Weird Web Wednesdays: The Color of Tom Cruise’s Lightsaber

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not Scientologists believe in The Force, it’s time to finally find out the truth this week on Weird Web Wednesday. While Tom Cruise is busy showing off his Jedi training, a new SNL Digital Short is taking YouTube by storm, cats are doing backflips off of desks, and Rambo is spreading some good ol’ holiday cheer. So remember: the next time a car comes flying at you, don’t panic… just let your internet training take over. Relax and snap a few photographs like nothing ever happened. That’s sound advice, courtesy of Weird Web Wednesdays.

Tom Cruise, Jedi
Star Wars Vs. Star Trek
SNL Short: Jizz in my Pants
The Oceanic 6 Hoax
Rambo Bells
Cat Jump Fail
Wheel of Fail-tune
Touchdown Fail
Car Ride with Douchebags
Close Brush with Car Leaves Reporter Unfazed
Real Life Mario Kart
Monkeys on Bikes
MSNBC Producer Freaks Out (Yes It’s Fake)
Student/Teacher Fist Fight
Vinnie Jones Bar Brawl
Super Suit
Wunder Boner Commercial
Quantum of Wallace
Montage of Inspirational Movie Speeches

  • swarez

    What was the touchdown fail? I didn’t see anything.

  • Yeah it was hard to see but I think the guy spiked the ball in front of the goal line.

  • swarez

    I don’t know what spiking the ball is.
    Or T-bagging for that matter.

  • If I’m seeing it properly, he threw the ball down in celebration because he thought he was already in the end zone, but he wasn’t.

  • Neil M

    Yeah that’s right…That teacher/student fight is weird though…someone just happened to be filming that?

  • Today, I was just skimming through Andrew Morton’s unauthorized biography of Tom Cruise, and I read a passage in which a young Tom Cruise supposedly bragged that he had seen Star Wars 14 times.

    I wonder if there are any Scientologist Trekkies.

  • You never know where cell phone cameras will pop up these days. Wheel of Fortune clip was fabulous!

  • Wondering what that guy said to Vinnie Jones….I can’t believe the reports.

  • Camone Cassidy

    did weird web wednesdays not happen this wednesday? (17th dec)

    I’m surprised there’s no backlash (bar this comment)

    Happy Christmas anyway – even viral videos need to take a break sometimes too i suppose x