Film Junk Podcast Episode #204: Paranoid Park

0:00 – Intro
5:30 – In-house Stuff: Zack and Miri Contest, Podcast Alley Votes, Podcast Survey
13:19 – Headlines: Clooney Returning to E.R., Oscar Nominations, Mickey Rourke in Wrestlemania, Marvel Hit Hard by Recession
36:15 – What We Watched: The Truman Show, Project Greenlight, Towelhead, The United States of Tara, City of Ember
59:33 – Review: Paranoid Park
1:11:45 – Junk Mail: Frank, Slasher Movies, Prolific Directors, Camera Lenses, Terminator Buzz, Adam Sandler, Red Eye
1:34:40 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:37:35 – Outro

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  • Goon

    I thought Paranoid Park was awesome, and easily the better of his two big films that were released within the year.

    I love it because of the way Van Sant uses teenagers is better than anyone else out there, and even tops himself for how he used them in Elephant. Most teenagers in movies are sassy and smart, Van Sant is the only one showing how mindless, easily influenced and random so many teenagers are.

  • Greg

    I was a sassy and smart teenager.

  • I am a sassy and smart teenager, but i am also mindless, easily influenced and completly random.

  • I wish I was still a teenager so I had an excuse for my mindlessness, my easiness to influence and my randomness.

  • swarez

    Now you can call the podcast “The Number One Podcast on the Internet!”

  • Jay! I made the Billy Madison Anchorman comparison first! But seriously, that movie is awesome and severly underrated, and your dead on with that comparison.

  • Sarah Connor Chronicles is very fun. TRUST ME. It gets better with every episode. Go get that Season 1 BD (which is actually remarkably cheap).

    “they’re kind of messing a little bit with things” – Sean Dwyer

    Not true. Watch it…unless of course you absolutely hated Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines.

  • Richard

    Yes, good call comparing Anchorman with Billy Madison. I’ve always loved that movie as well as Happy Gilmore, Tommy Boy, Dirty Work, etc. They never got much recognition, but they had this great absurdist and sort of bizarre humor. After Wedding Singer, Sandler’s comedies went way downhill (although I do like Big Daddy).

    Click is disgustingly unfunny and awful and pointless.

    And Elliott Smith is amazing. Was that randomly chosen as the end song? Is it the Van Sant connection?