Dolph Lundgren’s Command Performance Teaser Trailer

Hey remember that Dolph Lundgren movie that was announced last year that was being described as “Die Hard at a rock concert”? Well now there’s a teaser trailer for it, and it pretty much rules. Looks like another action star is about to re-invent himself with his tongue planted firmly in cheek. Lundgren will also be starring in Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables, which is shaping up to have the best action cast ever assembled. Check out the teaser trailer for Command Peformance embedded below. “Dying is Easy, Rock n roll is hard”. ‘Nuff said.

Update: Okay there are actually two videos, one of which is a teaser, and the other is a full promo. NICE.

  • god this movie is going to be ridonkulous.

  • cronenfly

    looks like its gonna be awesomely bad! Dolph is back in action sticking knives through people’s heads! looks like it will have some good squib hits, hopefully all of the violence will be practical and not this digital bullet hit shit.

  • This looks badassss, i’m defenitly not looking forward to the soundtrack though. :)

  • Alex R. Cronk-Young

    Why wasn’t this on the most anticipated blockbusters of ’09 list!?!?!

    I feel like I saw the whole movie from the promo though.