Film Junk Podcast Episode #198: Milk

0:00 – Intro / WWE Pays Homage to The Wrestler
7:50 – In-House Stuff: Film Junk Reader’s Choice Awards, Film Junk t-shirts, Empire Theatres After Dark, Episode #200, Christmas Cantankerous with Reed and Tom
14:57 – Headlines: The Day The Earth Stood Still Beamed Into Space, Golden Globe Nominees, Hugh Jackman to Host the Oscars, Stephen King’s Top 10 of 2008, Marley & Me Graffiti
38:30 – What We Watched: The Dark Knight, Encounters at the End of the World, Happy Go Lucky, Sold Out: A Threevening with Kevin Smith, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Eagle Eye, Ultimate Fighter, Survivor: Gabon, The Foot Fist Way, The Neverending Story, Poultrygeist
1:06:45 – Junk Mail: IMDb Top 250, Live Shows, The Fall, Home Alone Blu-ray, Reed’s Indecent Proposal
1:20:50 – Review: Milk
1:33:43 – Trailer Trash: Terminator: Salvation, X-Men Origins: Wolverine
1:41:45 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:42:10 – Outro

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  • Adam

    Just listening to it now and wow Sean what a happy intro! :)

  • The Film Junk Podcast is kind of like my morning coffee and that intro was a great pick me up. The Bowie music, the unusually happy welcoming from Sean, and then Jay telling his loyal fans to get there heads out of there asses, great stuff. :)

  • Haven’t listened yet, but someone watched “Poultrygeist?” Sorry about that.

  • Your first news story about “Day the Earth Stood Still” – as a global citizen, I am truly embarrassed.

  • “I guess I could be accused of bragging every time I talk about my life.”

    Classic Cheel. What a character. That guy’s a real cut-up!

  • Seriously, Gregs impression of Sean as a robot is hilarious.

    This show was pretty fucking funny all the way through to be honest. Jay must have been on Prozac because he laughed so much, it really heartens up the show when Jay laughs at the stories Sean brings up to make a joke. When the joke bombs, it’s not very entertaining, but this weeks beaming into space stuff was grrrrrrrrrreat.

  • I’m on vacation til Wednesday… Can’t listen Til then. Balls!

  • By the way Jay, why don’t YOU get YOUR head out of YOUR ass you damn prick!

  • I don’t know wether your serious or not, but i’m pretty sure Jay was kidding.

  • never mind, reading your other comment i can tell your not. :)

  • I really want to see Milk. There is nothing like watching great actors like Sean Penn praticing their craft. Josh Brolin and Emile Hirsch are damn good too. I can’t help but wonder where they all studied. A good acting school is worth it’s weight in gold. The key is to find one that caters to your individual needs. Not only do you need the basic tools for auditioning, scene study and the like, but you need a curriculum that works with whatever your schedule may be. Whether you work all day, go to high school or care for your kids, not everyone can study in the traditional way. Another acting program that works this way is Film Connection. The Film Connection’s acting program is affiliated with Joe Anthony studios and fetures valuable one-on-one mentoring. They are also available to anyone living in the United States and have financial aid assistance.

  • Is there going to be a year end video podcast this year?

  • Monday night. I may or may not show up.

  • I was just talking to Jay on facebook he said there was none

  • Episode #200 will be a live podcast with a video feed on UStream. We will record it so that the video can be embedded afterward, so technically yes, there will be a year end video podcast, but it just won’t be a heavily produced video podcast like last year.

  • It kind of stinks that it won’t be like last year but i’m sure it will still be fun :)