Sundance Video Podcast #2: Tyson

Well we’ve finally seen our first film at Sundance, and it was an early morning screening of James Toback’s documentary Tyson. Jay and I both liked it, but we recorded a short video review discussing it in a little more detail. More to come later today… stay tuned! (Note: The video still has to process for a few minutes, will be playable momentarily.)

  • Does the movie mention that Tyson is a hardcore pigeon fancier?

  • JakeTheFatMan


    Is that how they got the idea for Marlo’s interests in pigeons in The Wire?

  • Took a trip to SLC once so I can feel the pain of all this driving. Coming from Alabama I wasn’t used to seeing anything snow-capped beyond the chocolates at a theatre.

  • Henrik

    Jay I love your beard! Totally rad.

    It makes me insanely uncomfortable to see Sean talking with Jay in these casts while he’s driving. I’m probably just pretty sqeamish when it comes to driving but still, fucking the DANGER MAN! DANGER!!

    The mobile framing in this cast is nuts, I loved it. Cloverfield, fakeness, reality rules. Did Tyson have the quote “Everybody has a plan untill they get punched in the face”?

  • Mike: Yes, they mentioned the pigeons in the movie. Apparently they were the reason he got into his first ever fist fight.

    Henrik: I don’t remember that quote, but they did use Frank’s favourite quote, “I’ll fuck you till you love me”.

  • Are you guys in a PT Cruiser? The interior looks very familiar. :D

  • swarez

    Henrik is gay for Jay.

    Love these little video casts.

  • Ian

    I completely agree with Jay on that point. If it’s a real person that lived or is living and was/is important enough to have media coverage, interviews, etc. then a documentary seems like the only way to go. A biopic usually ends up being propaganda for or against that person.