Film Junk Podcast Episode #203: Sundance and Paul Blart: Mall Cop

0:00 – Intro / Greg’s Karaoke / In-House Stuff
11:30 – Headlines: R.I.P. Ricardo Montalban, Watchmen Settlement, Jackie Chan as Mr. Miyagi, Samuel L. Jackson No Longer Nick Fury?
32:50 – What We Watched: The Big Bang Theory, Gunnin’ For That #1 Spot, Flight of the Conchords, No Heroics
46:00 – Trailer Trash: 12 Rounds, Crank 2: High Voltage, Command Performance
1:01:18 – Review: Paul Blart: Mall Cop
1:08:21 – Sundance Impressions
1:13:28 – Sundance Review: Tyson
1:19:02 – Sundance Review: Moon
1:23:35 – Sundance Review: Paper Heart
1:38:10 – Junk Mail: B-Horror Movies, Canada’s Next Prime Minister, Sundance vs TIFF
2:01:58 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:02:38 – Outro

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  • swarez

    I too enjoy the ancient art of Ka Re Oke and me and my friends have taken a dingy kareoke place in down town Reykjavik, which was used by a handful of eastern european workers and the thai owners. Since we started going there this place has turned in to a monster, filled to the brim with drunken teens. This makes going to it not as much fun but here’s hoping these kids will lose interest soon and we can reclaim this little gem of a place since it’s the only kareoke place in the center of town.

    What songs do you guys usually do? I have a few songs that I always do but that’s only because I never remember the names of songs.
    My cannon is Easy, with The Commodores, I Started a Joke, with Bee Gees, Superstar, by The Carpenters.

    We have to do a session when I come over, when ever that may be.

  • It’s sp annoying that we are supposed to think the title is so funny because his name is Blart. That, my friends, is what the internet peoples call an epic fail.

    You know… the kind of fail that ends up #1 at the box office…

  • I wouldn’t be interested in it if it wasn’t for kevin james, i love that guy for some reason. But you have to admit, blood fart is pretty funny. :)

  • This film is hilarious and no surprise its #1 in box office sales.

  • richard

    I think Bill Murray is a great example of how a career can grow and stay interesting and relevant. He had a pretty similar history as Chevy Chase, Martin Short and Steve Martin. But if you look at his career, he hasn’t had much of a “riding it out” period. Forgiving Garfield, of course.

  • Mason

    Jay, you should sing “I Can Dream About You”, from Streets of Fire at Karaoke.

    I think Steve Matin should do more dramatic roles like he did in The Spanish Prisoner and Novocaine. He can be good at being serious too, just like Bill Murray.

  • wow, sundance AND Paul Blart Mall Cop all in the same week. You’re going to need a breather after that one!

  • swarez

    Murray was lucky that Wes Anderson used him in his films and gave him great parts. I would love for somebody to do that with Chevy Chase cause I love him but he’s been absent for years now, only appearing in bit parts. Maybe he’s terrible to work with or something or maybe he just doesn’t care and is doing his own thing, what ever that may be.
    Steven Martin seems to be doing these movies purely for the money because it’s obvious that he loves writing more than acting these days. And that’s fine. Sucks for the fans though.

  • Primal

    Hey Jay, well watch My Bloody Valentine 3D if you love horror films =). Screw all the other films this weekend. It’s a really fun movie and uses the 3D well. I haven’t had as much fun at a theater since Grindhouse.

  • rus

    Steve Martin has no kids as far as I can tell, but he does like buying famous art….reason for bad movies choices from IMDB:
    Cheaper by the Dozen (2003) $10,500,000
    Sgt. Bilko (1996) $7,000,000

    Thats what they call Generational Wealth. Can only imagine what he is getting for P.P. 2

  • blart (n.) – flatulence that results in bloody discharge

    I lol’d.

  • “Blart loads” – I’m using it.

    PS – looking on Amazon for “Blart”, there are a couple of books about some kid named Blart:

    BLART: THE BOY WHO DIDN’T WANT TO SAVE THE WORLD by Dominic Barker (Paperback – 2006) – Import

    Blart 2: The Boy Who Was Wanted Dead or Alive

    Blart O Chlopcu

    Good stuff

  • DId you guys ever post your top ten albums of 2008? I would like to see that. “El Ten Eleven” became one of my favorite bands thanks to you guys from your list last year.

  • Jay has a list and I think Greg mentioned making one, but we just never got around to posting them. It seems a little late now, but maybe I’ll throw them up this weekend. I was going to post them on our music blog with some MP3s since it hasn’t been updated in months.