Jackie Chan is Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid Remake

As we found out a couple of months ago, a remake of the Karate Kid is indeed moving forward with Will Smith’s son Jaden in the lead role. Now this week we’ve got another casting announcement to tell you about, in addition to the attachment of a director to the project. Just as crucial to the film as Daniel-san is the role of Mr. Miyagi, his wise old mentor (if that is indeed what he will be called in the remake). The late Pat Morita played the role in the original and its sequels, and now according to Entertainment Weekly, the torch has been passed to none other than Jackie Chan. As for the director of the movie, well, it’s probably not a name you will recognize: Harold Zwart, director of such classics as The Pink Panther 2, Agent Cody Banks and One Night at McCool’s.

Casting Jackie Chan as Miyagi is a pretty obvious choice I suppose, although, is he really old enough? All I know is they better not CGI him up, Benjamin Button-style. It will be interesting to see if Jackie Chan’s name actually gets people interested in the project. Probably only if we get to see Jackie Chan kick ass against some bullies. As for Harold Zwart, well, there’s not much to say, is there? Maybe The Pink Panther 2 will be better than The Pink Panther> (Come on, it’s possible!) Jaden Smith’s mother Jada Pinkett Smith is also rumoured to be playing his mother in the film, falling back on the gimmick that apparently made The Pursuit of Happyness such a success. For me, that would basically be the last straw. Someone needs to put a stop to this before it’s too late!

  • Bob The Slob

    haha…such crap…do they actually think this will work? its fucking laughable.

    Agent Cody Banks…really people?

  • Isn’t Jackie Chan like old as shit now? I’m too lazy to look it up on Imdb, but I’d guess he’s almost 60 if not 60 already. Instead of Benjamin Button-style effects, he could probably just drain all the botox out of his face and stop dying his hair and he’d look about right.