Sundance Video Podcast #4: Brooklyn’s Finest, Burma VJ, Big River Man and Paper Heart

Hey guys, here’s the final video podcast that Jay and I recorded from Sundance. I couldn’t post it right away because it was too long for YouTube, so I decided to re-edit it and add in a little bit of b-roll footage as well. It would have been up sooner except YouTube also objected to my use of copyrighted music, which seems like a joke considering all the other videos I’ve seen out there using unlicensed tunes. Whatever. I suppose the Spin Doctors have to get paid somehow.

  • cronenfly

    Paper Heart sounds interesting but the others meh…nice reviews!

  • Neil M

    Does the guy and his son have any close calls with Crocodiles or any other crazy shit in Big River Man? That would make the movie far more appealing.

  • swarez

    Did you take the comfort pillow with you back to Canada Jay?

  • tape staw

    lol, do you guys really review films for a living?

  • lol, no.

  • tape staw: If I was being paid to review movies, I wouldn’t need a comfort pillow.