Watchmen Settlement Salvages March Release Date

Comic book fans have been waiting with bated breath over the past few days as Fox and Warner Brothers attempted to negotiate a settlement on the release of the Watchmen feature film. Fox was seeking to delay the film until their distribution rights could be honoured (a claim that was validated by a judge last month). Fans were understandably upset that someone was messing with what could potentially be the best comic book movie ever (pfff… Iron Man and The Dark Knight are so 2008). Well, you can finally put away your pitchforks friends, because a deal has officially been reached and Watchmen will still be hitting theatres on March 6th!

So what were the details of this monstrous deal? Well, apparently Fox will get an initial cash payment of somewhere between $5 and $10 million, plus a cut of the film’s revenue that scales between 5% and 8.5% (which also includes all spin-offs and sequels). Not too shabby! What does the WB get out of this? Nothing, other than the ability to release their movie on March 6th, and have only their logo attached to it. I think it’s safe to say that Warners got what was coming to them, but I’m guessing that from here on in, studios will be a little more careful about researching the rights to a project before they head into production. Now let’s get back to talking about the movie itself rather than the business behind it!

  • Goon

    I wonder how many people from WB are looking for work over this.