Stephen Chow Bails Out of Director’s Chair on Green Hornet

When Stephen Chow signed on to direct and co-star in Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Green Hornet movie a few months back, it was a pretty big deal around the blogosphere. Oh sure, the average North American moviegoer still has no clue who Chow is, but he holds a lot of clout among martial arts fanboys — the very people who had been doubting this flick from day one. Suddenly things seemed to be falling into place, and Green Hornet was actually starting to garner some positive buzz.

Unfortunately, this week it looks like all that good will may be thrown out the window because Chow has decided to step down as director of the project due to “creative differences”. It seems likely that he will still play Kato in the film, however. Not much else is known about Chow’s decision to drop out at the moment, although it’s easy to see how he could be disilllusioned by his first time working with a major Hollywood studio. The question is, will this spell trouble for the project? The hunt is on for a new director to fill Chow’s shoes. Will Seth Rogen himself step up to the plate? Who do you think should direct The Green Hornet?

  • Ok…I’m not looking forward to this anymore. Stephen Chow was probably the most appropriate director for this unusual project…now I’m back to thinking this just wont look right.

  • This news sucks, but it’s OK because I just got my REED FARRINGTON T-shirt in the mail and it’s amazing!