jericho is. Good on Mickey for taking the high road. I hope he focuses on the acting and forgets this whole wrestling cross-over business. He already knows how that sort of thing turned out the first time around.

  • Ashley, you do realize Chris Jericho is a wrestler no? It’s like saying the ‘Rock ‘N’ Wrestling’ cartoon confirmed how big of a jerk the Iron Sheik is. It’s fake.

  • Jay, for somebody who enjoys mockumentaries and have made one, you sure are blunt when exposing other peoples put-on realities!

    Wrestling is a religion, it’s real if you believe it.


  • By the way, since AC/DC are performing, are we going to get another drugstory from Greg? Loved the last one.

  • It doesn’t matter if it’s an act or not, he’s still a jerk.

  • In that case, I’ll go on the record to say that Anthony Hopkins is a big time jerk for his role as Hannibal ‘The Cannibal’ Lecter. Eating people is definitely not cool.

  • Fair enough. I think there’s a difference between mainstream film acting and a wrestler’s persona. Jericho came off horribly in that interview compared to Rourke, and it’s a major turn-off.

  • I’ll let Greg handle that one.

  • dirrrtyfrank

    I don’t think Jericho came off a jerk … I think that he was fishing a little. He threw the same insult out twice almost verbatim, and it was almost like Rourke did not go along with the pre interview plan. This has all the makings of a wrestling setup playing outsite the WWE similar to the old Kaufman antics … only it’s not as funny or effective. They both did a terrible job of hyping what could be a great Wrestlemania moment. And I pray to God, that The Ram comes out to Bang Your Head and not Sweet Child at Wrestlemania, to me that was the biggest compromise Arronofsky made with The Wrestler, Rourke asked for Sweet Child and Darren abided. Ghey.

  • I thought the Sweet Child of mine was strange in The Wrestler too, but it does work in the scene. I just took it as him not having any pull, and some hypist deciding to put on a popular song on for the audience rather than that other theme.

    I think Chris Jericho is a pretty bad actor though. He doesn’t have, what I believe is called, Mic Skills. Or maybe the level of skills is just very low in WWE, afterall, they’re not actors first.

  • I always thought Sweet Child of Mine was chosen as a tribute to his daughter in the movie. But maybe I’m just looking for meaning when there is none… maybe Rourke just dug the tune.

  • In the interview on which is very good, he mentions that it used to be his entrance theme as a boxer, and he asked Aronofsky to just throw on Sweet Child of Mine to get him extra pumped for the experience in the final fight.

  • dirrrtyfrank

    I think it was an interview where Rourke said Bang Your Head wasn’t working for him in the final scene, and he asked them to put on some Sweet Child o Mine. Rourke thanked Axel Rose during his Golden Globe speech for letting the movie use the song. Why would a wrestler change his theme song one time in the biggest match of his reborn career. It’s similar to how bad it was every time Hulk Hogan didn’t come out to Real American. Greg, can you think of any other precendent where a wrestler changed his song during a huge match for a reason other than not being able to get the rights (Hollywood Hogan).

  • dirrrtyfrank

    Also … in case I get called on it … please feel free to substitite ‘Metal Health’ anytime I wrote ‘Bang Your Head’ if that is your preferred title for that song.

  • Greg

    dirrtyfrank: The only time that has happened is if the wrestler flipped from a hero to a villain. A music change is usually needed.

    Ashley: If you were turned-off by Jericho because he seemed like a big jerk, then that means he is doing his job very well. You’re supposed to dislike him.

    Henrik: I’ll do my best to take as many drugs as possible from complete strangers. Also…Jericho did come off a little weak than he usually does on the mic. Normally, he’s one of the best at cutting promos. I think it was assumed that Mickey would play along, but he kind of just sat there.

  • Goon

    “can you think of any other precendent where a wrestler changed his song during a huge match for a reason other than not being able to get the rights (Hollywood Hogan).”

    I’m pretty sure Triple H debuted “Bow down to the King” in a Wrestlemania main event

    anyways, as for ‘not using his theme’ – consider that a) when he was a star in the 80s, not everyone had theme music yet. I’d assume if he was Beefcake/Valentine level he would, but its possible. Andre the Giant never really had theme music.
    b) more importantly, he probably didn’t retain the ability to keep the music when moving to the smaller feds that appear in the movie. when wrestlers jump promotions they almost never keep their music
    c) one of the feds in the movie is KZW or something, and the one at the end is ROH. Ram may not have any consistent song that he brings between each fed.

  • I’m not really into wrestling so the whole time I had trouble seperating reality from fiction (even though I did realize it was an act) and I just felt bad for mickey. as you can see Neil Miller dosen’t watch wrestling either. :)

  • Tabby

    Wrestleing is not fake.
    Thats like saying Jericho is fake. He isn’t. There is reasons he said the things he did in that interview. Larry King live is not fake. If you have been watching raw you would know that Jericho is telling the truth. Not acting.