Cantankerous Episode #4: The Christmas Special

Things are going to be a little quiet around here for the next couple of days, but allow me to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone here at Film Junk. As a special Christmas treat, we’d like to present to you the long-awaited fourth episode of Cantankerous!

In this first ever Cantankerous / Fishing with Tom crossover, the unique world views of both Reed Farrington and The Bassmaster Tomas Bajuk colliding in one uncontrollable podcast explosion. Jay and Sean attempt to extract from Tom and Reed their favourite holiday memories and get to the bottom of the very meaning of Christmas. Enjoy!

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  • Goon

    I dub thee Show JayCantFish

  • Ian

    You guys are true pros. Thanks for the Holiday podcast and a good one to you and yours!

  • A title that speaks the absolute truth. Maybe Tom can give me some lessons.

  • Ya Jay…get with the program…I’m not a Bassmaster any more because I’m not on the tourney circuit. I’m a “Steelheader” now. :P

  • I liked how Tom assumed the title of Peacemaker between Jay and Reed.

    Jay: So you must be pro at sitting at home and doing nothing

    Tom: Jay, Jay, Star Trek.

    :) lol

  • Yeah this was totally great. Loved. It.

  • Whew. Thx, Henrik. I missed your approbation. I thought this episode was going to go into the lost bin as well.

    I’m still waiting for my neighbourhood cat photos to be posted so that people will see how artistic they are, and so what I did won’t seem so weird.

  • Haven’t listened yet but … that picture is one of the best pictures in the history of the Internet.

  • RJ

    Wait, so did Reed retire? Seriously, how old is that dude?

  • Mason

    Nice joint podcast guys. I listened to most of it on the drive to the in-laws on Christmas morning. The talk about warfare and what it’s like to kill kind of subdued the jolly mood, but other than that there were many laughs shared between the wife and I. For next year’s Christmas topics, I suggest doing some research on the Krampus, Santa’s traditional Alpine sidekick. I heard some studio is making a new horror movie about him.

  • swarez

    Loved the show. Made the slow ass drive to the airport bearable.
    I was wondering if Tom can use his skills in fishing when confronting the enemy?

  • Yeah, Swarez…I’m sure I could have come up with ways to relate fishing for say “bass” to picking off enemy fighters in the jungle for example. With clever titles like: Cold Fronts & Deep Ravines for Insurgents
    or Setting Your Sights on a Trophy or Run and Gun Mountain Top Taliban ;)

  • RJ, I am considering leaving the human race. If I could find a way to live in a cabin in the woods, I would. I’m 46. Even with the economic downturn, I could retire because I live a simple life with no family to consider.

    Mason, it never occurred to me that Cantankerous could bring couples closer together. Yeah, I made light of killing, but it’s a serious subject. Lately, Canadian soldiers have been dying from bomb blasts in Afghanistan.

    Swarez, that was a good question for Tom. I imagine the patience required for sitting in a boat waiting for a fish to bite would be the same for waiting in a trench for the enemy to approach.

    I wonder if Tom has ever tossed a grenade. I wonder if soldiers practice tossing grenades. I’ve never seen that on film.

  • Reed….I have. Its a “blast”. :D

  • Man, that cat picture story was hilarious. I was jogging in my neighborhood listening to it and cracking up, my neighbors probably thought I was a loon.

    Reed Farrington living in a cabin in the woods Walden-style? That sounds almost as good as Kid Nation! Jay, please film this. BIG U.P.S.

  • I’m always mentioning to Jay how coincidences arise that seem too freaky to be random. I don’t believe in the supernatural, telepathy, or any other pseudoscience, so I acknowledge that coincidences are simply coincidences. I do understand that our brains are hard-wired to find patterns.

    Anyway, I have The American Heritage Talking Dictionary installed on my computer. I reference it whenever I’m about to use a word that pops in my head and I need to confirm that I’m about to use it correctly in a Treknobabble or whatever. It has a Word of the Day feature that pops up when I start the application. I don’t really look at the Word of the Day, so I should turn off the feature. But today, the word was “cantankerous”!

    (BTW, Jay came up with Cantankerous as the title of our podcast.)