Film Junk Podcast Episode #197: Dear Zachary

0:00 – Intro / In-House Stuff
9:57 – Greg’s Crazy Week!!!
21:15 – Headlines: Alcohol in Movie Theatres, Roman Polanski Files to Have Sex Charges Dismissed, O.J. Behind Bars, They Live Remake
51:31 – What We Watched: The Terminator, Dear Zachary, Blindness, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Step Brothers
1:07:35 – Junk Mail: Goon’s Remix, Last Tango in Paris Remake, Judging People Based on Movie Taste, Christmas Movies and Hockey, Actors That Turn You Off of a Movie
1:33:20 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:36:10 – Outro

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  • Goon

    remix took around 10 minutes in Adobe Soundstudio. Jay’s burping was actually as it was already nearly completely aligned. Grabbed a prepared loop of Pony from Ytmnd and just added a few extra burps. Done. 30 seconds of filler entertainment.

  • Matt

    YES! Goon, you are the man. I was sitting in my cubicle, literally crying over how funny that rendition of Pony was. Well done, my friend. The guys didn’t appreciate it as much as I thought they would or as much as they should have.
    Anyway, thanks for answering my question.

  • I totally appreciated it. I think the next one should be a remix of all of the mouth breathing that goes on in the show.

  • 10 minutes of work for 30 seconds of entertainment… sounds like it’s about the same ratio as the podcast itself. ;)

    Seriously though, I’m hoping “Fan Remix of the Week” can become a weekly feature. Get working guys!

  • Goon

    re: Greg’s d-list celebs

    Alan Cross pisses me off. On one hand, his ‘history of new music’ show is always informative and fun even if i dont like the band. on the other, well a couple years ago when i worked mornings at a refinery, I had to listen to 102.1 all day. Every morning they’d play “Fight for your Right” and “Loser” and “Creep” and “Under the Bridge”, and never any other songs from the respective bands who play such hits. If you were to listen to the show you’d think none of these bands had careers outside of these songs, that they were one hit wonders. And somehow its necessary to play these every day. So I shot him an email politely asking him to mix it up and got a really douchey response about how this is what people want and its all about ratings and how dare I. I was taken a bit aback at how offended he was by the suggestion of simply playing a different RHCP song once in a while. The programming on 102.1 is mroe awful now than ever, and in around 10 years when he’s still doing this show he’s going to be covering the careers of bands they have never ever played.

    As for Belinda Stronach, I’m a bit surprised, she’s a big political celebrity. She almost won the Conservative Party leadership several years back and dated (now) Defense Minister Peter McKay. Big item. She flipped to the Liberals on a dime right before a humongous vote, it was extremely controversial, made their relationship big tabloid fodder here, and she left politics a couple years ago to focus with her familys company, Magna, who essentially own all of Aurora/Newmarket and who are now apparently cutting so many jobs it will ruin that city.

  • Yeah, Canadian celebrities sound lame.

    That picture is creeping me out. I feel like I’m walking in on someone’s intimate moments every time I look at this page.

  • I think you should have Reed on next weeks show since DTESS is aparrently one of his favorite movies, and then possibly record a cantankerous episode? :)

  • I’m with Jay on the whole remake thing: there’s nothing left to say (especially when no one is attached)

  • Project Genesis

    You guys should review Australia. Its a hyper-Hawksian masterpiece. Baz Luhrman is one of the last true studio Auteur filmmakers.