X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer

I’m not sure why Fox is making it so hard for people to see the new X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer, but it played with The Day The Earth Stood Still over the weekend, and is now finally starting to become available online. If you want to see it in HD, you have to head over to MySpace and add Wolverine as your friend… but who the heck uses MySpace anymore? Thankfully the good folks at Trailer Addict have made the full thing available online without any strings attached.

Overall I thought it was way too melodramatic (that music pretty much killed it for me), but on the positive side, Gambit actually looked pretty cool wielding his staff, and Liev Schreiber has a slightly more human take on Sabretooth (although he does kinda look like a vampire). I’m still interested to see what Gavin Hood (Tsotsi, Rendition) can bring to a comic book movie, but at the moment I’m not really feeling a ton of excitement for this. I’m sure Hugh Jackman will turn in another solid performance, but I just hope it doesn’t end up being a paint-by-numbers flick for the fanboys. What do you think of the trailer? Will this be a strong start to the X-Men Origins spin-off series?

  • This looks pretty lame. Too bad, I would pay just to see Hugh Jackman in it if it gets a decent Metacritic rating, but that isn’t looking too likely at this point. Is this it for the Wolverine character? I’d really like to see Hugh move on to more adult projects.

  • Brett cooper

    i have been reading wolverine comix for a good 20 years and over the years we have allways been dissapointed buy what hollywood has done with all are beloved heroes,so why would this be any different,personaly i think it dont look to bad

  • Brent

    If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the trailer for X-men Origins: Wolverine http://www.redux.com/playlist/x_men_origins_wolverine

  • Alex

    I just want to see him with bone claws.

  • Liz

    The most hilarious part about this trailer was that he had the same giant sideburns in all of the flashbacks, no matter what time period it was.

  • everybody’s gonna think i’m a idiot for saying this but that music got me pretty fucking pumped for this movie, I guess i’m just a sucker for that kind of stuff.

  • But these movie studios do need to realize that Facebook is slowly becoming the new social networking goliath. Just last week I decided to delete my MySpace and stick exclusivley with facebook. Even though i’m starting to despise John Campea (as an internet personality,not a person,he’s actually a pretty nice guy) he did make a good quote about MySpace, “so 2005″.

  • nas

    why not make wolverine a guy with razor sharp claws rated r? a guy running around with blades attached his body should have blood it makes these movies too unrealistic, super hero movies now need to be either realistic like dark knight of rated r like the upcoming watchmen. hollywood effes everything up will someone make a xmen movie for adults?

  • Connor

    I think this guy has a point actually, I dont mind a pg comic book movie, but for something like wolverine which is supposed to be a sort of antihero badass type. Id like to see an R rated film. As for the trailer, I’ll just say I am alot less enthusiastic about it now that I have seen the trailer.

  • stevie_boy

    Why does deadpool look like some normal guy except with swords? he’s supposed to have the whole snake eyes thing going on. and i laugh at the attempt to validate this movie with the orchestral music, just cheapens it even more.