Terminator Salvation Trailer #2

When they first announced a fourth Terminator film was being directed by McG without the involvement of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I know a lot of people were pretty dubious (myself included). Then they went and cast Christian Bale as John Connor, and everyone started doing a complete 180 on it. Well, the first full trailer for Terminator Salvation arrived online last night, and it is continuing to turn people into believers about this project.

Personally I think the effects look great, and the fact that we will finally get a full movie set in a future overrun by robots is something worth getting excited about. On the other hand, the trailer was lacking something. It just seemed a bit too generic, and I didn’t see any action scenes that really caught my attention (even Terminator 3 had that crane sequence). The dark, demolished world that we are supposed to be seeing on screen doesn’t look nearly as grim as it did in James Cameron’s original Terminator. I don’t know… I’m sure this will be a decent action/sci-fi film, but will it be a decent Terminator film? Check out the trailer below or watch it over at Apple in Quicktime HD. Terminator Salvation hits theatres on May 22nd, 2009.

  • stevie_boy

    More than meets the eye.

  • Bas

    Hmmm, is RizaL a spamming-robot in a Terminator-talkback?