New Judge Dredd Movie in Development

Looks like Sylvester Stallone’s comeback may be even more influential than we originally thought. Could the success of Rocky Balboa and Rambo actually be responsible for the rise of a new Judge Dredd movie? Nah, let’s not get too carried away here! Still, according to Ain’t It Cool News, UK production company DNA Films (28 Days Later, Sunshine) are working with 2000 AD to bring a new version of Judge Dredd to the big screen. Stallone’s involvement seems highly unlikely, but has yet to be denied thus far.

Jason Kingsley, CEO and Creative Director, had this to say: “We can’t give away too many details at this point, but we’re looking forward to working with DNA Films to bring Judge Dredd back to the big screen.” Well, with all the other comic book franchise reboots going around Hollywood these days, this kind of makes sense. Despite the fact that the original flick bombed, I’d love to see another take on the dystopian future of Mega-City One. With a decent script and a talented director on board, this could definitely be something to look forward to. Would you see a new Judge Dredd movie? Should they get Stallone to reprise his role?

  • Really? Why would someone want to reprise Judge Dredd? I think the only way I’d go see a new version is if they completely stripped away all the old layers of the original film and start fresh. Still, it might be a lot to ask. Who knows… Seems like everyone is hopping on the bandwagon of re-inventing old stories. (Batman, Hulk, Star Trek, etc, etc) Hopefully, they can turn this character around.


  • gooso

    old film was eh. but without a doubt every time since then could not get stallone out of my head as dredd while reading the comic. would be interesting to see what they did with him still attached.

  • Whatever they do, they gotta bring back Rob Schneider. (I’m sorta kidding.) The movie with Stallone had a decent cast in my opinion: Diane Lane, Max Von Sydow, Jurgen Prochnow, Armand Assante, …

  • Project Genesis

    This is great news. Just last week I was saying all I want for Christmas is a new Billy Zane Phantom and Stallone Judge Dread movie! I agree with your original cast idea Reed, but I’d throw in Balthazar Getty to your mix as well!

  • Ian

    Odd. Remaking part 3 of the Cobretti Trilogy first? I would expect then that remakes of both Cobra and Demolition Man are to follow?

  • Andrew

    Stallone should reprise the role if the script is right, . . . and the helmet left on period.

  • Shakey

    Whilst it’s a prime opportunity to make yet another complete hash of a live action Dredd movie, I would welcome any attempts to do justice (‘scuse pun!) to the comic Dredd. The Stallone film was a disaster that the comic version didn’t deserve.

    Forget Stallone – they need to start from scratch and stay true to the source material.

  • “Forget Stallone – they need to start from scratch and stay true to the source material.”

    I think Shakey might be onto something.

  • James

    I agree with Rachel and Shakey. It’s a mistake to group this in with other remakes.

    If the makers have understood the spirit of the strip, and develop an original story, this film will be independent of, and should bear no resemblance to, the 1995 film!

  • Neil

    For those of you that are not J D fans, I say this – Remember in the original, old Sly, was constantly undermining Danny Boyle, his reaction to Dredd was, “Its a comic, comics are supposed to be funny”. This is not the true portrayel of Dredd.

    I agree with others old Sly should not be asked to redo the role, a perfect choice would be Jason Statham, for one he has the chin, and the no balls attitude that would portray Dredd amicably.

    A g0od storyline would be Necropolis involving judge Death, this would be one hell of a movie, for those of you who have not read Necropolis i suggest you do.

  • piers

    i trueley hope this comes to pass
    lets hope old stoneface can keep his helmet on this time eh?
    in response to necropolis i would say yes this is a great story but inadviseable for the film why?
    beacuse i would suggest keeping the dark judges out of it,after all the majority of dredd storys are not abouat supervillians and the evil alter ego thing is a tad overplayed.
    i suggest Block mania as a story utter chaos the very odd funny moment
    “i’m with rowdy yates block who are you fighting with”
    ” I only drink champane old boy”
    and it features dredds true nemesis Orlock,and has a great suporting cast of fellow judges giant,anderson etc
    plus if sequals are on the cards it leads on to the apocolipse war