The Day The Earth Stood Still Becomes the First Movie Beamed Into Space

In a pretty useless and somewhat hilarious marketing move, 20th Century Fox will be making history this week by transmitting their upcoming remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly into the depths of outer space (or so they claim). This Friday, they will initiate the first ever “intergalactic premiere” as they use the Deep Space Communications Network at Cape Canaveral to broadcast the movie in its entirety out towards the next closest star system, Alpha Centauri. Any moviegoers in that particular region of space are expected to receive the transmission at some point in the year 2012. At that rate, it would probably be faster for them to just order the DVD from Amazon.

What pisses me off is the fact that aliens are getting to see the movie for free, while the rest of us are expected to pay our hard-earned Earth money! Come on now. Seriously though, I shudder to think what an alien race would think of us if they do happen to catch this flick. I mean, I haven’t seen it yet, but early buzz would seem to indicate that it’s not exactly our finest moment. Something tells me Keanu Reeves is not the guy we want representing the planet either (although I’m sure we could do a lot worse). What movie would you beam into space, given the opportunity?

  • Dugen

    Why not send out Mars Attacks or Independence day, geez that is the dumbest gimmick.

    I’d send out the movie Meatballs

  • theDia

    After seeing Keanu in this (probably) stinking movie they will come down and hunt us. Well, at least then we could make a new Mars Attacks for free. :)

  • Yeah, maybe once the alien creatures see this inevitable turd they will be so disturbed that they will come to Earth to work in Hollywood as consultants for sci-fi movies.

  • Derek

    E.T. and Close and Counters.

  • “Close and Counters”? Haha, Derek. What are you tripping on?

    I’d beam “Colore Non Vedenti.” (Yeah, that was a plug for Jay’s short-film about a body-snatcher style alien invasion.)

    P.S. I laughed at your jokes in the post, Sean.

  • Marlie

    I don’t think this is the first actually. Didn’t the astronauts on board the space station request a viewing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when it first came out? I remember they were the first to be beamed to outer space.

  • ha ha every thing is a gimmicks man.. and they have earned a lotta attraction as well :)