Sundance Video Podcast #3: Moon and Zombie Girl: The Movie

Hey folks, here’s our latest dispatch from Park City, this time discussing Duncan Jones’ Moon starring Sam Rockwell, and also the Slamdance documentary Zombie Girl: The Movie. Enjoy.

  • First celeb encounters. Awesome!

    Make sure you guys film the sights and sounds and maybe even interview a few people and advertise Film Junk! Would have been a great opportunity to slap some sticker around like “Film Junk Dot Com Wuz Here!”.

  • swarez

    I met the guys who did Zombie Girl at Fantastic Fest and they were good guys. Unfortunately I didn’t see the film but heard it’s good.

    Also. Was Jay crying? He’s holding his comfort pillow and rubbing his eyes all the time.

  • IchigoNL

    Lol, he just seems to be very tired.

    Anyway guys thanks for all the videos and hope you enjoy your last day!

  • No, Jay was obviously bummed about missing a meet with Kevin Bacon….KEVIN BACON!

  • Dugen

    You guys need to do the last one from the jacuzzi.

  • Neil M

    I always thought Slamdance was actually part of Sundance. Anyways, has anyone here seen Pathogen?

  • Delirious

    Its OK to cry, Jay. Don’t listen to them…

  • I Loved How Spaced Out you guys look in the still. Zombie Girl sounds really interesting. And yes Jay, it is ok to cry. :)

  • Connor

    lol @ comfort pillow, and I am rly interested in seeing Pathogen as well as Zombie girl. A 12 year old jesus I wish I was that motivated when I was 12.

  • swarez

    You can buy Pathogen over at I’ve heard though that the film is “better” after you watch the documentary so that you appreciate and forgive its flaws. It’s supposedly pretty crappy otherwise.

  • Really keen to see both these flicks. My gods you guys need to cheer the frak up! You’re at Sundance!

  • Yay for video podcasts! I hope you have fun for the rest of the time you are at the festival. Sundance. Wow.

  • Sorry guys. It was 1 am after a long day that started at 6 am and we had to be up for 6 again the following day to see another movie at 8:30. I was tired and crying.

  • Sunny

    Enjoyed your podcast. Didn’t make it to Sundance but was able to see Zombie Girl at Slamdance. It’s a great doc.
    There were several amazing films at Slamdance this year. Get some rest! Good job guys!