Guillermo Del Toro to Remake Roald Dahl’s The Witches in Stop Motion?

As if he wasn’t already busy enough, we’ve got the scoop on another possible upcoming project for geek icon Guillermo Del Toro this week. This is just one of a hundred movies he seems to be juggling right now, so it’s unclear exactly when it might happen, but the news comes from his good friend Alfonso Cuaron, so it must be somewhat reliable.

According to Empire, Cuaron himself was set to direct an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s creepy children’s book The Witches, about a boy who gets turned into a mouse. However, he has now decided to give up the job to Del Toro, who reportedly “wrote this amazing screenplay really quickly”. Although The Witches was previously adapted for the 1990 film starring Anjelica Huston, this will not be a simple remake because this time Del Toro is planning to do the whole thing with stop-motion animation! Weird. We previously heard that he also wanted to do a stop-motion Pinocchio, so he certainly seems set on following in Tim Burton’s footsteps. Here’s the problem: the guy can’t say no to anything! It is really getting to the point where Del Toro needs to start turning down a few of these gigs and let someone else take a stab at them, otherwise they’ll just sit on the back burner for another 10 or 15 years. What’s wrong with letting Alfonso Cuaron direct? What is he up to lately anyway?

  • Ok. How the hell is Del Toro gonna handle: The Hobbit duo-movies, that vampire, trilogy, Pinocchio, and all the other crap he’s attached to these days? Somethings gotta give. Maybe you should stop reporting on Del Toro until one of these actually solidifies.

    Also, the original movie is still good and there’s nothing CG or stop-motion is gonna do to make it better. Ridicockulous. I loved Roahd Dahl books & movies as a kid…here’s a movie that didn’t get made that the CG-era needs to do: The BFG. Yeah, they’d have to change the title but it’s about this giant that befriends a little girl.

  • Swarez

    Actually this project is a few years old. By sheer coincidence I was sitting next to, most likely his agent, in a New York hotel a couple of years ago. I was just eating breakfast but this woman and another man were talking about The Witches and how he would be great for it.
    I chewed my food very slowly this morning and listened in on what they were saying. It was a nice geek moment that my friend didn’t appreciate.