Sundance Video Podcast #1: En Route to Park City

The Sundance Film Festival kicks off later today, and Jay and I are here in Utah ready to take whatever she’s willing to give. Unfortunately we’re only going to be here for a short time, but we’re determined to get the most out of it. Regular posts will probably be sporadic for the next few days, but look out for some reviews and video podcasts coming your way real soon. To get things started, here’s a video of me on the drive in to Park City talking briefly about some of the movies we’re looking forward to at the festival.

  • cronenfly

    Wheel of Fortune the board game? lol, i have Wheel Of Fortune for my N64 and its a pretty funny game. Anyway that Tyson documentary sounds interesting as well as Moon. I remember reading about Moon a while ago but it slipped off my radar until just now. Hopefully you guys can catch that one. Dead Snow i saw a scene for just the other day actually and it looked pretty funny. Have fun you lucky ducks!

  • i think it’s illegal to drive and podcast at the same time in colorado.

  • Bas

    Have fun, guys!

  • If you can’t find “Wheel of Fortune the Board Game” in Utah, you might not ever find it.

    People love their board games here…

  • swarez

    That clone movie sounds like The 6th Day with Ahnold.

    Hoo ah juu? Ahm yoh clooohn.

  • No Wheel of Fortune board game in Canada?

    Oh…so Jay just has a deranged fixation with playing it against his Blu-ray collection? How swell!

  • Henrik

    I hope the Tyson documentary opens with the legendary quote:

    “Everybody has got a plan untill they get punched in the face”.

  • RBM

    looking forward to your reviews! especially the cera 1/2 doc 1/2 drama movie. :)

  • Isn’t Utah beautiful?! I know you’re only there for a few days but you should check out the Troll 2 sites. haha. Good luck with finding the Wheel of Fortune board game and have fun in the snowy mountains!!

  • While you guys are in Salt Lake City you should track down filmmaker Trent Harris. He made the incredible films Rubin and Ed (Crispin Glover in gigantic platform shoes carries a cooler with a frozen cat through the desert), The Beaver Trilogy (Sean Penn and Cripsin Glover’s finest performances), and Plan 10 From Outer Space (a pseudo-documentary on the bizarre origins of Mormonism in Salt Lake City, featuring Karen Black as a singing outer space Bee Queen — much weirder than Guy Maddin’s My Winnipeg).

  • dirrrtyfrank

    top tyson quote

    “I’ll fuck ya till ya love me”

    if you cant find wheel of fortune i suggest travel battleship and some soft spooning to pass those hotel hours

  • Neil M

    You’ve gotta love the dedication. Giving us updates before they are even there. That is why Film Junk dominates all over sites my friends. Sally forth boys.

  • Yeah, I’m kinda jealous. Have fun and keep the updates coming.

  • Great idea on doing this, guys!